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How to Quickly Seduce a Woman?

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Seduce her from the first minute

The truth is, you can take action and trigger a 'let's go' moment from the first minute (by stroking her hand or trying to kiss her). If she likes you, it will work. I already know you think you can attract a woman in seconds. So why wait any longer to formalize this attraction? In fact, most of the time, waiting too long destroys your chances.

Sometimes you are never as sexy and mysterious as during the first few minutes of a date. A lot of guys are at their peak of seduction during the first few minutes, when the sexual tension is the strongest.

I know that because I too messed up a lot like this. I can't count the number of times I've felt a strong connection with a woman right after meeting her. She was looking at me mischievously and smiling at me, we were standing very close to each other and I could just feel that things were going well.

But, since all of this was happening during the FIRST minutes, I thought I had to wait a bit to take a frank first step (take her hand for example). As if by taking this first precocious step she was going to reject me… Tsssssss

The truth is, there is NO set time to wait before making things official. If the attraction is reciprocal from the first glance (within seconds), then you need to formalize that attraction as quickly as possible.

You don't have a lot of time

This is how it usually works: When everything is going well from the start, you ASSUME that you have some time ahead of you before taking the first official step. You tell yourself that you will eventually get going (to speed things up). "No problem. No hurry. She likes me anyway.

But what ALWAYS ends up happening when the first two minutes turn into five minutes… then into ten minutes?

The initial sexual tension begins to weaken. The girl is slowly moving away from you. She doesn't smile as much as she used to. She's already asked you all the questions she could think of to make a conversation and try to get to know you a little. At that moment, one of his friends arrives and interrupts your connection.

Hmm ... You then start to doubt yourself and decide to delay the moment to take your first step and WAIT for things to go back to how they were at the beginning.

You thought it was TOO EARLY to take the first step openly. Now you ARE AFRAID to take that first step.

Enjoy the attraction while it's there!

You have to seduce her as soon as possible! You must take the first step openly as soon as possible! You need to formalize the attraction as soon as possible!
And, in my opinion, this first step, this first physical step means one thing: to reveal to the girl the attraction that exists between you, WHILE that attraction still exists. It's exactly that !
Just because she likes you that first minute doesn't mean she will always like you. Sexual attraction and tension are as fluctuating as all other emotions and sensations.

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Your connection is not very strong yet because she just met you. So the best time to take the first step is this first peak of spontaneous and natural attraction during the first few minutes of the meeting.

Obviously, you have to take advantage of the attraction while it's there. You should know that when you meet a girl for the first time, you are automatically a mysterious guy. And that's often when you have the best (and often the only) opportunity to make your attraction official. It's a fact.

The key point

Human interactions fluctuate. The first few minutes are often mysterious and a bit tense. Then, after getting to know each other and talking a bit, the emotions subside and curiosity diminishes.

It is from this point of view that it is important to take the first step. Once you formalize the attraction, then your interaction with the girl will more easily survive these variations in emotions, interest and curiosity.

Avoid the biggest delusion!

You have to formalize your attraction as soon as you feel it is mutual. This is the precise time to speed things up. It doesn't matter if you only met her 30 seconds ago. Don't delay this moment.

Enjoy the mystery, the tension and the curiosity of those first few minutes. Those first few minutes are often when your chances of success are greatest.

If you don't formalize your attraction to her, she will be disappointed and her attraction to you will weaken. It will even create discomfort. There is a strong mutual attraction from the start and instead of formalizing it, you start beating around the bush, playing the good guy or the clown ...

And it's normal for this discomfort to set in when the tension / attraction begins to wear off. A good quick start, but a bad end, there are few interactions that recover from it.

This unease comes from the feeling that something had to happen ... but that never happened.

You then pretend you're only looking to be friends after experiencing high initial sexual tension. You both know you are faking it and it just doesn't work. Once she starts to feel that uncomfortable, you only have a few seconds left until the classic: “Okay, it was nice to meet you.”
Strong sexual tension at the start? Do you think it's too early to take the first step openly? Is the tension weakening? Are you afraid to take the first step? Interaction not progressing? Is the discomfort setting in? "It was nice. Hi."


This all ties in with the idea that talking to a girl for a long time means you are on the right track. In my opinion, it is quite the opposite. If I see a guy who talks with a girl for more than two minutes without having taken the first step openly (physically), he's screwing up!

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