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I Recall the Heydays of My Youth and a Romantic Relationship

Pedro is a village boy and grandmother's product and a man of many worlds who is always eager to share his God-given knowledge online.

The Girl Who Took Away My Virginity Was Older Than Me.

This love affair seemed to have happened so quickly and still in my memory as if it took place yesterday. When as a teenager, I embarked on a "Love Boat" mission of no return. And my innocence disappeared into thin air. But there was one thing for sure—that I was becoming mature in the love game.


The Year Was 1974, Santa Isabel, Fernando Poo Island.

I was a teenager and still in high school in Santa Isabel, Fernando Poo (today, known as Malabo, Equatorial Guinea) when I first fell in love.

How Mimi entered my life remains a mystery to me. But the puzzle had more to do with me than anyone else. It's an open secret that I had difficulty approaching girls.

Thus, I have never found it easy, and it has only made it worse because I could not keep the conversation going.

Upon saying hello, all other juicy and floury words would cease! I will fight hard to say something that makes sense but all in vain.

Honestly, it was pathetic! And one of those degrading moments reminds me of telling a classmate about how I asked the girl of her pen. And he retorted: “Her pen of all things”?

He was right! What was I expecting her to write with in the class? How dumb is that! Who does that? I didn't just know how to go about or play the game.

My classmates and friends made fun of me because of my wrong approach and my misguided love method. Their actions used to make me angry.

Afterward, I realized how stupid it was to ask for the girl's ball pen, knowing very well she had to use it for her classwork! Then I held my head in shame and promised myself I would do better next time. Yes, I was ready to take the bull by the horn!

Despite My Romantic Wobbling, My Search for Girls Continued---Thanks for My Eye Contacts.

I had a mysterious encounter with a lady that was never in my mind not to talk of my life. And never in the wildest of my dream could I have imagined befriending her, her name is Belma.

But the impossible became possible through my eye contact with her. So, I used eye contact to do the magic whenever we met.

And that little trick always produced a brighter smile on Belma's face. The whole entanglement made me happy and assured me that someday things could work out for the better.

At first, when my friends knew about my relationship with Belma, they criticized me, though they agreed it was a bold step, knowing very well how timid I was when dealing with girls.

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But through my friends' actions, I noticed they were surprised that I could get such a charming girl like Belma, which means they would have done what I did if they had the chance.

My Aunt’s Connection Made a Bad Situation Worse.

My aunt was another one that stood between the two of us because sometimes I gave Belma free drinks from her bar/restaurant.

And by entertaining the girl whenever she visited me, also caused problem between my aunt and me as she didn't like me giving her a free drink one bit.

For that and other reasons, my aunt hated the girl with passion.

She confronted her several times that she didn't want to see her anymore in her bar/restaurant. So, with my aunt's objecting to seeing her and other reasons, I started slowly, steadily but painfully withdrawing from her.

Furthermore, I discovered my skin was becoming thinner and thinner; why not? My friends concluded that my constant sexual intercourse with her must have had an inverse effect on my health.

That's to say, to put it mildly, and in proper perspective, she was draining my blood!

Poor me, I was so confused and hopeless to see her go.


Would My Grandmother's Prophecy of Many Years, Come to Pass?

Our love setback didn't stop with my aunts but continued gathering momentum and pulling strings along.

While going through all these dramas, then came a particular day, as I was alone in the room, suddenly my grandmother's advice of many years came to my mind. Should this not be the "stock taking" of my life?

Oh, yes. Circumstances as such this takes place in people's lives though sometimes unconsciously.

That solemn moment that you feel lonely and engulfed suddenly in some thoughts---moments I refer to as the "stock taking" of one's life. So, I found myself in that valley, in that obscure situation, as I pondered on my grandma's advice.

I remembered, though apparently in a sadistic manner, but I couldn't help it. I could recall how sometime long ago before her passing, my grandmother, speaking persuasively, told me never to have a woman older than me.

I didn't even know what prompted her statement concerning befriending a girl, woman, or lady older than me.

I believe my grandmother was somehow prophesying this day I was going through with Belma.

But, of course, this was a prediction that came to pass many years after she had passed away.

And that was a statement I didn't understand very well not until my adolescence. So even if I understood my grandmother's intention back then, there was no way I could have asked her why she made such a statement.


Circumstances as such take place in people's lives though sometimes unconsciously. A solemn moment that you feel lonely and engulfed suddenly in some thoughts---moments I refer to as the "stock taking" of one's life. So, I found myself in that valley, in that obscure situation, as I pondered on my grandma's advice.

Talk less of a woman of my grandmother's caliber or standing. A woman of commanding presence, strong in character, and a high disciplinarian. There was no way in this world I could query her intentions or any other elder for that matter.

The Straw Which Broke the Camel’s Back

Well, to conclude, because the weight was too much on one side, the "house" of our love could not stand.

The pressure on me was real, and sadly I started refraining from her. So, for that reason and others, Belma and I had to say goodbye to our love affair, and finally, we also had to end our wonderful relationship.

In a nutshell, despite the ridicule and despair, I achieved my goal and objective and ended my love quest on a positive note.

Thanks for reading!

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