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How to talk to a girl on the phone: Tips to impress a girl on the phone


How to talk to a girl on the phone? How to impress a woman on the phone? If you are a guy who feels nervous while talking to girls on the phone, find out what it takes to impress her while talking on the phone.

1) Switch off any other distractions around you including TV

One of the first things you should do before picking up the phone and calling a girl is to turn off any distractions that may be there in your room. Typical distractions which can annoy a girl include TV, blaring music systems or even video games.

Having distractions around you will send a message to the girl that her conversation is second priority. This will do the exact opposite of impressing her. Instead, switch off the TV, turn down the music volume and put away those video game controllers to offer a girl your undivided attention.

2) Greet a girl as if you were eager to talk to her

You cannot impress a girl on the phone if you greet her in a dull voice. Put some life in your voice and make it seem that you were eager to listen to hers.

Instead of saying just hello, begin the phone call with something like'hello, I was thinking about you' or 'hello, I just couldn't take my mind off from what you said in class' A friendly greeting will set the tone for a warm start to the conversation.

3) Talk on the phone in a deep voice

It is unclear why everyone finds deeper voices in men more attractive. However you may have noticed that most hunky characters in film and TV generally have a deep voice.

Purely from a perspective of impressing a girl and leaving a good first impression on the phone, speak in a voice that is slightly deeper than yours. Don't go overboard else she will be left surprised when she speaks to you in person.

4) Speak slowly and calmly

Stammering, mumbling and stuttering should be avoided if you want to impress a girl on the phone. Speak slowly and pronounce each word crisply from start to finish. Once you have mastered that, be sure to speak in a slow pace throughout the conversation.

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Don't speak too fast else you are likely to sound as if the words coming out of your mouth are overlapping. A girl will not be impressed if she has to try hard to understand what you are saying.

5) Speak with a confidence in your voice

Girl like guys with decently high confidence levels and you must let yours show through in your voice. You don't need to behave like an alpha male and speak at the top of your voice while talking to her but you must be assertive so that your inner confidence shines through.

6) Listen more and speak less

Allow the girl to be the queen of the conversation. Speak less and be a good listener. Lend the lady a patient ear and don't act as if you are getting bored by listening to what she has to say.

Put your logic aside and become a keen listener to the girl's talks about gossip, friendship, relationships, shopping and more.

Don't interrupt her and don't take over the conversation. Allow the girl to be the star of the conversation.

Don't interrupt her and don't take over the conversation. Allow the girl to be the star of the conversation.

7) Don't interrupt a girl and avoid conflicting views

Try not to interrupt a girl when she is speaking to you on the phone and try not to be assertive by showing that your views are conflicting to hers. Hold back on the urge to be correct even if you feel that she has said something wrong or something that you don't agree with.

Keep your arguments for a different place and different time if you want to impress the girl over the phone.

8) Keep asking a girl questions without sounding annoying

When you are trying to impress a girl on the phone, you should ideally have control of the conversation but she should ideally be the one who is doing most of the conversing. You can do this by asking her questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

For example, instead of asking something like 'How was your day?', you should ask 'So what did you do today?' The answer to the first question could be a short reply along the lines of 'It was good' however the second question will require some elaborating.

9) Comfort a girl and assure her

When a girl talks to you on the phone, she could be passively looking for someone to comfort her or reassure her after her rants. Comfort her and tell her that everything will be alright if she talks to you about a problem.

Comfort and reassurance are all it takes to make someone feel better. She will feel nice about the fact that you comforted her regardless of whether things were going to be right, or not.

10) Make a girl laugh on the phone

Girls love a guy who can make them laugh and show them the lighter side to life. Show her that you can be that guy by making her laugh on the phone.

Use your sense of humor to come up with things you can say to make her laugh. Try to find the funny side of the conversation and show her that you can be the fun loving guy who is not always serious.

11) Avoid typically boring conversation starters

There are many ways to start a conversation and you don't always need to rely on the popular and almost annoying 'weather talk'. Avoid relying on typically dull conversation starters or else she might start looking for ways to avoid having a boring conversation with you as soon as you start talking.

12) Share something personal to give an intimate touch to the conversation

An easy way to get a girl to open up to you on the phone is not by annoying her and asking her too many questions. Instead, share something about yourself that is personal and intimate.

Looking at your comfort level in sharing stuff with her, she too is likely to mellow down and open up to you. Establish this level of comfort by telling her something that she may not have expected you to share.

13) Don't be afraid of silences

Awkward silences are traditionally feared and frowned upon however they are not always a bad sign. A short silence may indicate that both of you are lost for words but that can be because of a lot of reasons.

You can say something along the lines of 'I am lost for words because I am trying to image what you must be looking like at this moment' if you want to flirt with her.

14) End the conversation on a sweet note

Leave a lasting impression on a girl during a phone call by saying something sweet. Come up with something that is subtle and non-offensive.

Classic examples are 'I missed you in class today. Hope to see you tomorrow', 'I like talking to you' or 'Talking to you was just the thing I needed to calm down. Thanks'

15) Remember that she may be nervous too

Guys may get nervous talking to a girl on the phone without thinking about the fact that she may be nervous too. Don't assume that you the only nervous person in the conversation.

Give yourself some pep talk by reminding yourself that she can also be equally nervous because you both are crushing for each other or for any other reason.


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