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How to Rekindle the Flame and Romance in Your Relationship?

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.


In a world that is spinning so fast and many couples choosing another way of 'coupling' by staying in "open relationships", I think it's important to have a look and understand how to maintain your relationship healthy and steady, before going through other solutions. Of course, every couple finds their own way to navigate romance, passion, love, partnering, and each couple have a different understanding of commitment.

Relationships are hard, and anyone who says otherwise is trying to fool you, or they're not really investing in it. Sometimes the passion fades, and the romance goes with it, but what if there are simple tricks to keep the love alive?


You two should be a team. The small and big things you should keep in check.

1. When entering a relationship, if you are serious about it, do not think "I hope this works." Change your mindset into "I will do everything to make this work." This is unless you don't feel sure about the relationship, or you do not build it with the mindset that you are investing in the relationship because you want to see it grow. If marriage or living together is not in the horizon, then this hub doesn't apply to you.

2. Demand respect from your partner and respect them too. There is nothing more essential than respect. If respect is missing, what's the point of being together? This means no offending, no crossing boundaries, no toxic language, no gaslighting, no betraying each-others promises or trust.

3. Do not depend on your significant other for happiness. You make your own happiness. They are just a part of it. You don't owe them anything and they do not owe you anything, when it comes to making each-other happy. Each finds happiness within themselves. You should only support each-other growth, and add to the equation.

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4. When you are not right, you should apologise. I bet you know how it goes "Break a glass. Stick the pieces together. Apologise. Did it go back to the previous form? I bet not.", however, apologising does go a long way and it may just relieve some sorrow and heart break. Learn to say sorry. It shows you care. It shows you understand. Then, adjust your behaviour.

5. Do not let a day go by by not showing what they mean to you. Acts speak louder than words, but an act can break bones and words can break a heart, so words are important after all.

6. Sometimes you will need to slow down and take things easy. You are in the process of knowing each-other, so what's the point of hurrying?

7. Accept the fact that he/she is not perfect and you are not perfect as well. No one is perfect. And you can not control no one. Once you accept these, things will run smoother.

8. Celebrating anniversaries does not always mean that you two should have more fun than last year, or buy more gifts than last year. Sometimes a handwritten letter is more than enough.

9. Have a life without your partner. Go out have fun with your friends and family. Did you know that when you fall in love you lose 2 close friends? -This is conducted by a research made to an amount of people. 70% of them admitted that when they fall in love, and got into a relationship, they lost two approximately two close friends. This happens due to the fact that those friends, usually single, feel threatened by the new girl/boy, they feel jealous, and they excuse all these by saying "I understand you need to stay with him/her, so I am leaving you some space, I will no more call you again so much.", but they rarely call, and after sometime, they do not do anymore. They will justify you did not find the time for them because of the new girl/boy!! Tell me about that!

10. Hold hands every now and then. Hold hands even when you two are arguing. You will feel more connected. Some couples choose to not hold hands in public and that's OK. However, in private, if you do not like holding hands, or if your partner refuses to do that, maybe you two are not as connected as you thought you are. Holding hands is another level of intimacy.


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