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How to Annoy Your Boyfriend: Ways to Irritate Your Guy

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Annoying your boyfriend was never this easy - Read on and take tips on how you can have your guy pulling out his hair without any effort at all.

Annoying your boyfriend was never this easy - Read on and take tips on how you can have your guy pulling out his hair without any effort at all.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Mad: Make Him Beg You to Stop

How can you annoy your boyfriend? Forget all the complicated pranks because this article will teach you different ways to annoy your guy in simple yet highly irritating ways—every girlfriend's ultimate guide to harassing her boyfriend.

Make him angry, annoy him till no end, harass him, and leave him frustrated until he begs you to stop. Be sure to follow up these nasty tricks with a loving apology to relieve him of all the pain and agony you inflict on him.

1. From Period to Potty—Talk About Things That Will Gross Him Out

When the both of you are enjoying a romantic date, begin a conversation with "I was on the toilet for at least an hour today. My stomach went wile, and it smelled horrendous," or "You won't believe how heavy my period flow has been this month."

Annoy your boyfriend by talking about subjects that are usually kept private. Gross him out with intricate details on such topics until he begs you to stop.

2. Be Overtly Nice to Random Guys

Irritate your boyfriend by being extra nice to random guys like the checker at a supermarket, a bouncer at a nightclub, or the man at a concierge. Put on the charm and the oomph as you put on this unexplained and extraordinary behavior to irk your boyfriend in a way that he never imagined.

This trick is slightly risky because even the smallest step over the line could be disastrous. To avoid intricate complications of jealousy in your relationship, avoid being flirty with guys who are common friends or acquaintances.

3. Ignore His Calls and Give Lame Excuses

How do you generally react when you get a call on your cell phone and see that it's your boyfriend who is calling you? Do you rush to pick up the phone? Stop doing that, and simply ignore his call.

To give a twist to the annoying saga of not answering his calls, give lame excuses when he asks you why you have been not picking up the phone. Act as if it is no big deal and give aloof replies. You could amp up the annoyance levels by acting irritated yourself and saying something on the lines of, "Give me some space, will you?"

4. Wear Unappealing, Ill-Fitting, and Out-of-Style Clothes

Whether or not he cares about the kind of clothes you wear, try annoying your boyfriend by wearing unflattering and poorly fitting clothes. Make a deliberate effort to put on the worst-looking outfit when you go out to watch a movie or when you do something fun together on the weekend.

For example, wear a top that is too tight, wear ill-fitting baggy pants, go braless, put on shabby clothes, or practice eccentric fashion by pairing high heels while going to the beach with him. When he confronts you about your newfound style IQ, give lame replies like, "I just felt like trying something new. Hope you don't mind."

5. Make Fun of His Clothes

Become your boyfriend's fashion designer and nag him about every piece of clothing he puts on. Tell him his jeans are too tight, his shirt looks girly, his belt looks obnoxious, and his shoes are a mismatch with the rest of his clothes.

Annoy your boyfriend by constantly picking on his fashion IQ, and try to dictate the clothes he wears. Keep nagging him until he pleads with you to stop.

6. Keep Calling Him When He's Out With His Friends

What's more annoying than a girlfriend who doesn't pick up her boyfriend's calls? The answer is a girlfriend who keeps harassing a boyfriend with calls every few minutes while he is out with his friends.

Irritate the living daylights out of your boyfriend by calling him every few minutes, texting him, sending him emails, and posting on his Facebook when he is out with his friends. He is likely to be mocked by his guy pals for being overpowered by you.

7. Stop Having Sex With Him and Tell Him You're Not in the Mood

If you have already consummated your relationship with your boyfriend, annoy him by abstaining from sex. Bring a poker face to the bed and restrain yourself from showing any emotion while he is trying to get you in the mood by nibbling at your ear or by kissing you in all the right spots.

Use excuses like, "I'm not in the mood," or "Oh, I'm so tired today; I can't even move a leg," to put him off. Say the same thing over and over again a couple of times until your boyfriend gets really annoyed.

8. Bombard Him With Requests to Do Your Personal Chores

"Would you be a sweetheart and grab my tampons on the way over? Here's $100, can you take your car and load up on a few groceries from the supermarket? Can you take drive me to the salon and pick me up after two hours?"

