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How to Meet, and Keep, Rich Men

Gold Diggers of 1933


Hook a Rich Man, Don't Get Hooked by a Poor One

Many women have decided that if they are going to marry a man they may as well go for the gold, and marry rich. They say its just as easy to hook a rich man as it is to get hooked by a poor one; if that is the case a wise woman will set herself up in luxury instead of disappointment, hard labor and poverty. Honestly, it isn't hard to win a man who can turn your life around, it just takes some planning. Setting out to marry a rich man is basically the same as setting out to marry just anyone, only you have to be a little more on your toes and better organized than you would if you were just looking for any guy to settle down with to inevitably have children and struggle with financially.

When seeking a rich man to marry you must first place yourself where the rich men go. Rich men play golf, fly first class and take fishing trips to Alaska. Everything you do and everywhere you go you should be with placing yourself where the goldfish swim, otherwise you are merely hanging out with the heard of steerage. Make every day count, and if you are going out with girlfriends to have lunch or coffee, try to steer them to the better neighborhoods.

If you go to the racetrack to play the ponies, go to the turf club or club house. It will cost a little more, but it will separate you from the riffraff. There are tacky night clubs in which herds of middle class people wait in long lines to get into and then there are the classy clubs that cost money and manage to keep the crowds of trouble makers out and the elite money makers in. It's a matter of thinking before you make your move.

Some wealthy areas have polo grounds and is there a better place to meet you Daddy Warbucks than on the polo field? Imagine watching your hunk dressed in tight saddle pants and a sports tee shirt racing across the grass on his horse. It just doesn't get any more romantic and exciting than that.

To conquer a rich man you should think like a rich man does, and there is no better person to watch than Donald Trump. Whether you like him or not Donald Trump, before he became President, actually speaks very candidly about being rich, how to be rich, and the methods in which he propelled himself from the obscure son Fred Trump, to the most recognized rich man in the world. This writer watched Trump on the David Letterman show many years ago and Letterman asked a very silly question. He said. "what would you do if you were suddenly broke?" The answer that Donald Trump gave was not silly at all. In fact he gave us some very powerful insight into what it takes to be rich. He answered, " I would find a job at the best marketing company I could find and learn everything I could about it." The working class audience booed. So, there we have it! The poor people in the audience blew off the advice of a super rich guy because he did not say what they wanted to hear. The poor people in the audience wanted to hear him say, " I just don't know what I would do." But, Trump knows that crying would not fix the problem and in the decades of learning that he has undergone, he realized that the key to making money is through marketing. If the poor people in the audience could think outside the box they would have learned something valuable. So, always listen and pay close attention to Donald Trump. He gives major clues as to the thinking of a rich man.

Trump, if one is so inclined to really learn to think rich, wanted to be around rich and successful men when he was a young upstart. Donald charmed his way into exclusive clubs so that he would be able to mingle with the big bucks when he needed financing. This is the same attitude that you should have if you want to marry top dollar. An excellent read is, The Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump.

Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump

Win A Rich Man


Get Rich Men to Respect You

Think acbout some time in your life when you were highly attracted to someone and they did not feel the same way about you. Remember in the reverse scenario, if a guy were really attracted to you and you were unimpressed with him how you thought of him when he kept chasing you, It probably led you respect him a little less, and possibly even led to a feeling of contempt. But when you that he moved on you became somewhat interested in him and a little disturbed to see that you were not longer that important to him. In some cases you may have even gone so far as to try to get him interested in you again. This is a concept that you must always remember if you do not want to be rejected over and over and find yourself feeling as used and disrespected as Jodi Arias did before she murdered her boyfriend for dumping her for a respectable girl.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen women ruin their value in the eyes of men by devaluing themselves by becoming the aggressor.

There are two basic ways that women devalue themselves in the eyes of their prey, the first and most important thing to remember is to never sleep with a man too soon, but also a woman should always have her own life and not be too available. If you are the one making the dates and you are the one asking when you will see him next the relationship is doomed.

Whenever I am meeting up with my girlfriends and I hear one of them telling me of how she met a great guy and then I see her texting him and talking about going to his house, I know right away that this girl will probably never find herself married to this guy. Simply, she is too easy, too available, and the man is probably wondering how he can keep her away from his house and stop sending him messages. This is how just about any guy feels, but a man of wealth will be twice as likely to shake you about twice as fast. The reason being that he knows he can easily get other girls, and due to the fact that you seem to have nothing going for you, he wants to forget about ASAP.

Anna Nicole Smith Married a Millionaire


The Gabor Sisters with Their Mother


Famous Gold Diggers

Anna Nicole Smith is one of the most famous gold diggers of all time. She decided at a young age, after marrying as a teenager and having a child, that if she were going to marry it would be to a guy who was rich and willing to give her everything she wanted. Honestly, had this guy been younger, she would not have been able to take him so easy. When rich men get old they can be a lot easier to pin down due to the fact that their options have dwindled. The women who had some class and wanted a rich man to help her financially while she had children and acted as a partner are no longer around, and all that remains are the brassy girls who want to spend a little time doing their time and awaiting the day that they may collect the entire prize.

The famous Gabor Sisters are another story. They came from a communist country in which they had no way of ever achieving anything in life, and therefore after some of their family members were killed by the communists, the Gabor's mindset became one of survival. The sisters, Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva married multiple times, and after each marriage they became that much richer. Their attitude came more from the stifling suppression of their homeland and once free of the socialist threat, they became independent and even entrepreneurial in their outlook. Zsa Zsa used her looks, wit and charm to break into television shows in the 1950s, as did her sister Eva, while Magda opened her line of cosmetics.

Just because you start out your career as a gold digger, does not mean you are stuck there forever.

The Anna Nicole Show on Amazon


Patrick on December 18, 2016:

Hungary was not a communist country when the Gabors left. They fled to Portugal when the Nazis invaded. The Gabor sisters' grandparents were killed by the Nazis.

GlendaGoodWitch (author) from California on August 21, 2013:

Thank you pstraubie48. Contrary to what we see all over the media, rich men fall for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s all time. In fact, the better quality men are the ones who are not focused on young women. That said, looking good by keeping in shape and being well groomed are important.

The formula is still the same, and probably even more strict for a mature lady. Appealing to a man's sense of owe, by being hard to get will stir his feelings of respect for you, and even if a young girl who looks like Hedy Lamarr in her prime comes along, there is a good chance that he will see her as cheap by comparison, if she is merely being a modern woman and you are being the mysterious and hard to conquer one. ;)

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on August 21, 2013:

Often when asked for my phone number for whatever reason, I say pass it on to all single rich men...Of course I am joking (sort of).

My question is this: does this strategy work for mature ladies or are rich men only interested in young women??

Interesting read from beginning to end.

Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps

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