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How to impress girls at the gym: Ways to get women to notice you while working out

There are better ways to impress a girl at the gym than to parade your bulging biceps.

There are better ways to impress a girl at the gym than to parade your bulging biceps.

How to impress a girl at the gym? How to get women to notice you while working out? Will your big muscles attract girls? How to talk to girls at the gym? Should guys wear spandex and compression shorts? How to flirt with a woman while she is doing cardio? From tips on clothes, fashion, workout gear, behavior and personality - this post gives revealing advice for guys who think that big biceps and monstrous shoulders are all it takes to hook up with girls at the gym.

Impress a girl at the gym: Personality and behavior tips

1) Aim to impress her with your personality, not with your muscles

Looking macho is a core part of every man's ego drive but most guys make the mistake of trying to impress girls with their bulging biceps rather than their charming personalities. Always remind yourself that it is your personality and charm which will help you to impress a girl at the gym.

2) Don't try to impress her with how much weight you can lift

Many guys also make the mistake in believing that the amount of weight they lift is directly proportional to how impressive they look in a gym. This is totally untrue, especially from a girl's perspective.

Don't flirt with her by trying to show off how many hundreds of pounds you can bench press or how you can do your bicep curls with the biggest dumbbells in the rack.

Be relaxed and confident. Your body language will impress her.

Be relaxed and confident. Your body language will impress her.

3) Have a comfortable body language: Don't be stiff and puffed up

Puffing up and carrying a stiff body in an attempt to impress girls is a common sign of attraction in men. But this can also make you look like a weird muscle freak in the gym. Here are some pointers if you want to look carry confident body language and look attractive in the gym.

  • Stand straight and hold your head in a straight line to your torso
  • Don't inhale and push your chest out to make yourself look bigger
  • Don't keep clenching your muscles to make them look ripped
  • Keep your shoulders wide, but relaxed
  • Loosen up your body and don't seem uptight

4) Don't keep staring at a girl when she is working out

Staring at a girl continuously while she is working out will make her think that you are some kind of weirdo. You can look at a girl by stealing a few flirty glances but don't keep staring at her like a pervert.

5) Don't seem obsessed with your workout

You will look like a gym freak if you seem obsessed and meticulous about your workouts all the time. It is good to be dedicated to your training routine but you will turn a woman off if you seem a bit too aggressive.

This includes avoiding loud grunting and going at the weights as if they were the only priority in your life. Girls like guys who keep fit, but not at the cost of making fitness a priority over everything else. So don't behave like a monster by continuously attacking the weights or a cardio freak who hogs the treadmills or elliptical.

6) Smell handsome: Wear a nice men's cologne

Smelling nice should be a number one priority if you want to impress a girl at the gym. Spray on a good deodorant, cologne or perfume before you reach the gym.

Keep a small bottle of your favorite men's fragrance in your gym bag so that you can spray some on after you finish your workout, just in case you manage to get a coffee date with the girl you like.

Do you sweat a lot? Carry a towel with you and dab away excess sweat.

Do you sweat a lot? Carry a towel with you and dab away excess sweat.

7) Wipe off that sweat: Carry a personal gym towel with you all the time

Most girls will agree that the sight of a guy dripping in sweat is generally a put off. Everyone expects you to be a little sweaty in the gym but that does not mean you should leave sweat all over the workout floor.

Carry a personal gym towel with you and dab your forehead, neck and arms continuously. If your body tendency is to sweat profusely, there are many workout specific t-shirts available in the stores which have moisture management and anti-odor technologies.

8) Build a rapport with everyone at the gym

A girl will instantly notice you in the gym if you are the guy who knows just about everyone on the gym floor. Build a rapport with the trainers, gym staff and others who generally come at the same time as you do.

Girls are naturally attracted to guys who are friendly with everyone. This personality trait makes guys look approachable and easy going.

This may be slightly tough for guys who are shy but there is a solution. Instead of being a loud extrovert who shouts his hi's and hellos across the gym floor, shy guys can acknowledge someone's presence with a confident nod. These nods will later evolve into small conversations.

Impressing a girl at the gym: Meeting, talking and conversing

1) Make eye contact and smile if she looks at you

Just like every other flirty situation in life, your smile is your biggest asset when you are trying to flirt with a girl. Make eye contact with her and let out a cute smile if she looks at you. If she smiles back, it will instantly break the ice between both of you.

2) Don't interrupt her workout

It is time to find an opportunity to start a conversation with the girl after you have made eye contact and exchanged smiles with her. But don't do this while she is busy working out.

Your behavior will come across as rude if you make her put down her weights in the middle of a set or if you make her step away from the treadmill when she was at her peak.

Don't spot her or give her advice in any other way unless she asks for it.

Don't spot her or give her advice in any other way unless she asks for it.

3) Don't offer to spot or give advice unless she asks

Another common mistake many guys make while trying to impress a girl at the gym is when they offer to spot her. Don't encroach on her space and let her enjoy her workouts. If she wants you to spot, she will ask you.

