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How to get over the hurt from a past relationship? Do you really get over it?

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Getting over that hurt, Cause it hurts like hell!

In life, I found that as we get in and out of relationships, that being hurt is inevitable. For starters, as humans, we naturally hurt one another but naturally, we also love one another. It would be quite simplistic to love each other gracefully without having to hurt someone. Sometimes, hurting causes us to grow in our own right. Being hurt aids us in learning how to make better decisions, take a lesson from previous mistakes and ultimately do better and be better.

It extremely hurts to be involved with someone that unfortunately doesn't either feel the same, cheats, lies, betray us or leave us. It is devastating, cause now we no longer have that person we went to for everything and that person who understood us when family or friends didn't. Our significant other is the one person we never thought would be the one to hurt us. After such painful encounter, we become guarded with our hearts and likely find it harder to love again. But I write this article, to tell you there is still hope, we can find love again, but we must invest in ourselves before we invest in another. So here are the steps to getting over pain/hurt from a previous relationship......

1.) Forgive

-Forgiveness definition is to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw or mistake.

So simply take that hurt and face it head on. Forgive that person for you and not them. Don't spend your whole life in anger over something someone did because sometimes we(people) just don't know any better, we are ignorant to how each other feels, so don't hold it against them instead pray for them. Holding on to hurt or pain hurts more than getting hurt in the first place, so always forgive others as you will find this to be truly beneficial.

2.) Stay Busy

Stay busy as possible. Being active and engaging in the world around you keeps you from thinking about the hurt. In fact, staying busy helps you relieve stress and helps you to keep your mind off the pain. So stay busy, whether that's volunteering, working, exercising, spending time with family and friends- whatever keeps you focused and busy, do it. It is important to time for yourself in order to grow and get over the hurt.

3.) Invest in Yourself

LOVE YOURSELF, notice I made this one in Bold and in Italic to point out the importance of this. You must love yourself before you can offer your love to someone else. Next, take time out for yourself, get to know you, meditate, pamper yourself- get your nails and feet done. For the guys, get a haircut, have a basketball match with the boys, engage with others, meet new people. Get to know you, figure out what you want in life and what makes you happy.

4.) Learn

Learn and grow, the hurt may have been pretty bad, but take away something from that relationship while ultimately learning to do better and be better.

So there goes, I have given you the tools you need to get over the hurt from a relationship as you may feel it is impossible, but remember anything is POSSIBLE!

-Catch you on the next article!

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Getting over the Hurt

Taking time for yourself


Broken Heart


Relationship Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Who should you talk about your relationship issues?
    • Mother
    • Best Friend
    • Counselor
    • Keep relationship issues private
  2. Should you talk to anyone about your relationship?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on the person
  3. How many relationships have you been cheated on?
    • None-0
    • 1
    • 2 or more
  4. Who would you rather talk to about your problems?
    • Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Wife/Husband
    • Parents


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. Who should you talk about your relationship issues?
    • Mother: +2 points
    • Best Friend: +5 points
    • Counselor: +5 points
    • Keep relationship issues private: -2 points
  2. Should you talk to anyone about your relationship?
    • Yes: +1 point
    • No: -5 points
    • Depends on the person: +5 points
  3. How many relationships have you been cheated on?
    • None-0: +0 points
    • 1: +2 points
    • 2 or more: +5 points
  4. Who would you rather talk to about your problems?
    • Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Wife/Husband: +5 points
    • Parents: +2 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score between -5 and 2 means: ?

A score between 3 and 10 means: ?

A score between 11 and 15 means: ?

A score between 16 and 17 means: ?

A score between 18 and 20 means: ?

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