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I love you messages for wife: Love poems and messages to say I Love You to your wife

Whether your wife is in the office, at home or on a school run, she will be delighted if you send her a message to say I Love You.

Whether your wife is in the office, at home or on a school run, she will be delighted if you send her a message to say I Love You.

Send romantic love poems and I Love You messages to your wife to reignite the innocent love in your marriage. Make her feel like a queen by sending love messages to your wife in the form of text messages, emails, poems on cards, sticky notes, flirty tweets and loving Facebook posts. Say the magical words 'I Love You' to your wife more often to show her that you have not allowed mortgage payments, school runs, bills and other chores steal the love from your marriage. Make her double happier by accompanying your sweet message with a gift for her.

I love you poems for your wife: Rhymes and short poems to express your love

Sending your wife such a romantic poem at a random time will make her weak in the knees. Your effort to woo her by writing a love poem will make her feel like a teenage girl again. Take ideas from all these poems which ooze warm drops of love in every line, and write one for your wife. You will make her the happiest woman in her office if she receives such a loving poem in a text message or an email.

1) Dear wife

Your patience is the ice that chills

My temper and my aggression

Your hot looks are the fire that thrills

My excitement and my passion

Your love is the wind that blows

My worries that restrict my creative flows

Your presence is the water that quenches

My thirst for all of life's riches

I love you

2) Dear sweetheart

Your beauty is a work of art

Dear darling

Your hotness is just baffling

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Dear honey

You make life seem jolly

Dear sweetie

Your love is stronger than whiskey

Dear wife, you are not just my wife

You are my life

3) It's not that I just like you

I really love you a lot

It's not just that you are beautiful

You are too sexy and hot

It's not that I just admire your good qualities

I appreciate everything about you

You command respect, my dear wife

I love everything that you do

4) The day I slipped the wedding ring

On your fingers so slender

I knew I was the luckiest man on the planet

To be married to a woman with a heart is so tender

I love you

5) To my dear wife…

I know we have been fighting a lot

But let me assure you that this is not a nasty plot

It is just a bad phase that we are going through

Which I hope to cure with my never-ending love for you

I plan to shower you with hugs and kisses

I plan to treat you like a queen, not just my missus

So be prepared to be pampered silly

As I keep telling you how much I love you endlessly

I love you

6) You are the one in front of whom

I can cry freely and shed tears

You are the only one who can

Drive away all my fears

If you weren't my wife

My life would be a vacuum

It would come to a screeching halt

And probably never resume

I love you

7) On the day we went on our first date

I decided to seal my fate

And did everything possible to

Successfully woo you

I am glad we are happily married today

Because I wouldn't have had it any other way

I love you

8) Every time I see you

You take my breath away

I think you have a magical touch

Which keeps my troubles at bay

I am glad I found my perfect match

In a beautiful woman like you

I know you will set everything straight in my life

And let happiness ensue

I love you

9) I wouldn't care less

If the world ended today

After being married to you

Enough happiness has come my way

I love you

10) Life goes haywire

Circumstances become dire

When you are away

There is chaos through the day

But when you are around

The condition of the house is sound

Thanks for tirelessly being the perfect wife

You know I owe you my life

I love you

You should send write a love poem on a card and send it to your wife if you really want to make her weak in the knees.

You should send write a love poem on a card and send it to your wife if you really want to make her weak in the knees.

