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Signs Someone Likes You More than a Friend

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At some point in our magical little lives we always wonder if someone we like, likes us back. Now with this paramount amazing list, you might be able to crack the person before addressing the situation or professing your love.

When we like someone, they can become the main thought of our brain. We may find ourselves happier when around them, and sad when we can't spend time with them. We hope that they like us back, that way we are not stuck in an unrequited cycle. Liking someone makes us smile, laugh, our heartbeat faster, helps us relax, and feel like someone in this big world can actually connect with us. Billions of people clearly have figured out how to get with the person they like, so don't put yourself down -- you will probably get to date who you like too. Having feelings for someone is special. You don't get to have feelings for every last crazy person you meet. So how can you tell someone else likes you? Hopefully this short and informative hub will help you to deduce who has the hots for you.

1. When someone likes you they tend to want to sit next to you. This give the chance to interact with you more, touch you, mimic you, and smell you. It helps them get in synch with you.

2. Whenever they have a chance to put you in the same group, they do.

3. When someone likes you, they may tease you such as suddenly knock something out of your hands, chase you, make little pecks at the oversized purse you carry.

4. He or she will give compliments when they can.

5. On a subconscious level, he should mimic your actions. He may cross his legs when you do or drink at the same time. He may also use the same words or very similar ones.

6. Laughing.

7. If he touches you, from hugs, the small of your back, holding hands, playing with your feet, playing with your hair, etc.

8. A strange sense of jealous when he sees another guy talking to you.

9. Random gifts. Or the classic, he'll give you his coat to wear on a cold / rainy day.

10. Random gifts. Homemade cookies and the like.

11. He'll help you whenever there is a problem and he'll immediately jump into action.

12. He or she may compare you to one of their parents.

13. When he asks if you like the same bands and asks if you would like to come see the band.

14. A playful and lengthy amount of texting.

15. Spending time together frequently throughout the week.

16. Going with someone to a wedding as their date.

17. If he remembers something you like and buys it for you for no reason.

18. When they suddenly turn up at your job, class, or home.

19. If he or she blushes when they see you.

20. Hugs that seem longer and stronger than usual.

21. Staying together for several hours in a day.

22. Sharing each other's food.

23. When she seems to be getting prettier and prettier because she keeps wearing better clothes and does her hair more. She also smells better.

24. His or her friend group could be giggly or smiley in regard to you because your crush may have talked to them about you.

25. When she doesn't like bars, rock climbing, and all the other things you do -- but she does it anyway.

26. If he has several profile pictures with you and him in it.

27. If pouts her lips when you leave because she doesn't want to miss you.

28. If he takes you out one on one.

29. If he says that he simply likes talking to you because usually his conversations don't last so long.

30. If he says that he has thought about kissing you, if he asks how do you kiss, if he tries to plant one on ya.

31. If likes several things on your Facebook or Instagram or any and all of it.

32. If he puts a youtube video on your Facebook.

33. If he buys you dinner.

34. If he blatantly says you are prettier than all your friends.

35. If he walks you home, pulls out your chair, and opens doors for you.

36. He might if driving your car fill up the gas for you.

37. He might serenade you or write a song about you, paint a picture of you, etc.

38. She will want you to hug you and will linger for you to do so.

39. She may lean her head on you whether on your back or shoulders.

40. Lots of randomly smiles and checking to see if you laughed at her jokes.

41. Lots of inside jokes.

42. She might give you a handwritten letter.

43. Random competitiveness, such as her having a really strong need to beat you at Mario Kart.

44. She picks you to be her dance partner.

45. If you two ride in the same car the conversations should show some amount of connection by the depth of the conversation.

46. He doesn't mention other girls. He gets rid of items that reference his old girlfriends.

47. He kisses your cheek goodbye.

48. If he suddenly has an urge to fix his socks.

49. If she plays with her hair incessantly.

50. If her posture is unnecessarily nice.

51. If he sends a text in the morning to see how you are doing.

52. If he wants to get to know your family.

53. If he asks lots of questions and is really interested in knowing your opinions.

54. If he drives all the way from nowhere to see you.

55. If one of the other of you cal past midnight and it isn't for sex.

56. If he seems to have lost his sense of reality and is smiling a lot.

57. If he seems sad when you have to say goodbye.

58. if everybody else goes into a different room and the two of you stay somewhere and talk.

59. He may be curious as to where you are headed in life because he is trying to decide if it is possible to work with you.

60. She'll suddenly start following you, making more jokes, and offering you random things.

61. She won't be bothered if you touch her and will not move if in an otherwise situation may feel she is sitting too close.

62. There will be long conversations back and forth on social media posts.

63. He'll like your Facebook profile picture.

64. He'll be really interested in trying to get you to meet his mom.

65. He'll really hope you get along with his dog.

66. He may buy you a baseball cap with a logo of his favorite sports team.

67. He might take you on a random vacation.... and pay for it.

68. If she sees you have injured yourself, she'll run to you as though she's a nurse.

69. EYE CONTACT. Lots of it.

70. Showing up at random places that they know you enjoy.

71. Reminiscing about random things the two of you have done.

72. Buying you flowers.

73. Buying you beer.

74. Cockblocking other guys from interacting with you.

75. Being rough with you, arm wrestling, etc.

76. For him, if he is suddenly better groomed. Did he put on a nice shirt... just to see you?

77. If he gets often annoyed when you mention other guy friends.

78. If he calls you a really sweet name, like "Cinderella."

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Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 05, 2018:

I can't get enough out of this to make heads or tails of anything. Sorry.

angie conklin on March 14, 2018:

one time in math class my friends were messing around saying that my crush and his friend would be a perfect gay couple(as a joke) and apprently i was doing my math work(shockingly lol) but what my friend told me was that he looked over at me and smiled so idk if that means something or not

sarahh on July 21, 2015:

Well yea he would give you a cute name for you lik boy that I like hes calling me princess and I only see him when i go to party's and we are shy at first how do I try to talk t him cuz i let him talk to me first and how do I ask him for phone number backing out and i tried to buy shoes that are tall has him because I'm. Younger than him

Ladainian on January 21, 2015:

You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arsiclet.

Phoebe Pike on April 06, 2014:

Jenna Marbles!

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