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I walk alone yet feel the pain

Life's journey.

I walk alone

Yet mind my thoughts

The decades have come

But receded with time

You are all but gone now

Paled by life's ebb and flow

We walked together once

And cracked a joke

We faced the challenges

And felt the same

You have gone now I need you most

I feel alone each step I take

I crave the wisdom held on your breath

I grieve the time that brought your death

I walk alone with you all inside

Yet I walk alone these disappearing steps

I never found that ancient key

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That lay my head to sleep

And woke me to a contented time

It has been long my walk

But I have yet further to go

There will be a time when I take my rest

And the people, the places, the feelings will rest

I have not done what I would have

And have done what I should not have

It is my time now to reflect

And number the score

I cannot say it has been bad

But could have been better in many a way

In your time it has been nice to know you

And like chapters of a book

Each one starts anew

I walk alone

As I always have

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