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How to Command Respect From People

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Everyone wishes to be respect by many people around them, but not all of us gets the respect we deserve. Actually, we feel good when people respect us around. Have you ever tried to ask yourself why some people are respected more than others.

This article will help you find a way to actually make people respect you. It is never a big deal, all things that happens around you, all starts from within. That means, if you want people to consider you by respecting you, it must first start from within you.

So, how do you actually make people respect you? Or how exactly can you command respect from people around? Stay attentive as we will be discussing these ways herein.

Before we look deeply into these ways, allow me to list the four ways that will make you actually command respect from people around. These are as below:

  • Respecting yourself
  • Avoiding small talk with people.
  • Dressing smart and smelling nice.
  • Focusing more on your goals.

1. Respecting yourself.

As we had said earlier, everything that happens to us, all starts from within us. There is nothing that will ever happen to us that do not first come from the energy within us. That means, for people to also respect you, first respect yourself.

There is no way people can respect you, if you cannot respect yourself. This means, you should always give yourself a first priority in everything. Avoid using your energy to make people feel good.

Remember, the more you struggle to make people feel better, the more they find the courage to disrespect you. So, if you are sure of it that you deserve respect from people, then first respect yourself.

2. Avoid small talk with people.

If you never knew this, then know it from today, that your future is always built on the talks you make on a daily basis. Start focusing on building a bright future by encouraging talks that help to build you.

For those who still do not understand what i mean by small talk, it is the kind of discussion that do not help to build you, it only wastes your time. So, engaging in a small talk will only encourage people to disrespect you because they think you can tolerate anything from you.

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There is no need to engage in a talk that do not help to build you, instead, use that time to read books and novels. At least you can learn something new from that, other than just sitting down and discussing about useless topics.

3. Dress well and smell nice.

You might wondering why people never respect the way you wish them to. Do you know that sometimes respect is determined by the way you dress? What you put on on a daily basis makes people decide on the amount of respect they can offer to you.

If you never knew this, then it is good you know from today. Perhaps you do not have enough money to buy the clothes that you can put on on a daily basis, at least wearing a different cloth for the different two days, can bring a difference on how people see you.

Again, you do not need to spend much on clothing, just spend a small amount and make sure you look good. We have got an offer for you to help you out, click here, to get five pack shirts at only $15.

Again, it is good to realize that smelling nice makes you feel comfortable and makes people respect you more. At only $46, you can change your smell by use of a good cologne. Click here to purchase a cologne for yourself.

4. Focus more on your goals.

The other way you can make people respect you is by focusing on your goals. This helps you avoid too much nonsense talks from people. Also, a person may not just talk about you the way they think they can.

When people realize that you are so engaged and that you do not have much time for nonsense discussion, they become afraid of just talking to you any how. This is because, it takes them much time to think of how to actually reach you.

So, find yourself a goal and start improving by focusing on those goals. Remember, friends might fail you, but a goal will never disappoint you, so be rigid and go for your goals.


Being respected is the best thing you can ever get from people, and that is why you are required to follow the above ways, they will make you the person you are supposed to be.

In that case, stop anything that will make people disrespect you and focus on making yourself feel better on a daily basis. By doing as this article requires of you, you can actually be the person you are required to be.

I wish you goodluck as you work towards making people respect you more and you try so hard to make yourself feel better. Thanks for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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