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How to make Pinata -DIY invitations and party favors

Pinata invite and favor

Pinata invite and favor

Creative invitation and Favor Idea

This is a how to for making pinata's, they are a great party idea. Pinata's are a creative way to present a party invite, or for a party favor. You can fill them up with candy or gifts. Taking the time to make individual pinata's will show your guests how special they are.

I made pinata invitations, and within hours of giving them to my invited guests I had people asking me if they could be invited too, for months afterward when I heard my friends talk about my parties, and they always said" she once made us each a pinata with the invitation and candy inside". They also each shared their stories on how they broke open the pinata at the party.

Pinata's do take a lot of time and energy to make, but if you want be really creative and impress your guest I recommend trying these for your next event.

Pinata Supplies

  • Newspaper
  • balloons
  • Elmer's glue
  • Water
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Invitation (if making an invitation pinata)
  • large plastic container
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How to make the Pinata

  • Blow up the balloon to size you like. If you are creating an invitation pinata, make sure you make it large enough for the invite to fit inside the pinata. Make one pinata forevery guest. (see picture 1)
  • In a plastic container, mix , water and glue. I like a ratio 30% glue to 70% water. Tear strips of newspapers, dip them individually into the glue solution. Apply strips all around the balloon, but leaving a space big enough to insert items and invitation. I recommend doing three layers of newspaper (see pic 2)
  • After you have completely layered the newspaper over the balloon, create a 75% glue to 25% water solution, and with a large paint brush apply the solution to the newspaper, pasting down any bumps and corners.
  • I usually place the the pinatas balancing on jars or containers to dry. It takes about 24 to 48 hours to dry.
  • After the pinata is completely dries, pop the balloon and removed the balloon fragments.
  • Fill the Pinata with whatever you like. Then you can close the hole by either paper macheing the hole with the newspaper solution from the first step, or you can use cardstock and masking tape to cover the hole. (see pic 3)
  • I recommend painting the entire pinata. I usually used Gesso or white acrylic paint. You can buy large tubs for very little and used it in many projects.

Decorating the Pinata

Pinata's traditionally are decorated in tissue paper. Tissue paper is easy to use and it will cover up the bumps from the newspaper.

When you decorate the pinata be creative. With this pinata I added tissue paper flowers and hot glued them to the pinata.

I added a ribbon I created from seam binding ribbon. I hot glued down the ribbon and then add the flowers over the end of the ribbon for a better hold. You can additionally embellish your pinata with a gift tag.


moonlake from America on July 04, 2012:

Very pretty. What a good idea. Voted Up.

Annabelle Tyler on July 03, 2012:

Wow! That's a pretty cool idea, especially for a kid's birthday party invitation.

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