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How to stop missing your ex: What to do when you miss your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend

Still missing the late night conversations with your ex-boyfriend? Don't know what to do when you miss your ex-girlfriend? Can't stop looking at your ex's pictures? Don't know how to get over your breakup? Feeling depressed, lonely and alone because you are unable to move on from your relationship? This post will help you to stop thinking about your ex and to put an end to a chapter in your life.

Crying is just an emotional outlet. You will feel lighter if you let it all out in the privacy of your bedroom.

Crying is just an emotional outlet. You will feel lighter if you let it all out in the privacy of your bedroom.

1) Cry out an emotional outburst by yourself

Crying is a way to give your emotions an outlet. You must not stop yourself from crying all the time. Allow yourself to cry and sob when you are all alone in your room. You will feel lighter once you have expelled all your emotions and energy.

Tear-less breakups are rare so don't expect the aftermath of your breakup to be free of tears if there was the slightest of emotional connection between you and your ex. There is no point trying to hold back the tears forever.

2) Delete all your ex's text messages from your cell phone

Couples store a lot of text messages sent to each other. A girl could be hanging on to the cutest I Like You poem from her ex-boyfriend while a guy could have saved something from when his girlfriend started flirting with him over text message.

Scan through you iPhone or android smartphone and delete all the text messages received from, or sent to your ex.

3) Avoid meeting mutual friends for a while

Immediately after your breakup, stay away from people who are friends with you and your ex. Mutual friends will naturally ask you questions or say things that involve your ex. For example a mutual friend may tell you about how she had a conversation with your ex-boyfriend when they bumped into each other at the mall.

Avoid the inevitable mention of your ex by not meeting mutual friends unless you are sure that they are better friends of yours than your ex.

4) Remove the songs that you listened together from your playlist

Music will affect your mind, body and soul in a way that you can never imagine. You will associate memories, places and people with different songs. You must delete all the songs that you and your ex listened together if you want to eliminate the depressing side effect of missing your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

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The only way to make sure that you don't listen to such a song is to remove it from your iTunes playlist.

Hold yourself back from talking to your ex no matter how depressed you are.

Hold yourself back from talking to your ex no matter how depressed you are.

5) Stop all contact with your ex

Stop yourself from sending text messages to your ex, suppress your urge of talking to your ex and ignore your ex's calls or text messages. Unless you and your ex are working together, are in the same team at school or are in a situation that demands a formal relationship, cut off all contact at least for a few weeks.

6) Wait a few months before you worry about missing your ex

It is impossible to stop missing someone with whom you have shared your deepest secrets and the most intimate moments. Don't expect to get over your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend immediately after your breakup.

Give yourself at least a couple of months to get your ex out of your head. Until then, sit tight and weather out these emotionally turbulent times.

7) Don't block your ex on Facebook: Filter his or her updates in your feed

Blocking your ex on Facebook can easily backfire because he or she will eventually find out about the blocking attempt. You don't want to do this because you don't want to show to your ex that you are still missing him or her.

So don't unfriend or block your ex on Facebook but instead, just filter out his or her updates from your feed. By doing this you will temporarily block out your ex's latest pictures and updates from your feed without creating a scene.

8) Stop obsessing over your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend's social media presence

Social media has made it nearly impossible to ignore the latest developments in people's lives. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social networking platforms will make your life more difficult.

You can't just delete all your social media profiles nor do you want to go on a rampage of unfriending and unfollowing your ex to make your emotional turmoil known to everyone. Self-control is the only way out. Stop yourself from snooping on your ex on social media. Whenever you find yourself doing it, just turn off your laptop and walk away.

Take productive inspiration by looking at how your ex has moved on and found a new partner. Push yourself harder to become a better person.

Take productive inspiration by looking at how your ex has moved on and found a new partner. Push yourself harder to become a better person.

9) Take productive inspiration by looking at how your ex has moved on

Looking at your ex moving on in life by dating other people will pierce your heart like an arrow. Look at this as a sign from above and a message from your destiny rather than immersing yourself into a whirlpool of worry and hate.

Take motivation to pick up the pieces of your life after you see how your ex has got a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Take inspiration from this and start pursuing your career or academic goals more vigorously.

10) Avoid going to your favorite restaurants and cafes

Going to a place where you and your ex frequently went on dates is going to bring back memories, emotions and tears. Being in the same place where you shared romantic moments will make you miss your ex even more.

