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If You Are Right, the Path Is Right, What Is the Fear..?

Can you get pregnant at 35 or over 35 Today we're going to talk about age over 35, an advanced maternal age.

Does it really work...!

"Spirituality is not an ethical science, spirituality is meant to enhance the quality of life that you are."

"Both anger and thunderstorms are the same. Only after calm is the loss revealed."

"We don't mention what we see, we only see what we can mention."

Those who think that only good things should happen to them are unfit for life. If you do not know how to go through difficult situations happily, you will be deprived of all possibilities.

It is not enough just to have a good mind, it is also necessary to use it. If you don't do the right things, then the right things won't happen to you. Every thought, every pulsing that you produce at the level of the mind, changes the chemistry of your body.

Knowledge is a precious fund for man. There is nothing other than wealth in front of him.If you want to know the truth, then as far as possible doubt everything once in life. Doubt only leads to understanding.

The Creator is motivated by the expectation of karma, not by the hope of defeating others.There is no separate existence of God in creation. Everyone can achieve divinity by making supreme efforts in the right direction ...! The body is healthy only when it rotates, the stability of the mind is good for it.

Life is just a small fraction of time. If you consider life precious, then you have to do everything at the right time. Most people in the world are not busy,They are just confused about things. No relationship is always the same - it always changes. You have to run it properly every day.

You can't change your future, change habits that will change your future.

Habits will have to be changed if we find new paths. Old habits do not lead to new paths. Failure does not mean failure, it means that you have not succeeded yet. Even if you are on the right track, if you are sitting then you will be left behind. If every aspect of your life becomes a process of development, then you are in yoga.

When you stop chasing the wrong things then there is a chance to get the good things. Life itself is the most precious thing.

Idea is the origin of any karma, so thoughts are the most important. Never make an opinion about someone. How they are in the moment right now is all that matters. How they will be tomorrow, we will see. Tomorrow should be made, this moment should not be decided.

If you want to achieve big achievements, then the goals will also have to be high ... To succeed in your goal, you must have complete confidence in yourself ...!

What to do to make you different ...?

  • Listen to your heart.
  • Dream big.
  • Do not divert attention from your goal.
  • Ignore the negative things of others.
  • Do not be afraid to take risk.
  • Do not be afraid of difficulties.
  • Respect yourself.
  • Identify your talent.
  • Try to do something different.
  • Serve parents.
  • Do not compare yourself to others.
  • Recognize your strength.
  • Be confident, keep a smile on your face, do not show off.
  • Increase knowledge.
  • Create your own identity.
  • Love nature
  • Protect the Five Elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sky

Ways to create your own identity

  • Plan to build your identity, execute accordingly.
  • Pay attention to these: - Your phone calls, emails, videos, social media, etc. and advertisements.
  • Make your personality impressive, have an attractive personality.
  • See yourself, most important is to identify yourself.
  • Be polite to everyone, improve your behaviour as needed.
  • Choose your particular choice in a different way.
  • Look at your style separately.
  • Learn to respect people, love everyone.
  • Always think of doing something different.
  • Do not depend on others, consider yourself special.
  • Never be aggressive towards anyone.
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Always keep the Magic of Forgiveness in mind

Forgiveness means voluntarily putting an end to discrimination and anger at someone's mistake. If you forgive people in your daily life, then this is the biggest benefit you have inadvertently done on them, which does not cost you anything.

By forgiving you give someone a chance to prove their goodness. Keep in mind that you are forgiving for your own benefit, as it helps you avenge your feelings.

Get rid of every sorrow by knowing your ability to ask forgiveness.

Anger destroys our conscience and causes us to do wrong things. So forget the old things and stay in the present and move forward. This is the right way to live.

Forgiveness is like lighting up in a dark room, under whose light both the apologist and the forgiving person get to know each other more closely.

What is forgiveness

The word Sorry ... is

  • The door to salvation
  • pure, clean, makes acamps
  • Is a divine quality, your basic nature.
  • Courage is the jewel of heroes
  • A source of joy.
  • responsibility, devotion, love, relationships and fertility.

How to do forgiveness?

Forgive me for all the miseries you have sent to me by my expressions, thoughts, speech or action. I will take care that I do not make such a mistake again.

Sleep at night only after cleaning the mind.

Forgotten omission and forgiveness, repeat this always.

" Forgive, accept and let go " remember these three Magical words. Make them part of your life. Take them along at all times.

Remove 'negative-feeling' by thinking

  • This feeling is temporary, will not last forever, will remain for a while and will end.
  • This feeling is not with me, it is with the body. I am completely free from this feeling. I am not a body.
  • This was my only reward, which I got

By accepting the above three truths, you can be free from the sorrows of these negativity.

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