11) You have always brought out

The best in me

By discovering the qualities

That others could never see

Without your support

I don't know where would I be

I love you, my dear wifey

12) A kiss on your cheeks

A hug so tight

A vacation that lasts weeks

At a place with beautiful sights

A lazy siesta

A cozy nap in the afternoon

Followed by a colorful fiesta

Which doesn't end too soon

This is what I have in mind

These are the things I want us to do

So we can both unwind

When I can express my love for you

I love you

13) Whoever said that love was overrated

Obviously said things that were untrue

Whoever said that love makes a person bitter

Obviously hasn't met a woman like you

I love you

14) The earth can split apart

But from you I can never stay apart

To be with you forever, there is nothing I won't do

To prove my love for you

15) Just like there is Mother's Day and Father's Day

There should also be Wife's Day

When I can pamper you all day long

Cook you meal and maybe even sing you a song

It can be a way to appreciate

Your presence in my life as a soul mate

But since there is no such official day for celebration

I might as well as pamper you every day with devotion

I love you

16) Every day you give me a new reason

To fall in love with you over and over

Your enchanting love is evergreen

And I hope it stays this way forever

I love you, my dear wife

17) You have given me confidence and courage

To do whatever I want to

You have given me the support and backing

To see dreams new

You have filled every void

In the past and even now

I love you, my dear wife

More than anything else in the world, and how

18) Are you a magician

You fill my life with magic

Are you an angel

Without you, my life would have been tragic

Are you the perfect woman ever

Who was made just for me

Maybe you are all of these things because of which

In you, a single any fault I cannot see

I love you

19) If the Moon orbits around Earth

I orbit around you

If Saturn and Uranus can't do without their rings

I can't do without you too

Even though the Sun is too close to us

And Pluto is light years away

You will always be in my heart

Close to my soul you will forever stay

I love you

20) From morning to night

I am free of any plight

And it is not an easy feat

To live a life so cool and neat

I owe it all to you

People blessed with such luck are few

I am glad you are my beloved

And I am happy that you are the woman I wed

I love you

I love you messages for your wife: Romantic short messages

Surprise your wife by sending her a random yet very romantic text message from work. This will instantly make her smile and she will feel happy about the fact that you think about her even when you are not together. You can even send a mushy email from your smartphone or tag her in a flirty Facebook post. Take ideas from these love felt messages.

1) There is a difference between the words living and loving but not when it comes to you. Living life wouldn't mean anything without loving you.

2) I wish I had two hearts not one so that every time you would step out of the house, one of my hearts could go with you. I love my beautiful wife.

3) Before I married you, I always wondered why people choose to get married. After we got married, I always wondered why I was single for such a long time. If only I could have hitched up with you a few years earlier. I love you darling.

4) If a doctor were to open my heart, he would find nothing but you inside it. I love you honey.

5) You are getting more beautiful with every passing day. I think I will have to start wearing sunglasses to be able to see past the bright radiance that shines from your beautiful face.

6) My dear wife, falling in love with you is something that I did effortlessly, loving you is something I am doing continuously and always being in love with you is something that I will do relentlessly. I love you.

7) I realized that I have hopelessly fallen in love with my wife since the day I began to find her mood swings irritable, cute and sexy at the same time. I love you my wifey.

8) I have always been very focused, determined and clear about the things I wanted in life. That's how I ended up marrying you. I love you baby.

9) It wouldn't matter if the sun became square, if stars appeared in daytime or if roses turned blue, as long as you love me and I love you.

10) I hope I am giving my wife everything that she wants from this relationship, because I am getting more than everything from her in our marriage. I love you dear.

11) Texting, flirting, dating, committing, living in and marrying – I have loved every bit of our romantic lives and I would never have it any other way. I love you my dear wife.

12) I always thought that nothing can replicate the exciting feeling of a first kiss but I was wrong because even after all these years every kiss with you seems more exciting and romantic than the previous one. I love you, my dear wife.

13) Our round wedding bands signify that our lives will go around each other in circles without any beginning or any end. I love you darling.

14) People often wonder what their future will be but I am sure mine will be perfect because I have you. I love you.

15) I have had many painful tattoos on my body. But the one that didn't pain at all was when I engraved my wife's name in my heart. I love you.

Your wife will fall in love with you all over again when she reads a message in which you express your love. It will take her back to the romantic times you spent flirting when you dating each other before marriage.

Your wife will fall in love with you all over again when she reads a message in which you express your love. It will take her back to the romantic times you spent flirting when you dating each other before marriage.

16) I can sum up my entire life with just three letters which are Y, O and U. I love you.

17) I always believed that perfection was a myth until I met you – perfectly beautiful and perfectly lovable. I love you, my dear wife.

18) I never ever imagined that I would become a complete show off, but I just can't help showing off our perfect marriage to everyone. I love you.

19) No hurt or injury in this world can scar my heart because our marriage and your love has given it strength and made it unbreakable. I love you.

20) My world rotates 360 degrees not because it hinges on an axis. My world spins around my wife. I love you sweetheart.

21) The only thing I won't tire of doing again and again is to love you. I love you my dear wife.

22) Even after all the wonderful years of our marriage, I still find out something new and delightful about you when I look at you - which makes me smile. I wonder how many smiles are still in store for me. I love you.

23) I wouldn't know if the sun is yellow or the skies are blue because I have been wearing rose tinted glasses since the day I married you. I love you baby.

24) Waking up in the morning, rushing to work, meeting deadlines, doing overtime and paying the mortgage - your beautiful smile makes everything worth it. I love you.

25) Loving you is a sweet disease. I love the fact that one of its side effects includes lust and it has no cure.

26) Your love is the only thing that keeps my blood flowing, heart beating and life ticking. I love you.

27) I know you think that I am a good husband. But that is only because I have an amazing wife like you. I love you.

28) The power of my wife's love is such that if I ever have a tear in my eye, it turns into a pearl with her loving touch. I love you baby.

29) Did you know that sculpting was my hobby? I have etched, embossed, engraved and embedded my wife's name on my heart many times in different ways. I love you.

30) My love for you is like silence, because it is there even when you don't hear it or see it. I love you.


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