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21 Signs She Wants You, If a Woman Wants You. . .


If A Woman Wants You

You can basically tell if a woman is interested in you by her body language and the way she looks at you. A woman will let you know that she likes you because she will want you to like her as well. When a woman likes a man, she wants to know about the things he likes; this way she will know if the two of them have common interests.

All women are not just interested in a man's financial status or his handsome looks. Many women want men that are not liars and cheaters. If a man wants a woman to be in-love with him, he might want to make her a priority in his life. A woman can sense when she is a priority in a man's life, she will never have to doubt it.

When a woman wants a man, she will make him the king in her life. And if the man wants to remain a king, then of course he will need to treat and respect the woman as his queen. With healthy relationships, there have to be 'give and take.' A good woman is willing to give a good man her quality time and attention.

You can tell when a woman wants a man by the way she looks at him, with caring eyes. A woman that likes a man wants to do things for that man to show that she cares.

If a Woman Wants You - 21 Signs She Wants You

If a Woman Wants You - 21 Signs She Wants You

Signs She Wants a Relationship

If a woman and a man that hasn't seen each other in a while misses each other; that's a sign that they like one another. But if they are apart for a while and they don't miss each other's companion, then their relationship has a problem. A woman wants to impress her man by doing little things to show that she cares about him, such as:

  1. Cook for him.
  2. Maintain her attractive appearance.
  3. Dress to impress him.
  4. Do things he likes to do (positive things).
  5. She has to touch him daily (hugs and kisses).
  6. Make plans for a life spent together.
  7. Prays to God in heaven for him and herself as a unit.
  8. Wants him to meet her parents, family, and friends.
  9. Helps him in many different ways such as, healthy eating.
  10. She compliments him on his inner strengths.
  11. She wants to make him smile and laugh.
  12. She's concerned about his feelings day to day.
  13. She is happy when he is happy.
  14. ♥ She's can be herself around him. ♥
  15. She tries to get alone with his parents and family.
  16. She will approve of his positive hobbies and his occupation.
  17. She looks out for his well-being.
  18. She has his best interest at heart.
  19. She is a positive influence in his life.
  20. She wants to have his children.
  21. Sacrifice her employment opportunities in support of his employment opportunities (which is not a good ideal).

How do you know if a woman wants you? She will definitely see you as husband material in her life. It's one thing for a woman to love a man, but it is just as important when a woman actually "likes" a man.

A man should be a woman's priority and not one of her options. A good woman will want a man because of his potential put into action, and not for the car he drives or his occupation. When a woman wants and likes a man, she doesn't care who knows it. She enjoys his company and his conversation.

And when a woman is not that into a guy, all those signs mentioned above wouldn't matter to her. To all men; when you experience that a woman wants, likes, and love you, never do anything betray or cheat on her. True love is a gift from God in heaven, embrace love, accept love, and don't be afraid of love. It takes time to build a solid foundation of love, no guy wants to be a lonely bachelor when he's older. Out of all the gifts we can have in life, love is the greatest of them all.

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