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How to Text Girls the Right Way

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It has been observed that most of us, do not actually know the right way to text girls and this is costing our relationships. The truth is, once you make a mistake in texting the woman you would like to be your woman either today or in future, it tends to mess everything.

It is the reason why this article comes your way today. I am going to let you know the best ways of texting a woman so that you do not make the same mistakes again whenever you have the chance to text her.

In that case, I would like to have your attention through out this article since it is a surety that after reading this article to completion, you will get to understand what this article tries to explain.

Therefore, before we get into the main text of this article, allow me to simply mention in brief, the best ways to text a girl.

There are a number of ways to text girls correctly, but for the sake of quick understanding and to avoid time consumption, i selected the following four ways to text girls correctly.

This includes the following;

  • Texting her within the first 24 hours of meeting her.
  • Using correct grammar and spelling while sending a text.
  • Being as brief as possible.
  • Use of interesting conversation starters.

Having said that in brief, let's dive in to the main business of this article, which is as below:

1. Text her within the first 24 hours of meeting her.

You have always been told to always wait for about 2 to 3 days before texting a girl, that is, after you met her for the first time. You also heard that, doing so will make a woman develop interest for you and start loving you.

Well, that was what they said, which was correct during those days. Today things have changed and people are going digital where we tend to think about too many things at a time.

This means that, the more you delay texting her, the more you are increasing chances of making her forget about you. It is the reason why you should stop following the old rule and start texting her so soon.

Avoid delays as this not only reduces chances of her forgetting about you, but also reduces chances of her ever falling for you. So, do so to hijack her attention before it is too late for you.

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2. Use correct grammar and spelling when texting her.

Well, it is high time you get different from the way you used to send text those days when you were in school. It is better to know that things have changed so fast and we no longer tolerate laziness while doing normal things.

Yeah, it is time you should stop shortening texts while sending to a girl and start sending the text that brings full meaning to a woman. Further, nowadays women do not admire your chatting skills.

That makes it the reason why you should start making sense through texts. Remember, it will cost you nothing to send a full sentence to a woman, plus, it makes her see you as a responsible human being.

3. Be as brief as possible.

Take it as an example, if it were you who is receiving her text, would you like reading long texts, a text that looks like containing the whole story in it? Probably your answer will be a great no.

The same applies to women. They are always lazy to read long text and that means, when she receives a long text from you, she is simply going to delete it and keep quiet afterwards.

For those who are kind enough, they might send you a reply with one word, okay, when they know truly they haven't read the whole story. Again, it makes her bored of you which may result into her losing interest in you.

For that reason, in order to keep her interested in you, it is time to start sending brief texts. The good thing with brief texts is that, there are high chances of getting a reply for your text. So try it and make it a norm.

4. Use interesting conversation starters.

The other thing you should practice on, is starting a conversation in a better way that brings attention. The problem with most of us is that, we mostly start a conversation just for the sake of it.

We never care about how to actually start up a conversation. Unfortunately, without knowing it, it is the reason why women lose interest in you so fast that you simply cannot believe it.

For that reason, avoid starting a conversation with the most general starters you hear around, try to be unique and your relationship that you are just about to begin will never fail you.


As a conclusion to this article, it is good to realize that the way you chat with a woman, whether it is a relationship that you are just about to begin or a relationship that is already proceeding, the way you text each other means a lot.

In that case, always try to consider the best ways of texting a woman, otherwise, you will soon lose her and you will never understand why she is getting bored of you. Try to consider that and see how your relationship with her will improve.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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