Entertaining mutual requests like these is a part of being in a relationship to a certain extent. To annoy your boyfriend, take your requests to a whole new level by bombarding him with chores. Put him through his paces to get things done for you, and squeeze in an unreasonable request every once in a while.

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9. Drool at Raunchy Pictures of Actors, Musicians, and Other Male Celebrities

It is one thing to be a fan of Robert Pattinson or One Direction's Niall Horan, but it is another to drool over their shirtless pictures all day long. Whenever you hang out with your boyfriend, keep going through one picture after another of your favorite male celebrity.

Take annoyance up one level by searching for images of "Robert Pattinson topless" or "Robert Pattinson's hot body." Do this while your boyfriend is watching, and make sure you ogle at the hundreds of pictures that appear in search results.

Add fuel to the fire by talking about your hot celebrity crush all day long until your boyfriend has had enough.

10. Deliberately Forget to Wish Him a Happy Birthday

How would you feel if your boyfriend forgot to wish you a happy birthday? That's exactly how he will feel when you do the same. Pretend as if you have no idea what day it is and act like you totally forgot his birthday.

To make matters worse, act bewildered as you see the phone calls and emails coming through and ask him, "Why is everyone calling and messaging you? Is there something special going on today?" Watch him burn.

Plan a massive surprise party and wish your boyfriend a happy birthday with a loving gift to make up for this irritating prank.

11. Don't Wax, Shave, or Indulge in Any Type of Hair Removal

Go along with the motto, "If it is acceptable for guys to be unkempt and messy, why can't girls?" Refuse to wax, shave, or epilate your body hair, and let your boyfriend soak in the annoying sight of hair on your arms, legs, and underarms.

When your boyfriend asks you why you stopped shaving, you may annoyingly reply, "If body hair on men is acceptable, why do women need to be any different?"

12. Burp and Fart in Front of Him

Irritate your boyfriend by doing unwomanly things like burping loudly in front of him or farting. He will never expect you to do such gross things while he is present, and the fact that you just did will leave him confused and dazed.

Be warned, though; if you burp or fart in front of your boyfriend, he may never look at you in the same way again.

13. Go to a Restaurant, Order a Salad, and Then Eat From His Plate

At the pretext of watching your weight and not feeling hungry, order nothing but a salad when you go out for a meal with your boyfriend. When his food arrives, start picking little things up from his plate with your fork.

After the first few nibbles, start scooping up spoonfuls of food from his plate and say, "This is delicious; mind if I grab a bite?" Hog away on his food and devour his plate up in a jiffy. He may possibly ask you if you want to order something for yourself, to which you can cheekily reply, "Nah, I'm not hungry."

14. Keep Complaining Unnecessarily

No one likes a crybaby and that is exactly what you should become if you want to annoy your boyfriend. Keep complaining about every little thing, including how the air conditioner in his car is not working even if it is, how your burger at Mcdonald's is different than usual, how you are bored all the time, how you hate the way he talks to other girls, and so on.

Be your nagging best, and keep complaining about things that can't be fixed.

15. Turn Him on and Then Walk Away

Call your boyfriend over to your house or go to his and make sure that you both are alone. Pull out all the tricks in your bag to turn him on—wear the skimpiest of clothes, change in front of him while wearing sexy lingerie, keep bending over revealingly, talk about sex, and do everything it takes to get him in the zone.

At the very moment when he leans over and tries to get close to you, think of a chore or an errand that you have to do, and walk away. You can even start talking on the phone and push him away as he makes his moves.

Ignore all his advances and leave him panting, irritated, annoyed, angry, and frustrated, all at once.

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Joseph on October 03, 2019:

This sounds more like a list of how to get dumped lmao

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I’m reading this infront of my boyfriend so he knows what will be happening sooner or later

Nelda on September 27, 2017:

Hi my name is nelda my boyfriend didn't tell me everything and I notice he change his behavior and my friend told me that woman did harass him everyday and keep begging him and my boyfriend name is rickey fryman and woman name is Linnie Greene Hamilton and I found picture of my boyfriend kiss the woman and it hurt me a lot so I begged you to take my boyfriend back to me

Kate on March 25, 2013:

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Terrific tips. I do some of these. Well, mostly #9. Ooops! But, I'm not stopping :)

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