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4 Signs a Relationship Is Just About to End

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Sometimes maintaining a good and healthy environment in a relationship can be tricky, especially if your partner feels like they are not supposed to be in that relationship for a reason that is best known to them.

In that case, this article comes your way to help you know the signs that you should look for in that relationship to help you prepare yourself for the coming breakup. It is the reason i want you to be so attentive.

Just ensure nothing in this article misses your mind. Read everything starting from here, till it's completion.

Before digging deep into the main points, just in brief, the signs are as below:

  • Excuses becomes too much
  • When secret is no longer a secret
  • When there is no conversation if cannot produce the topic
  • When friends start mattering more than expected
  • When discussion time becomes expensive to afford, you cannot sit and discuss.

Now, having said the necessary, let us start by the first point. Signs that a relationship is just about to end, include:

1. Increased number of excuses.

Just to prove to you that your partner is already bored of being around you, they mostly decide to give you excuses. Some give excuses that may not even make sense to you and still expect you to believe.

Well, giving an excuse is not wrong, but making excuse a part of your relationship is what is not right. It is always a negative sign to a relationship that you two should be careful about.

In that case, you should always be alert in the cases where your partner has to give an excuse to justify their mistakes. It is never a good thing to let them get away with their mistakes just because of a simple excuse.

Therefore, when you notice the excuses is getting too much, it is time to curious because it shows that the relationship is about to end, because the partner is fed up with you. They want to let you go.

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2. When secrets gets to a third party.

Secrets between the two of you in a relationship should always remain between the two of you. It is through which the relationship gets to have a better foundation to rely on. Unlike when you two are unable to keep secrets, it all becomes messy.

In that case, as long as they are still willing to keep your secrets for you, it is better to appreciate them. This shows that they are still seeing a future with you together, an opportunity that you should never take for granted.

Unfortunately, when it gets to the ear of a third party, it shows that the relationship is on it's last lap. The partner becomes less trustworthy by sharing those details and it also shows that you do not deserve to be their future spouse.

When you realize that someone somewhere knows a secret that they do not deserve to know, it is obvious that they were told. This shows that the relationship is about to end. Be careful.

3. You initiate all communications.

Starting a communication is a skill that should always be adopted by both of you in a relationship. It should never be left to be handled by one person and always. Unfortunately sometimes we just feel that if we do not start a conversation, then they might never talk to us.

Just do not worry, may be they are not the best match for you and that means, someone special is in waiting for you. It becomes a negative sign when you realize that you are nowadays the one starting communications.

It only shows that either in one way or another, someone has just lost interest in you and they do not see you two together any more. In other words, there are high chances of forcing yourself in that relationship. This shows that the relationship has either ended or is about to end, so be prepared.

4. They get more close to their friends than you do.

This is another thing that you should be observant with. Like, there is no way you can be more close to your friends than you are, to your partner. This, unless your partner has started being boring to you, it can never happen.

What actually makes people get more close to friends than their loved ones, is you being a boring partner and you can only be boring to a lover if they had lost interest in you, because it is never possible.

When a loved realizes that you are getting boring to them, there is a kind way of correcting the situation. Only if, you lost interest, is when this situation might be hard for you to handle.

Therefore, when you realize that friends are getting more close than your partner does, it is better to ask yourself questions and be able to give yourself answers. Please use those answers to save your relationship


In conclusion to this article, it is best to advice you that you should always be curious in a relationship once things start getting strange. Avoid ignoring or taking things for granted for it is through a breakup may catch you unaware.

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