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How to be a happy couple: Have a happy marriage and relationship

How to be a happy couple? The answer lies beyond palatial homes and fat bank balances.

How to be a happy couple? The answer lies beyond palatial homes and fat bank balances.

How to be a happy couple? What is the recipe for a happy marriage? What should a girlfriend and boyfriend do to have a happy relationship? What should a husband and wife do to find true happiness?

The secrets of a happy couple are some of the most basic yet often the most overlooked aspects of a relationship. Embrace these basic relationship fundamentals and learn how you and your partner can be a happy couple.

1) Keep going on formal dates: Romance makes marriages and relationships successful

Romantic and fun dates make a new relationship exciting. This excitement can sizzle out when couples get married or have been in a relationship for a long time. Make an effort to go out on formal dates with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend if you want to be a happy couple.

Don't give dating an expiry date. No matter how long you have been in a relationship or how long you have been married, dress to kill, put on your best fragrance and talk like teenagers in love as you have a romantic meal together.

2) Do things together: Happiness stems from doing stuff together

Happiness organically stems from spending as much time as possible with your loved ones. That is the reason why typical pictures of happy couples are portrayed as a man and a woman doing something together.

To be a happy couple, find excuses in your normal daily routine do stuff together rather than expecting each other to take out time from individual schedules. This can include going grocery shopping, walking the dog, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, browsing the internet or going for a morning jog.

3) Share a hobby together with your partner

You and your partner may have different study classes, careers or abilities. But there should ideally be one common area of interest which you both can pursue as a hobby. This can include learning a new language, playing an instrument or mastering a new skill.

Couples can form a deep and unspoken emotional bond with each other when they are learning something together. Happiness is a byproduct of the satisfaction derived from the pleasure of being in a learning curve together.

Staying fit and being healthy is the core of a happy relationship in the long run.

Staying fit and being healthy is the core of a happy relationship in the long run.

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4) Work out regularly: Keep your bodies fit, healthy and sexy

Hit the gym, do Yoga, join dance aerobics, go swimming or work out so that you keep yourself fit. Happy couples are generally known to be those who are in good health. Frequent illness and weak levels of health can weigh down on a couple's life.

Apart from the health aspect, being fit will also help you to look good naked. Regardless of your age, the confidence of feeling fit and sexy will go a long way in keeping attraction levels in your relationship peaking.

5) Flirt with each other

Husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends should always remind themselves of how hard they tried to get their partners' attention before they got into a committed relationship. Flirting is a must if couples want the romance in their relationships to sustain.

Partners in a happy and healthy relationship will keep the spark alive by flirting with each other. This includes whispering sweet nothings, giving each other kisses at the most random times and drooling over one another time and again.

6) Give each other compliments in public: Boost each other's morale

One of the passive secrets of happy couples is that they know how to boost each others' morale. Stroking your man's ego, praising your wife's cooking in front of others, appreciating your husband's business acumen or acknowledging your girlfriend's beauty by giving her compliments are a few examples.

Everyone relies on their loved ones for confidence and self esteem boosts. You and your partner should also build confidence in each other by using subtle yet key moments to compliment one another in public eye.

Couples who take their sex life for granted often suffer silently until the problem spills out onto other areas of life.

Couples who take their sex life for granted often suffer silently until the problem spills out onto other areas of life.

7) Never take your sex life for granted: Happy couples have an active sex life

Just like romance is commonly known to fizzle out in a couple's life after they have been with each other for a long time, sex lives can also be neglected and forgotten. The direct and adverse effects of taking your sex life for granted may roll over to other aspects of your relationship.

This tip applies especially to married couples who may be neglecting their sex lives when busy schedules and mortgage repayments take control over their marriages. Husbands should look beyond the bedroom and consciously do things that turn their wives on. Wives should start feeling sexy from within and put in efforts to understand their men's sexual quotient.

8) Learn to enjoy the differences: Don't try to change your partner

One of the biggest signs of a happy couple is that they enjoy the differences in their personalities. There is a difference between in simply accepting the differences, and actually cherishing the differences.

Stop arguing, fighting and complaining about how your partner should walk, talk, think, act and behave in a certain way. Instead of suffering by trying to change each other, learn to enjoy the richness that both your personalities and experiences bring to the relationship.

9) Dress up for each other

Dressing up for each other will show that you still have the urge to woo your partner even after being in a relationship for a long time.

Husbands and boyfriends should impress their girls by wearing a smart jacket over shirt, pants and shoes. Girlfriends and wives should impress their guys by wearing that little black dress on a date or that sexy lingerie inside the bedroom.

Keep giving each other small gifts from time to time.

Keep giving each other small gifts from time to time.

10) Embrace gifting: Happy couples give each other gifts

Happy couples show each other their love not just by saying it but by showing it through little things. A gift or a token of love does not need to be too expensive. It needs to be full of love and emotion.

Don't wait for Valentine's Day to give each other heart shaped pillows or chocolates. Whether it is a cool shot glass for your boyfriend or a $30 jewelry piece for your wife, give your partner a surprise on an ordinary day.

11) Control your tweets and Facebook posts: Think before you tweet or post

One of the first noticeable behavioral traits in happy couples is that neither partner ever talks ill of the other. Relationships and marriages can be ripped apart with fights if partners don't think before they interact with others online or in real life.

To ensure that you never let the opinions of other people get in the way of the happiness in your relationship, think before you post anything on social media. Even the silliest of tweets could be made fun of, and the most unassuming of Facebook posts could be the cause of an ugly misunderstanding between you and your partner.

12) Don't try to win fights and arguments: Learn to let go

One of the easiest ways to have a happy marriage or relationship is to learn to let go. No relationship is excused from arguments but couples in a happy relationship know where to draw the line and when to let go.

Name calling and violent abusing can leave a bad mark in the subconscious mind. This can wreak havoc and spill out onto other things at a later stage. Remind yourself to have a generous presence of mind when you and your partner argue. Don't find reasons to argue, find a solution.

13) Say I Love You with all your heart

Happy couples are annoyingly sweet when it comes to saying mushy stuff to each other. They rub noses, caress each others' cheeks and say the most tender of lines to each other. It is your choice if you don't want to do all this but you must at least make a conscious effort to say I Love You to your partner every day.

Girlfriends and wives can nibble onto their man's ears as they say I Love You to him. Boyfriends and husbands can pull their woman towards them by holding onto her waist and whispering I Love You to her softly while breathing down her neck.


DragonBallSuper on February 14, 2013:

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You made good points of a marriage team works best.

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Excellent advice! It's so important to keep talking with your sweet heart; always keep communication open!

I like your suggestion about limiting what you write on Facebook or Twitter! Excellent!

Annette R. Smith from Ocala, Florida on February 13, 2013:

This is great advice, princesswithapen. And very timely, too. Thank you for sharing it. Happy Valentine's Day!

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This is very good advice, the light should never go off especially in a marriage.

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