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I Breathed, I'm Breathing, I'll Breath

True love

True love

* I breathed, I'm breathing, I'll breath

I breathed, because you were here
and you asked me to hold you near
you really didn't learn to talk.. yet
but your eyes told me. they told me everything
I breathed, because everytime you had a nightmare
you'd come to my bed, to get a hug and to hear an 'its okay. there'

I'm breathing, because even though you have enough friends to rant to
I always find you at breaking point where you're looking for a person to hear you.
i'm breathing kido, i'm breathing even if everything,every breath feels like rubbing salt to a wound.

I'll breath, because I want to see you everyday
'I have a new migraine at school' you'd say
I'll breath, even though we fight like crazy and the single thread I've been holding on to(you) snaps loose and I fall
I'll get myself up and make up with a silly 'make up' apology.thats all.

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