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How to Avoid a Boring Conversation: Tips to Avoid Talking to People and Getting Out of Conversations

No matter what situation you are in, there's always a way to get out of a conversation you don't want to have.

No matter what situation you are in, there's always a way to get out of a conversation you don't want to have.

How to avoid a boring conversation? What excuses should you use to avoid talking to people you don't want to talk to? Whether you are in a party, boardroom meeting, school classrooms or your college campus, here are tips and non-offensive ways to get out of unwanted conversations.

1) Get a friend to call you

One of the easiest and simplest ways of avoiding a boring conversation is to get a friend to call you. Send your friend a discreet text to call you. Answer the call and pretend that you have to rush elsewhere. Utter a few words of apology and make your way away from the person you don't wish to talk to.

2) Act as if you suddenly remembered something important and urgent

'Oh my God, I totally forgot' are the golden words can use if you want to exit a cumbersome chat with someone. In the middle of your conversation, interrupt and act as if you are in deep trouble since you completely forgot to do something extremely important. From forgetting to lock your car to forgetting about buying a parking ticket, excuses are plentiful.

3) Randomly wave to someone standing behind the person you are talking to

If you use this trick to get out of talking to someone, you have to do it suavely and confidently, otherwise you can be caught. If you think that you are about to be drawn into an unwanted conversation, randomly wave to someone behind that person's back. Once you both are distracted, point to someone in the crowd and say that you have to excuse yourself to meet someone.

4) Fake a headache or illness

Faking a headache or any other illness is a commonly used trick used in boardrooms, parties, hallways and most other social situations. All you need to do is politely excuse yourself and act as if you are on your way to get some medicine or you simply need to grab a seat in a quiet corner.

5) Excuse yourself to the washroom

This is possibly the most used excuse people use to get out of making small talk, especially at dinner tables, parties and social gatherings. 'I need to use the washroom' are the magic words you need to use to make your way away from the people you want to avoid talking to any longer. Be sure to end the conversation by saying something along the lines of 'So I will catch up with you later I suppose' so that you bring a subtle end to your conversation.

6) Using body language to hint boredom: Don't make eye contact, pretend to be distracted

You can use body language to give subtle yet powerful hints to the person you are talking to, that you find the conversation extremely boring. Look away from that person and don't make eye contact. Look elsewhere and pretend that something else has caught your attention. This will send across a clear message that you may be listening, you are not a good listener and your mind is somewhere else. Be sure to tune in to the conversation every now and then so you don't come across as rude.

Text furiously and don't pay attention to what someone's saying.

Text furiously and don't pay attention to what someone's saying.

7) Text furiously and appear frustrated

If you are approached by people you don't want to talk to, act as if you are texting furiously and carry a frustrated look on your face. Even if they walk up to you and say hello, respond with a quick hi and turn your attention back to your phone. Text away furiously as if you were in a texting competition to appear busy. Your frustrated state is likely to put off any potential conversation starters.

8) Use a fake text message app

If you have an iPhone or an android smartphone, you can use a fake text message app which will light up your phone with a fake message. These apps generally allow you to set a countdown timer after which your phone will buzz with a new message. Most such apps also change your phone background to that of a 'new message' notification. Simply excuse yourself at the pretext of making a call once you receive the fake message.

9) Let out a loud burp

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You can avoid talking to people by doing something that grosses them out. Letting out a loud burp is an easy way to make most people take a step back and move away from you. If you can't muster up a genuine burp, fake one. The key is to do something that is disgusting, whether it is burping or something as dirty as picking your nose.

10) Interrupt people while they are speaking

Interrupt people while they are speaking and start talking about something totally random. And when they try to come back to the point of the earlier conversation, interrupt again. You will have to be extremely sly and confident as you carry off this trick, else people may find you rude and insensitive.

11) Get a third person involved in the conversation

You can either exit a boring conversation or look for ways to make it interesting. If you think that latter suits your situation better, introduce a friend or colleague standing nearby to the person who is having that boring chat with you. Once you have introduced more people into the conversation, it may be easier to excuse yourself by saying something along the lines of 'Why don't you two catch up and I will go get myself a drink'. In a worst case scenario where you must stay, it is at least likely to make the conversation bearable for you.

12) Go for a refill: Skipping conversations at a party

It is natural for anyone at a party to be excused to get a refill at the bar. Tactfully use the same trick to avoid a boring conversation. Just be sure that the person you are talking to does not offer to accompany you to get a refill. And once you excuse yourself, make a move fast before the person requests you to grab a refill for them as well.

A friend can be your savior when it comes to pulling you out of unwanted conversations.

A friend can be your savior when it comes to pulling you out of unwanted conversations.

13) Ask your friend to grab you

Suppose you are at a party with your friends and you find yourself stuck in an unwanted conversation with someone annoying. How do you get out of it? Simply text your friend and ask him or her to come grab you for apparently something important. You will be able to skip a boring chat with a seemingly genuine excuse.

14) Feign bad mood

If you want to avoid talking to people, simply feign bad mood when they approach you. Cut off the conversation before it starts by saying something along the lines of 'I'm not in a good mood. Can I talk to you later if you don't mind'. Don't act too courteous in an attempt to draw sympathy. Say it in a firm tone so people get the message loud and clear.


Eric Andrechek on November 12, 2018:

There is this one new company called "Ya Boring" ( and it is perfect for this situation exactly! You create a free account and then press one button on the app or website and you will receive an automated call to your phone with a message you can customize.

Escobana from Valencia on December 28, 2012:

Great tips and funny Hub! I mean it's well written and I could picture myself in every situation you described.

These tips help a lot in avoiding boring conversations with men while I'm single.

Thanks for the extra tips. I'm sure I'll use them wisely ;-)

Voted up, awesome and shared!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on December 22, 2012:

You have accomplished a well written piece of work here and most helpful

Deya Writes on December 21, 2012:

Haha, this list is funny. I'm just imagining how effective if would be if you combined 9 and 10 immediately one after the other. That'll guarantee you a safe exit. Funny hub, voted up!

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