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How to Write Love Sms & Romantic Short Messages

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Be Unique and Simple

The most easiest and flexible way to make yourself standout from crowd as a most romantic person is being unique and fresh. So avoid sending old and used messages or sms to your most beloved person, at-least while you are going to propose him/her or offering a date or romantic gift. A unique short text message brings a smile of admiration to your loved ones. He/she will read it with great interests, appreciate you from heart for your effort and it will make them think how much importance you give them.

If you can't find the time to think some romantic words and write, or you don't have the ability(not everyone is a good writer) to write your own, then don't worry, you can also customize another romantic message or love sms, with some of your own words to make it unique.

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Some Tips to Write Love Messages and SMS

I am going to share some tips you should remember while writing love text messages for your romantic partner, or to someone you want to express your romantic feelings.

  1. Try to make the messages as shorter as possible. Long messages are very annoying in today's busy world. Some could get bored by seeing the length of the message.
  2. Don't write too complicated or complex message, use simple language as far as you can. Don't let your recipient to open a dictionary or to ask someone else to understand the message. I am not asking you to not write your messages as a literary work. If you are a simple person with simple thoughts then that is what your message should sound like. If you are a person of artistic or intellectual mind then let that show in your message. Don't try to be something you are not. State your feelings in your own word and let it out. Unless you will ultimately give up and not write anything at all.
  3. If you and your loved one share the same mother tongue, it would be far better use that language to express your romantic feelings.
  4. While writing romantic messages, never be too serious. Be in light mood, and take it as a fun.
  5. Be creative as far as you can. Like, don't write your name in the messages, just give a hint or write your name in a way which is tough to understand in easy manner. Make your loved one to think who is the sender.
  6. Before writing, close your eyes and think of him/her, think what can you do for him/her, think emotionally, how was your life when he/she was not in your life, think how will be the life if he/she will not be with you. Try to think which thing comes in mind first when you think of him/her.

Keep this factor in mind, and you will probably through the way.

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Love Messages - Some are Written by Me, Some are Not

I have been dreaming,
What my heart wanted, it was you,
Then heart smiled and told
He only loved you.
Today when you are far apart
The dream seems to be fade
The life seems to be a desert
The heart seems to be dead

I wanna be fragrance, so I can spread over you
I wanna be happiness, so I can touch your heart
So you can feel me whenever you want to
So you can get me whenever you're hurt

You are always in my heart,
In happiness and in sorrow.
You were with me yesterday,
You'll be with tomorrow.
This is my fault, I could never say
There is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this way.

Moon gives company in the endless night,
More closer friend than death is fight,
Time is unstoppable and flowing like sand,
But I didn't care ever,
Because I have you to hold my hand.

As the stars in the night stay awaken
He, who get a true love, will do the same.
I have felt this warmth & your love in my life
Sweetheart, when you came.

Love is the beauty that i got in you
Love is the nature that i got in you
Love is a smile that i got from you
Love is a part of living
And the part starts from you

Love is the shining night
It makes your life bright
Love makes you feel the touch of light
Love holds you so tight
Love shows you the aim of life
That i saw when you came in my life

Love removes the darkness of life
Love shows you the way of life
Love is the best medicine to cure all sadness
I felt love when you came in my life

love is being close to you
love is when you say, "I love you"
love is the smile on your lips
something that I never want to miss.

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Love is a magic that has happened to me
My eyes feel that beauty in you whenever I see
your love makes myself so pride
you presence give a new way in my life.

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Prince femi on June 27, 2012:

I love this love text message

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Honestly, when i read your profile and message , I was warmed and touched by what you said. I truly can feel your sincere heart to find your special one. I don't know if the fate comes to me this time or not, but I want to give myself a chance to try.!!

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I get a lot of lines to you;) thanks for a very fantastic hub.

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