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How to Tell if You Found Your Soul Mate

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

A Fragile Heart of Love and Soul

Love and your soulmate

Love and your soulmate

What is Love?

This is a question many have asked and have gotten many responses. According to Wikipedia, "Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection." Well that meaning is for scholars, but let me tell you what love really is.

Love is a state of having different feelings and emotions, different feelings and emotions make up the different types of love. There is the Fatherly love, motherly love, religious love, and the love for humanity, but the most complicated of them all is the intimate love. This intimate love is the special feeling that we share with our lovers, our spouse, our husbands and wives.

This is the type of love that lets us have that special feeling deep inside, it creates a hellfire which burns deep in our soul, it gives us courage to go on when we have been pushed to the ground, it is the type of feeling that lets you lie at your sick spouses side, and give up an organ to let that person live, knowing that you may die. It is the type of feelings that lets you do silly things, crazy things, great things, just to see a smile on your mates face. It is the kind of feeling that drives us up the wall, that brings us to the brink of madness, without putting us in a strap jacket. Love can drive us deep in anxiety and depression, it is the type of feelings that lets us cry, smile, be jealous, protective and self aware. It is the emotion that drives us to be a better person. Love is has no levels, no predictions, no straight roads. Love can lead us to beautiful things, as well as it can lead us to jealousy, hate and sometimes death. It is the most powerful feeling that exist because of its instability.

When you find true love, when you have found your soul mate, you have just found the fountain of youth, you have found life. Finding and living a beautiful life with the one person that the stars have carved out for you is a blessing from God.

Happy Dating



Dating is basically going out with someone, whether it be just a friend or persons who have mutual interest in each other. People go on dates to try to get to know the person more before making any form of commitment or action. Different types of people go on dates for different reasons, there are persons who are just interested in the intimate side of things, while others are looking for partners who they may be able to settle down and begin a life with.

Dating For Men

  • Men are more easy going than women when it comes on to dating. They invite a lady out for dinner, they try to have a good time, they expect a good night kiss, if the night was good and the lady captured his interest, they will eventually call her and request to see her again, they just try to build from those simple steps.

Dating for Women

  • Women see dating as the first step to finding Mr Right, from there, marriage then family. When a woman goes on dates, she notes every detail in her mind, she looks at where she will be taken, how the man dresses, the cologne he wears, the shoes he wears and what he orders to eat. Women like men who can speak and not engulfed in sports and actually listens to her silly plights and comments. Dating is actually a big deal for most women especially if they are serious about finding that special someone, their Soul Mate.

Finding Your Soul Mate

When two hearts become one, then we will understand The true power that unified love brings, Richness in spirit, now Queens and kings by.clivewilliams

When two hearts become one, then we will understand The true power that unified love brings, Richness in spirit, now Queens and kings by.clivewilliams

What on God's Earth is a Soul Mate and how do i get one?

A Soul Mate is not sold in stores, neither is it conjured up by Merlin the Wizard. A Soul Mate is that very special person, that you love and loves you in return without compromise. Your soulmate is that angel sent by God that brings laughter and happiness to your heart and face when you are drowning in sadness, your soul-mate is that person that lets you be you, and you re comfortable being you around that person, no matter how silly the real you are.Your soul-mate is that person who knows you have a bad flatulating habit, and you both get a good laugh when its done. Your soul-mate is that person who sticks with you through ups and downs, through life and death, through the mud and water, and loves you even more. A Soul Mate is like that special light that shines for you when your light has dimmed and your problems seem to be drowning you. Your soul mate may not be able to row you ashore, be will be able to give you a straw.


Is She My Soul-Mate?


How to tell if She is Your Soulmate

There are millions of men who seek real lasting love and happiness, and they believe that finding their Soul mate will help to fulfill those dreams. So how does a man tell if she is his soul mate?

  1. She hugs and kisses you when you are hurting emotionally and watches you cry, wipes your tears with her hair and sees you no weaker a man.
  2. She tries to find interest and information in the things that interest you. She studies your likings and naturally improves on them.
  3. She gets upset, hurt and worried if she thinks something is wrong with you which you are not sharing.
  4. She loves you and accepts your faults as part of the package.
  5. If you have a child outside of the relationship, she brings the moon to the front door, just to try to be a second mother to that child and shows you naturally that she will love any extension of you
  6. When she feels to be, she acts out her inner child around you and is comfortable doing so.
  7. When you hug her, and her head rest upon your chest, a natural feeling of love and protection overcomes you, your heart synchronizes with hers and for that brief moment, you stare in each others eyes and both whisper the same three words, "I Love You"

This is an Amazing Book - Soul Mates

The author of Care of the Soul shows readers how ""soul intimacy"" can be cultivated through letter writing, conversations, sexuality, jealousy, boredom, and endings, and how the soul is enriched through the tribulations of life

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Is He My Soul-Mate?


How to tell if He is your SoulMate

Women are strong believers in love and believe that real and true love is easily attainable, all they need to do is identify that some one who makes each and everyday worth while for them. So how does she know if he is her Soul Mate?

  1. He genuinely listens to your problems, from the most trivial to the most painful, shows that he naturally cares and works them out together.
  2. He tells you the truth - if you are doing or has done something stupid, he will let you know.
  3. He cry's with you.
  4. Your mother dislikes him, but you love him the same.
  5. When you are most confused about life and you have no direction, his smile guides you, even if he himself has no compass.
  6. He acts out his inner clown around you and feels comfortable doing so.
  7. He has little money, buys you a cheap cologne, but to you it smells like a million rare roses.
  8. He gets upset, hurt and worried if he thinks something is wrong with you which you are not sharing.


Administering The Soul Mate Test

The Soul Mate test is not a pen and paper test, no score is recorded in any journal nor is there any study guides available. The only scores which are recorded are scores of the heart. Here are some simple ways to test that love.

The ice-cream test.

  • You both will be having ice cream cones, try and finish yours as quickly as possible, then ask for your mates own, or just to have a few licks, note the reaction.

The Temporary live with me test.

  • Show up un-announced at your spouses home with clothes, signalling that you want to stay the week, also note the reaction.

The Hug me Stinky test

  • Miss bath for a week and visit your mate, give the person a long tight hug and note the reaction.

As silly and simple as these test sound, you will be quite surprised about how much you learn about people when things are ad-hoc and not planned. But we still have to rememver that people will be people, and sometimes even soul-mates get angry and do say hurtful things, but it is the reaction after the hurt that we really derive our feelings from.


I find this video quite interesting

My Poem about Love

We all live our lives hoping and praying for that one person, to live and die with,

That angelic soul that's brightens up our world with a simple kiss

When we find love, we hold on sometimes "choking" tight

and if we are about to lose love, we give a hell of a fight

Love sometimes disappoints us, we get mad at it and kick it under the bed

and vow never to love again, and swear our heart dead

But then that beautiful soul comes along, and electrifies that dead heart,

and you sweat, wonder and ponder if you should go for this fresh start

But something deep inside tells us to open those gates

For this beautiful person, is surely your Soul mate

by.clive williams

© 2014 Clive Williams


peachy from Home Sweet Home on February 07, 2015:

lol, the body language gave you the answers

Keisha Hunter from Kingston, Jamaica on November 05, 2014:

Lol funny! I hate odors. He couldn't sleep in my bed or hug me for sure!

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on November 05, 2014:

ok keisha, you don't bath for that week and try

Keisha Hunter from Kingston, Jamaica on November 05, 2014:

Lol this had me laughing! He'd better not dare come around me after not having a bath for a week! And what's that about 'her silly plights' now? :)

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