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How to Know a Girlfriend who Is Seeing Someone Else

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Welcome to this new article. It is a guess that you clicked on this article because may be in one way or another, you are doubting your beloved girlfriend and you simply do not know if your doubts are right.

Since it is also the reason why this article came your way, i am going to make sure that by the end of reading it, you actually clear your doubts and you know what might be happening behind your back.

In that case, this article will give you four undoubted signs that she is either seeing someone else or planning to. After reading this article, also be sure to make changes in your relationships where need be.

Let's dive in to the main objective of this article.

I am glad and proud to see you read this article because I know, it is the start or the beginning of your success in relationship. So, below are the clear and undoubted signs that she might be seeing someone else already. The signs include:

1. She picks her calls in private.

How do you always feel when you are with the woman of your dreams and then when her phone rings, she walks out to pick it? Or if in case you have never experienced it, can you tolerate a woman walking out to pick her calls?

Probably no, unless you are a beta male (man who does everything to impress women), this act is not welcoming at all. It is not just a normal scenario to have a woman walk out to pick her calls, unless she is hiding something from you.

That is the reason I want you to keep a close eye on her, observe each and every move until you find out everything. Do not make conclusions before you finally find things out. Keep an eye on her until you find out everything.

To be sure about it, It might not be far from the truth that the girl is seeing someone else behind your back, so be careful with her. Observe all her moves in details because it is what will give you the results you need.

2. She guards her phone.

Here comes another big problem. See, don't always be too quick in assuming whatever a woman does or taking things she does just for granted. Everything a woman does to you or to anybody, has a hidden meaning.

It will take you much interest in order to reveal a meaning in why she is always with her phone; be it at the kitchen, at the office, at school, etc. She just finds it difficult to put her phone down.

The reason why this happens is because she is afraid that putting her phone down puts her at risk of being found guilty of cheating. She knows clearly that, putting her phone down may tempt you into touching it to see what is inside, this includes her cheating chats and calls.

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Now that she knows all that is not far from the truth, she decides to guard her phone so that no one else can have a look at it except her. I recommend you also keep a close eye at this woman, she may be cheating on you.

3. She is not consistent.

The other reason as to why you should be careful with a woman is because she might stress you up, especially when she starts cheating. Now, another sign comes in where she is not consistent.

A woman who cannot stay committed to what is expected of her is a complete cheat. This woman says a number of things at the same time and even her excuses never match her actions.

For that reason, it is always good to keep close attention to her steps, the moment you start seeing some signs of inconsistency in her. High chances may be that she is cheating on you with someone else and that is why she seems not straightforward.

4. She never lets you know her place.

This is serious! how can you be in a relationship with a woman who never lets you know her place of residence?, that is, while you two are still in the dating stage with no wedding plans yet.

Dealing with a woman who you do not know her place of residence can be tricky. That means, the relationship is more based on phone to phone communication than physical communication because you simply cannot go visit her at her place unless she comes to your place.

It is abnormal for a woman to keep you from knowing her place of residence, that is, if she claims to be in love with you. The only one reason why she might do that, is because, she is afraid of you making random visits to her place where you might catch her unaware.

On that note, always be willing to question her why? because it is simply abnormal to have a woman who keeps secrets of her home from you. Other than just questioning her, you should also be careful with such a woman.


It is advisable to keep alert of all the things she is doing to you. Not everything is to be taken for granted especially if she is your woman. The woman you plan to make a life with in future.

Everything a woman does, always have a hidden meaning and that is why you should never allow yourself assume everything about her. Above all, be careful with a woman who shows you any signs of cheating. It is good to let her go as the solution to saving your mind from depression and stress

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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