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How to Make Your Man Obsessed With You ?

Alnajda is very much attracted to growth, self-development and gender relationship knowledge.

Be feminine

Men tend to be visual creatures naturally, so as visual creatures, they value the feminine beauty of a woman. Well, this does not mean spending thousands of dollars in your looks because you can make it in a budget as well.

  1. Smell good Men value and crave about the way their women, do not forget to smell good every day and every minute of the day ladies, if not with expensive perfumes, you can very well make it with different aromatic essential oils as well. Note: The fragrance of the essential oils last longer than perfumes.
  2. Make sure your outfits are always clean.
  3. Dress femininely, by dressing femininely again does not mean to spend lots of money on clothing, of course, you can make it in a budget. It is not necessary to buy brandy clothes only, you can buy even simple market clothes or second-handed but the choice is up to you, to choose them femininely, choose colors such as red, pink, yellow violet, and gold as long as these are all eye-catching for a man.
  4. Do not swear When a woman swears it makes her look a lil bit masculine and a high masculine man would never want to be with another "man" by his side.
  5. Use natural makeup
  6. Use feminine accessories
  7. Wear high heels
  8. Smile more
  9. Maintain a sexy natural eye contact
  10. Show appreciation Men love to be heard and appreciated by their women.
  11. Show appreciation anytime they do something for you even if it small, at least he is trying to satisfy you and this should be appreciated for sure. Once you appreciate him he will start to do more.
  12. Men love to see their women happy especially when they are themselves the cause of it.

Let him be the man

Let your man be the man. Let him text you first. Let him call you first, let him invite you first. Know your place ladies, you can never compete with a man...never. Men do not like competition in a relationship while many women make this mistake.

Once a woman starts doing the things a man does immediately she becomes a turn off for him because men need a lot a high by their side. So ladies, let him open the doors for you, let him open the jars for you. Let him bring you flowers and accept their compliments. Let him do the things that complete him as a man towards you.

Don't hide your intelligence, show your intellectual side with him

Men find it very irresistible if they find out that you are a books person and have different interests in life. They will appreciate you more and will be able to talk to you for different topics. They will be more careful when it comes to you, will be more interested in you and maybe you may push them towards books and wisdom as well.

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Be positive

Men are also humans and most of us as humans, need to surround ourselves with positive people who are full of laughter, desires for fun, and open-mindedness. Life can be tough sometimes obviously, but always try to see the bright side in every situation, nothing lasts forever.
If you keep complaining and crying about anything all the time, it will piss your man off soon. The same would happen actually with women if a man acted the same way. Nobody has time and nerves for drama, better put yourself all together emotionally and spiritually.
A positive person, smiling often, always seeing the good in everything, having a positive approach to life will always attract also other people like a magnet. Happiness is magnetic.

Be Supportive

Not always the relationship flows the same, of course, life itself offers ups and downs moments for all. In critic moments the men's ego might get hurt even more than the women's.
Try to remind them that you are always there for them and you have their back anytime they may need something. Joke with them, make them laugh, hug them more often, the physical contact is a great indicator of care, a support act, and the creation of more intimacy and closeness. Be nurturing for your man, he will enjoy and appreciate it.

Be patient

Never rush your man to do more than usual, or more than he can, everybody is doing the best they can in life, so that is your man is doing. Show patience of their things or projects if they have promised you something through them. Instead, be the source of his inspiration and remind them often of how happy you are even towards their baby steps in steps.
Pay attention to him If a child comes along your way, do not forget about your man at all.
There are many cases where women have completely forgotten about their men, once they were blessed with a child. Only chaos, separations, and divorces have this phenomenon brought, do not allow that this could be also you.
Do not allow to take care of the baby alone and anything else, rather take turns that you can both make it. Mark days to spend with your man only while a nanny or a relative or family can take care of the baby that hour or hours you are going to spend together. While the baby is sleeping enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine together on the sofa.

Love yourself

There's nothing sexier for a man seeing the woman of his dreams loving herself.
By loving yourself means also to do your own thing or to entertain yourself as there are many ways how to keep yourself busy and entertained at the same time, like for example: taking a course, making a delicious meal, take yourself out, join mostly meditation, and self-development classes and so on.
Not only it creates a little bit of space between you and your partner which is very healthy but it also makes you feel better, seeing yourself growing and learning more as a person.

In order to make your man obsessed

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