Have dinner at a different restaurant, drive a few miles more to grab a takeaway from a different McDonalds outlet or walk a couple of blocks more so you can get your daily coffee fix from a different Starbucks shop. Do whatever it takes to avoid bringing back memories of the time you spent together.

11) Find another phone buddy to have long conversations

One of the biggest reasons why you miss your ex so badly can be because you miss your late night chats and long phone calls that never seemed to end. You could pick up the phone and call your ex at just about any time to vent.

To fill this gap in your life you must find a new phone buddy. This person can be your best friend, co-worker, colleague, brother, sister, classmate or a family member. All you need to remember is the level of comfort you share with this new person so you don't say something you shouldn't have said.

12) Go out with your friends more often

You will not feel like stepping out of your house when the wounds of breakup are fresh. But you also need to remember that every hour you spend inside the house when you could be outside, is simply adding pain and suffering to your current state of mind.

Don't use an excuse to not attend a party when your friends invite you. Don't ignore text messages from your friends who want you to hang out with them. And if your friends are not the ones to go out often, call them and ask them to make some plans.

Jumping into a relationship to make your ex feel jealous will only lead to more heartbreak and more suffering.

Jumping into a relationship to make your ex feel jealous will only lead to more heartbreak and more suffering.

13) Don't jump into a new relationship to take revenge

You will become the typical 'rebound' if you try to get into a meaningless relationship just to take revenge or to make your ex feel jealous. Take your time in moving on and don't make the mistake of forcing yourself into a relationship that you would ideally not want to be in.

Rebound relationships generally arise out of frustration and lack of proper judgment. They commonly lead to more heartbreak and more suffering.

14) Don't hold yourself from going out with other people

You will not feel like going out with other people if you are still missing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. But this is a chicken and egg situation because you will never completely move on from your previous relationship unless you start dating other people.

There is no need to seem desperate by trying to attract guys or girls on social media but don't block off advances either. Lookout for mutual friends and do proper background checks online before you go on a date with someone new. Get feedback from common contacts so that you don't find yourself going out with a loser, especially when you are still nursing a broken heart.

15) Bring an emotional closure to your relationship with your ex

You will never stop missing your ex if you don't bring an emotional closure to your relationship. You will continue thinking about your ex unless you accept that he or she can never be in your life.

Bring a complete closure to your relationship by telling yourself that you there is no chance of getting back in a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship with your ex. Accepting this mentally will give you an emotional anchor and a reality check.


n. e.n.e. on July 26, 2019:

where should I start from I just pray that all I ve learnt here help me to forget him

aroundworldnews on December 28, 2018:

Use some toys from and get over it faster

Reuben on April 28, 2018:

My ex pursued me for a long time before I gave in. Even while she was married. We only started seeing each other when her husband died.

We got engaged 2 years later, but trouble started with so called "friends" texting.

It led to a final break up after 5 years, knowing each other for 11, and she started a new relationship with a "friend"straight away telling everyone how "happy" she was now.

A year almost NO contact, NO face to face.

A year later now I get letters from my lawyer buddy she contacted to say I must sign a letter that I will not make contact or speak to Any body WE KNOW about her...etc..etc. i ignored it, then anothet letter .This is bizarre. Why is she doing this. ?

Still loves me?


GreatSword23 from Belgium on August 09, 2017:

we can all move on, it just takes time, great article :)

frs on December 07, 2016:

hi guys i know most of u wont be interested in my story. But i liked a girl we started to talk and after a few weeks she told she was divorced. I was heart broken but i though hey i liked her when i did know this how can i say no to her when i got to know her now. After this i started to love her more then before. I wanted to make up for other things that happened to her in past. Surely i made mistakes but i did what i could for her. She was bipolar when we were in 3rd year of med school. That was hardest time for us. All of sudden some days she used to asked me to pray she didn't got pregnant. And i used to laugh like wtfff? How i didnt even touch u. Years went by and we went back to our countries for house job in hospitals. And i was mad and sad about that, I started to be upset and we had arguments and those argument led to fight. We went back and forth. One she will b all fine next day a stranger. Then after couple months she said she need time to think anyways we stopped talking. I got to know from my friends thats she is talking to other people but when i used to ask her she used to say im not and im studying for exams. Anyways i love her so much that i never said a word about it. I loved her so much that i got to know that she cheated on me many times thats y she used to say PRAY IM NOT PREGNANT. Today i got to know this its horrible for me. I gave everything to that girl just cos hse was broken she said she is happy that she got divorced so she found me and i made her love life again. now i know she is there living happy life and me here thinking crying and imagining her.

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