The same applies for giving unnecessary advice on exercise movements and body form. If you think that she is working out in a way that could harm her body, talk to one of the gym staff and let them guide her. You can take the brownie points later by telling her that you noticed the potentially harmful body movements.

4) Don't ask a girl to spot you

You will annoy a girl if you ask her to spot you regardless of how light you are lifting. Unless you personally know the girl, asking her to spot you should completely be off-limits.

5) Talk about something other than gym and working out

Don't start a boring conversation with a girl at the gym by talking about workouts, diet plans and other fitness related stuff. Instead, talk about something else. Here are a few topics that you can use to start a healthy conversation.

  • Talk about hobbies
  • Ask a woman about her profession
  • Ask a girl what she does in life apart from working out
  • Movie buffs can gossip about celebrities and upcoming movies
  • New restaurants and shops that have opened in the area

6) Give her compliments for her workout

You will come across as obnoxious if you start complimenting a girl on her good looks immediately after you have broken ice with her. But that does not mean you shouldn't use flattery to make her feel good.

Give her compliments about her workout and say things that indirectly hint towards the fact that you are attracted to her. Below are a few examples.

  • Your form is perfect, are you a pro?
  • Most girls would die to be able to effortlessly glide over that treadmill like how you do
  • The way you exercise show that you are really committed about fitness
  • I could learn a thing or two about working out from you

Use these compliments as a platform on which you can build and later give her direct compliments for her look and maybe even her figure.

Once you have a few flirty conversations with her in the gym, add her in your online social network.

Once you have a few flirty conversations with her in the gym, add her in your online social network.

7) Add her on Facebook after you break ice with her

A few flirty conversations should be enough to make you be able to add her on Facebook without looking like a stalker. Look her up on the social network and add her as a friend. Don't bombard her timeline with silly messages immediately after she responds to your friend request.

Adding her on Facebook will give you lots more to talk about when you meet her in the gym. Use updates from your feed to start conversations with her. For example, on Monday you can ask her 'So, your pictures say that you had a pretty wild weekend?'

8) Ask her if she wants to meet outside the gym

You must act fast after you have started having a conversation with her at the gym. Subtly ask her if she is seeing anyone and think about ways of asking her out on a date.

You will be forever stuck in the friend zone and become her loyal workout buddy if you don't express your attraction towards her. Here are a few lines you can use to ask her out on a date immediately after your workout session.

  • I am feeling so hungry after this workout. Do you want to grab a sub?
  • This workout makes me feel like grabbing a healthy salad. Do you want to join me?
  • I am driving over to the new cafe that has opened up in the neighborhood. Join me for a cuppa?

Impressing a girl at the gym: Clothes, fashion and workout gear

1) Wear ankle socks

Ankle socks are the only type of socks you should be wearing on the gym floor. Knee high socks or those that sit on the shin are a complete fashion disaster.

Quarter cut, low cut, runner socks and athletic socks are other names given to ankle socks. They generally sit right above the ankles.

Wear comfortable t-shirts that make you look natural and handsome.

Wear comfortable t-shirts that make you look natural and handsome.

2) Don't wear t-shirts that are too tight: Look cute with slightly worn out tops

Guys wear body hugging t-shirts to show off their big biceps, bulging shoulders, inflated chests and ripped backs. Girls like a guy with a fit body but that does not necessarily happen by looking at men wearing tight t-shirts.

Look like a friendly and approachable guy by wearing a comfortable t-shirt that looks natural. A slightly worn out top that has a bit of character will make you look cute. It is a myth that looking rich by wearing new branded apparel is the only way to get noticed at the gym.

3) Don't wear shorts that are too short or too long

Training and athletic shorts that sit just above the knee look good on guys at the gym. Wearing shorts which are either too short or too long can give off a weird vibe. Avoid wearing those tiny running shorts or long basketball shorts which sit below your knees.

4) Avoid wearing spandex at the gym

Spandex and compression clothing looks good on bodybuilders, cyclists or other professional athletes. Avoid such clothes unless you have a ripped body like a pro.

Certain types of compression clothing, especially compression shorts, are engineered to benefit your workouts. So if you must wear compression shorts, wear a loose fitting athletic short over them.

Avoid the big headphones and prefer small earphones like these.

Avoid the big headphones and prefer small earphones like these.

5) Don't wear large headphones: Prefer earphones instead

You don't necessarily need to bring your love for music on the gym floor by wearing large headphones. If you prefer carrying your personal music player to the gym, wear earphones instead.

Apart from looking good, earphones will also allow you to tune into some of the background chatter and hear on what the girl is up to.

6) Groom body hair

If you want to look attractive on the gym floor, moderation and balance are the two most important words when it comes to managing manly body hair.

For example, some girls will be put off if the dense fuzz on your chest hair is glaringly jutting out from the edges of your tank top while some women may be put off by a cleanly shaven look on your torso. Take tips from heartthrobs like Hugh Jackman and groom your body hair in a way that doesn't take your overall look to either extreme.

Look good at the gym


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