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I Bought My Girlfriend a Bathroom Scale for Her Birthday

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.


After revealing to my mother and female cousin that I gave my 47-year-old girlfriend a bathroom scale for her birthday they were disappointed. I never considered buying my girlfriend a scale would be taken wrongly as the way that it did. I have a positive take on the gift, but unfortunately, females have a negative take on it. Even after I explained to my family why I bought it, they still weren't buying it; they made me feel horrible for buying her that scale. I then regretted it. My girlfriend felt the same way that my family did.

I bought my girlfriend a scale on her birthday for a valid reason. She had been exerting much of her efforts over the course of months towards exercise. She was dedicated to losing a certain amount of weight that would get her down to the size she was when she was an early adult. She did not have a scale. I thought if I bought her one she could monitor her progress. However, my family viewed the purchase as if I was insinuating that she was fat and that I wanted her to lose weight.

My family told me that you shouldn't buy a woman a scale without discussing it with her prior.

My girlfriend's reaction to the scale

Do not get me wrong, I bought her more than just a scale. The scale was just one of many things, including a necklace and clothes. When she unwrapped the scale, her reaction wasn't pleasant. Her face appeared disgusted but immediately, fake happiness would follow. I explained to her why I bought the scale, but just like other women, they think men have a hidden meaning behind everything they do or say. Unfortunately, after I gave her the scale, just like my family thought, my girlfriend started to apply more effort towards losing weight to a point of eating less - she thought I was telling her that she was too fat. I explained to her numerous times in different tones of expressions why I bought the scale but all she heard was that I thought she was overweight. She ended up losing too much weight and looked unhealthy to a point of concern.

What did my girlfriend do with the scale?

She accepted the scale and put it in her bathroom. She has three kids that live with her who would all use the scale to check their weight every so often. They all enjoyed the scale, but at the same time, my girlfriend believed that I thought she was overweight. At the beginning of the scale experience, her family was excited for the new addition in their home and invited me to join the weight discovery pleasure they were all indulging in. My girlfriend seemed to play like she was excited as if I lied about why I bought her the scale. However, the reason I bought the scale was what I said: to help her track her progress throughout her weight loss goals.

I realized she wasn't too happy with the scale, so after an argument and a potential breakup I requested the scale back, and with no hesitation, she handed it over. Later in the relationship, we did break up momentarily and I took all of the gifts back that I bought her. But we got back together again and I returned the gifts, but she told me that I can keep the scale. She did not want it any longer. So, the scale is sitting on my bathroom floor as I'm writing this article.

After she didn't take the scale back...

I felt terrible when she didn't take the scale back. Going insane over losing weight, I realized I had made a huge mistake. But she didn't believe that the reason I bought her the scale was what I said it was and that made me question her trust in me. I never lied to her, but at the same time, we were only dating for a little over a year so I guess her skepticism is questionable. So, I guess she didn't recognize that I was a supporter of people setting goals for themselves, but she needed to know that I was.

She likely dated a different strain of guys who were likely savvier when it came to the dating game. I was ignorant. This confusing experience was definitely a learning experience.

She never recovered from that gift and her eating habits went down the deep end. I tried to tell her that I loved the way that she looked, but it didn't work. Actions speak louder than words and my action of buying that scale was deadly. I felt horrible seeing her moving about thinking that she was fat. She wasn't even close to being fat; it was sad.

I notice she started to treat me differently. She was less active in our relationship. She would show less affection. She would do less with me as far as watching movies and going out on dates. She would talk less with me, refrain from eating with me at times, and even give off ugly looks when I arrive. That scale ruined things. She claimed she loved me, but I couldn't see it anymore. I guess it doesn't matter what the truth is. What's important is what someone believes.

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Are My Girlfriend and I still together today?

No. We eventually broke up after a lack of communication from her and me not accepting the fact that she failed to contact me often. In addition, she wasn't the same. I felt like she was screwing around on me as well. In addition, her kids seemed to not be too fond of me. I let her go.

When my girlfriend begin to change how did I react?

I wasn't too happy about how our relationship shifted after buying her a scale. Now that I understand the severity of buying a girlfriend a scale for her birthday, I regret doing it. During the transition to an uncomfortable relationship, I was devastated.

I didn't know it was the scale that was causing our relationship to fade. I always asked her what was wrong, why she would snap and get angry at me for no reason. I was confused and hurt. We had a great thing going, we created something special but when it unraveled I was destroyed. I planted a bad seed within her that she steadily watered and couldn't dig up. She seemed to be secretly moving on from me as I continued to try to fix whatever the problem was.

Throughout the change, I just continued to try to take us back to the happier moments but she never went back with me. She was bothered and couldn't shake off the fictitious thought that she was overweight. She was about 5' 2" and weighed just 130 lbs. She was surely not fat; her kids agreed. Unfortunately, her eyesight saw something completely different than everyone else and I felt like I failed as a boyfriend.

I did get angry at the whole attitude change which lead to arguments. She even attacked me with her fist one time in front of her son; I had to restrain her. She said some pretty harsh words about me that killed my spirit and all I could do is look at her with hurt eyes and cry on the inside.

Which scale did I buy my girlfriend?

I bought her one of the Health O Meter scales, click here:


I keep the scale in my bathroom currently and it serves me quite fine. I had a scale before this one that wasn't as accurate; I like the Health O Meter scale much better. I trust my Health O Meter scale that I've had for over 2 years now. Every once in a while I have to recalibrate it, but what bathroom scale doesn't need a recalibration every once in a while.

She eventually ended up doing what my family expected her to do

She called me bad names; left me in the dark; quit treating me like her man; physically struck me, all because she was hurt. Be careful. Buying your girlfriend a bathroom scale for her birthday is playing with fire.

From now on, if I'm buying a girlfriend a gift that isn't common such as jewelry, clothing, a car, a house, etc., I'm asking my family first. I loved my girlfriend and now that I supposedly told her she was fat to her face, our relationship is dead. I bought my girlfriend a bathroom scale for her birthday. Ha! Never again.

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