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How to look handsome: Ways guys can be sexy and attractive

How to look handsome? How to be a sexy guy? What can men do to be more attractive? Contrary to what a lot of guys would like to believe, overall personality and body language play a larger role than bulging biceps and oversized egos. Don’t be fooled by glossy magazine columns which label six pack abs as the epitome of sexiness. This post is a real-life guide on what makes men look more handsome from the perspective of girls and women.

Start working out and get the fit body that you deserve.

Start working out and get the fit body that you deserve.

1) Get fit: Join a gym or lift weights at home

Fitness and body image is undoubtedly a big part of looking attractive. Join a gym or buy fitness equipment which you can use at home. Shed those extra pounds away so that you can carry a lean-bulky frame.

Women will drool over a ripped body but don’t take this thought to an extreme. Girls don’t necessarily like those monstrous bodies that bodybuilders like to have. Just take a look at some of the top Hollywood heartthrobs and you will see that all you need is broad shoulders, toned torso and legs to match.

2) Groom your body hair

Body hair is somewhat of a gray area because as a guy, you don’t want to be over-obsessed about grooming the hair on your body. At the same time, bushy body hair is probably not the best way to go. Don’t get carried away and just remember this rule of thumb – trim your body hair evenly.

Buy a nice grooming tool for men and use its settings to give yourself an even trim on your body. It is a misconception that only guys who are metrosexual should remove excess body hair. Even the average joe can add a touch of sexiness to his personality with a little trimming.

3) Don’t worry too much about the facial fuzz

Guys shouldn’t really be stressed about facial hair as long as they have got it all under control. Unkempt and messy beards may be a turnoff for some, but a manly stubble is something that can make you look very sexy.

Whether a guy should have facial hair or not is something subjective. Some girls might like a clean shaven look while others may prefer their men to have a beard. So don’t worry and fret about your facial hair. As long as you groom it and it doesn’t look filthy, you really don’t have too much to worry about.

Looking neat and healthy is a big part of amping up your sex appeal.

Looking neat and healthy is a big part of amping up your sex appeal.

4) Look healthy and neat

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Although this is quite a generic tip for guys to look handsome, it is probably the most important one. Girls like guys who look neat and healthy. No woman would want to go out with someone who looks filthy.

This doesn’t apply just to impress women. You will look a lot more handsome if you look neat and healthy. It will even be easier for you to make new friends simply because you will look more approachable.

5) Speak confidently and make eye contact

Most perceived handsome men have one thing in common when it comes to the way they talk – a sense of confidence oozes from their voice tone. You must practice this trait if you want increase your hotness quotient.

Don’t speak too meekly and make sure that you have a clear speech. Don’t stop sentences halfway and avoid trailing off as your sentences come to an end. Follow it up by making eye contact when you talk to people. Whether it is a flirty conversation or a friendly chat, girls really like it when guys make eye contact while chatting them up.

6) Don’t sit with your legs crossed tightly

In a woman’s head, the typical image of a macho handsome man would probably not be a guy sitting on a sofa with his legs tightly crossed like a girl. At the same time, sitting with your legs so wide apart that your body language seems arrogant will work against you.

Keep your legs apart when you sit and if you like crossing your legs, put one on top of the other while making sure that there is some space between your thighs.

Keep smiling - it is the easiest way to make yourself more attractive.

Keep smiling - it is the easiest way to make yourself more attractive.

7) Smile often: Women will find you more attractive

Girls don’t like looking at guys who seem grumpy and angry all the time. No matter how blessed you are with your looks, you will never be the epitome of handsomeness if you don’t smile.

Get into the habit of smiling at people when you meet them. A sweet smile when you bump into a stranger is also not uncalled for. Remember that a smiling face is the first thing that women notice in men after making eye contact.

8) Take notes from a handsome male celebrity

There are many men in Hollywood who are worth noticing for their looks, body language, behavior and dressing sense. Whether it is Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey or someone else who you admire – take notes from the way they carry themselves.

Don’t try to imitate your celebrity idol. Just look at their on and off-screen personas and be aware of what it takes to portray a handsome image.

9) Take personal hygiene grooming seriously

Personal grooming includes all the little bits and pieces of your everyday hygiene. From clipping your nails regularly so that your fingers don’t look dirty to brushing your teeth regularly so that you have fresh breath all the time – make sure that you don’t let a small mistake ruin your overall sex appeal.

Overlooking little details when it comes to personal hygiene and grooming can be a major turn-off. For example – regardless of how attractive you are, bad breath will be the death knell of your attempts to chat up a pretty girl you met at a cafe.

Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, you will look good as long as you style it in a way that suits your personality.

Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, you will look good as long as you style it in a way that suits your personality.

10) Style your hair

Your hair adds a lot of character to your face, which is the first thing girls will notice. Give your sex appeal the boost that it deserves by styling your hair before you step out.

The trick to getting it right when it comes to styling your hair is to keep it as simple as possible. The typical image of a handsome man isn’t that of a guy fretting about his curls or his waves. Shampoo your hair regularly, use a nice hair gel and style your hair before you step out.

11) Smell nice every day

Being handsome isn’t just about looking sexy. A manly fragrance oozing out of your body can add a whole new dimension to your image. On the other hand, bad body odor is a massive turnoff.

From classic ones like Cool Water by Davidoff and Obsession by Calvin Klein to celebrity fragrances like Usher by Usher for Men, just a couple of sprays before you step out has the potential to add panache and maturity to your personality.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a fragrance, just buy one of the popular deodorants from the supermarket shelves.

12) Learn how to make conversation with girls

All the effort you put in to look handsome will be in vain if you don’t notch up your conversational skills. Being a sexy guy is all about understanding a woman and the things you can talk about to make her laugh.

Don’t shy away from the possibility of making a conversation with a girl you like. A few witty lines and engaging a woman in a genuine conversation while talking about something that lights up a twinkle in her eyes might be all it takes to get her to go out with you on a date.

Carry a confident posture but don't come across as aggressive or overtly macho.

Carry a confident posture but don't come across as aggressive or overtly macho.

13) Carry a good posture: Confident yet non-aggressive

Some guys mess it up when it comes to displaying a confident personality. There is a fine line between being confident and being really aggressive. Women don’t necessarily find aggressive men hot.

Keep your back straight and hold your shoulders broad but don’t tense your muscles. Don’t hold your hands away from your body like a mean bodybuilder. Being approachable is a core part of looking like a handsome guy. Girls will find it difficult to approach you if you strut around town putting up a macho and arrogant body language.

14) Don’t be fidgety

The epitome of a real man is a guy who remains calm in all situations. It might be impossible to achieve this surreal image in real life but the key is to avoid being fidgety – from a body language and behavior perspective.

Think your decisions through and don’t make unnecessary movements with your hands, feet or your body. A guy’s body language plays a key role in his overall sex appeal. If you want yours to be hot, try to be in control.

15) Make a defined style statement but don’t be eccentric

Everyone has their own sense of style. Whether you want to pull off the perfect hipster look or you want to channel the classic gentleman, don’t shy away from following your gut when it comes to making a style statement. The most important thing about style is that you should be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Your style is a representation of who you are, so don’t suppress it. All you have to do is make sure you don’t wear something eccentric or something that is way out of line.

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