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If Temptation Is Strong, Love Is Stronger

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Stories are meant to be told & it is my mission to preach the most inspiring stories that will touch your heart.


The soul of living is loving for it envelopes our innermost desires, heartfelt moments, long lasting memories, and impactful experiences. We go thru countless hardships and perhaps, numerous heartbreaks.

It’s trembling to live thru each day knowing we might fall. But what motivates us to stand back up are the people whose reliability elevates more than anyone we ever knew in our dear little lives. These people then instantaneously became an enormous part of us and later on develops as the very soul of our existence.

Love is a necessity for our honest existence craves for it; and in order to satisfy our cravings, we breakthrough our biggest fears to take our chances and surrender our hearts to the people we love. Feeding our souls demands a great price, but with courage we manage to face all risks; this is exactly how I can explain the story I’m about to tell you.

This is not mine to express in the first person perspective but believe me it’s better to write it that way. So for a brief stolen moment, allow me to narrate their incredible story as if it’s my own.

Chapter 1: All The Tiny Matters

I was raised in a conservative manner, my family’s practice is mainly religious. Growing up in this type of environment birthed my curiosity and naivety.

I was a developing teenager back in 2012 when the world fed my curiosity in an unexpected way. Nonetheless, it was the most amazing gift I’ve got. In my young mind, I was in awe and honestly still is.

If you’re wondering who am I or why should you care about me, all I can say is that my story is a magnanimous source of life lessons and incredible memories. It’s all the big thoughts along with the tiny matters in between which makes my life interesting. So without further due, allow me to amuse you.

My name is Luisa, I’m a guileless woman whose heart exceeds not to it’s normal limitation. Although some people sees me as a mean person, I keep on walking tall knowing the truth that I am kind, modest, and friendly. I believe in the romantic approach to living life and so I’m proud to share my own roller coaster ride in love.

Everything started with my love for singing. Music is astonishing just like Reynan, the love of my life.

Him and I share the same interest in music. I love singing in the Videoke Bars with my friends while he sings pretty damn well, I almost forget to catch my breath. He has the euphonious voice I have ever heard, I love to hear him singing especially singing for me. We met in a local bar called Bardon’s Videoke Bar, I was with my friends and a mutual friend introduced us. At first sight, I was in awe by his beckoning eyes; I thought I fell in love for a moment.

In my honest eyes his face is the most dashing, so dashing that later on I went to enjoy the rest of the day with him. Although I consider those days as a result of my immaturity, I do not consider our relationship as one. Looking back on those days when we met at discos and share alcoholic drinks together with our friends, I admit I was a bit wild. I even create tiny acts such as pretending to be hurt or lost in a sea of people so he would protect me. It’s all the tiny matters that kept my heart beating until now.

If I’m being honest, my relationship with him was not serious for I sensed his agenda when he asked me to head to my friend’s room after we left the disco. I knew my value as a woman, so I didn’t give in. I was glad that he understood. That was not the only time though, he asked me again days after. As usual, the answer was no despite my thirst for a yes. I was being cautious and wild at once. I’m just glad he understood again.

“Why?” he asked. “Is it because we are not together? Would you like to be my girlfriend from now?” he continued.

“May I call you part from now on because you are a part of my life,” he said. I was flattered and my cheeks turned red. We shared the night cuddling and getting lost in each other’s arms. When the morning came, I was doubtful and joyful at the same time. My head was loaded with overwhelming negative data, but my heart was singing a lovely melody. So, for a moment I muted my logical mind and sang along with my heart.

Soon he woke up and I took the tiniest advantage to put on his T-shirt because I adore his body. My eyes are hungry to capture his sexiness. It made my day and I was smiling from ear to ear that day. With too much excitement, I did not went home directly. I spent the day with my best friend instead to share my happiness.

Since that day my excitement served as my alarm clock. I woke up with great hope to spend another moment with Reynan.

Occasionally, we spend good times together with our mutual friends and I was always operating in an hopeful manner. The moment he asked me to be his girlfriend, my heart never lets go of the memory and I acted to be his from that moment on.

Our youth was fun despite of the awkward moments, if not hurtful. We went to multiple gateways together such as night swimming, food tripping, and drinking. I got carried away by the escape, forgetting about my family’s concern.

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So, I decided to pause going out to gain back their trust. I was focusing on my high school studies whilst hoping that he would act accordingly as romantic lovers. But, my heart was shattered the moment I knew he was cheating. I guess life still goes on even thou we are aching inside so I finished high school.

After graduation, every tiny thing went cold. We had no communication of any sort.

Chapter 2: All The Painful Lessons

My relationship with Reynan was bemusing for about two years because we act romantically if we see each other in person and experience happiness separately after that. It’s on and off; very confusing to look back on but I did what I thought was right. I hold on.

There are really days when I miss seeing him so I went to the tennis court where he plays tagging along with my friends. He looks attractive as usual and from time to time we continued to date. I was madly in love until I saw the sweet exchange of text messages. Messages that are not meant for me. The weight of the world suddenly fell unto my brittle self causing me to leave the aching scene. I was petrified and so I did not cease walking away from the pain.

From 2012 – 2016 our relationship was vague but I consider those years as golden still because they molded me into the woman that I am now. I can’t reason out why I gave him plenty of chances after what he has done to me. But I guess love requires no reason at all.

It was euphoria and depression at once. Euphoria in the way that he fulfills the hunger in me and left me singing myself to a wonderful melody at night. Depression in the way that he repeatedly broke my heart and when he finally ended things.

Chapter 3: All The Unshakable Reasons

I was centralizing my world to working since my heart was shattered into pieces. I even moved to Manila, to Cavite, and to Baguio for almost three years or so to escape from the heartache; to erase him from my memory. But life has it’s own hilarious way of surprising us, reminding us of our destiny.

Fast forward to 2019, he reached out to me and I knew that I’m still into him so we communicated on a daily basis. There were ups and downs. Our faith was tested to it’s limits. The distance that divided us hurts like no other. In addition to the baggage were the ugly things God has to thrown at us. It was devastating as well as illuminating.

I will not be particular with the details of the grotesque challenges for the sake of our privacy. But if there’s another thing I want you to know that understanding is the key to a long lasting relationship. Be firm in your mind and stand by your person’s side until the end. After all, you are each other’s needs.

Love for me is kind and compassionate yet complicated and hurtful at the same time. Nevertheless it’s also the greatest high of all. So, understand the person as much as you can and trust that the both of you can make through whatever.

Trust me because me and him are celebrating a decade of love to this day and we are a few sleep away from exchanging holy vows. Our relationship might not be perfect but it’s definitely worthy. Worthy of sharing, speaking, and inspiring.


Our souls will never be complete with the absence of love. But finding love is tough at times causing us to drop down to our knees.

Love is pretty rough at testing two hearts in order to strengthen the foundation. Luisa’s story proves it to us while highlighting the benefits of being strongly in love.

No matter where you stand at life or love today, I wish that you’ll find your soulmate eventually as days goes by. Also, that you may have all the courage necessary to build up a solid relationship.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Shing Araya

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