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How to Kiss Passionately Romantically and Intensely with women

french kiss

french kiss

Learn to Kiss

To learn how to kiss well, it is advisable that you first read a bit about it and familiarize yourself with the things you should avoid at all costs when you kiss someone. Take example of people kissing in movies is not advisable because, although the feeling that a lot of passion is there and it's great to see it on TV, this kind of kisses are usually not the best in real life. The best way to learn is to obtain information and advice on how to kiss well and then try to apply them in real life.

Like with everything in life, practice makes perfect, and the precise details of how to kiss will be different depending on the person you're going to kiss, but learn the main elements to consider when you kiss which help you avoid failure, such as kissing someone carelessly, giving wet kisses, which clashes with the teeth of another or other disasters.

Here are some techniques that will make a simple kiss a passionate experience.

Breathing well . It is a mistake not to try to breathe. If you breathe more normally you can relax, enjoy and do enjoy it more. Breathe through the nose and maintain a normal rhythm.

Refresh your breath. You can not have bad breath when you kiss. Remember that French kissing your mouth is open, so take care to have a good fresh breath.(dental hygiene practice,mint pills etc helps. Avoid foods that leave strong taste or residue (garlic, milk ...))

Try to avoid collision of teeth during kissing.

Duration of the kiss . There are no rules that say how long a kiss should last. If you do not feel comfortable with the kiss, just stop.

Using your hands . Hands are important part in most romantic kiss. You can gently take her face, her cheeks, her neck, her hair, embrace her body, take her hands, but try to do something, otherwise you will not get into the kiss ... Hands can help a lot.

Talking about it . Do not be shy, talk to your partner about this. Discuss what you like and what not.

Kissing is not just a matter of "technique". If you like a person that makes you the most special, the more spontaneous and awkward kiss can become the most beautiful and best.

French Kiss

So how to kiss a girl??

1. Before you start kissing her embrace her, look into her eyes intently and approach slowly and gently.

2. Swallow as much saliva as you can before starting, and if you find a moment to swallow when you're kissing then do it too!

3. Keep your hands quiet at first, you should not show anxiety or nervousness.

4. Open your mouth slightly as you approach slowly to her lips, she really will do the same.

5. Touch her lips softly, for we must bear in mind that not everyone likes a wet kiss, so at first begin with a dry kiss, and then along the way you will know whether to continue with a wet kiss.

6. Enter your tongue by little, and only when you are completely sure she wants to, use your tongue. I repeat, only when she wants to. You will know it at the time.

7. Yes she will embrace tightly, squeezing your neck, back or sides, it means she like your kiss, and if she gives a moan or soft groan means you're learning how to kiss a woman.

8. Remember let her breathe, do not be so snatched, a kiss do not end when separating both lips, but that barely begins.

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One of my Favs

9. Let her giddy with love and desire, and will have her thinking you about the rest of the day or night.

10. Vary from time to time your style of kissing, sometimes faster, sometimes more slow, etc. Remember that variety is the spice, just a kiss wont be much noticed.

11. With your hands gently caressing her cheeks and takes her face to kiss, smile and say a nice compliment, to make her feel flattered, but don't ask if she like your kiss.

12. Focus on what you do. Do not think of anything else. Partner must feel the sincerity and passion.

13. In case you are in a public place, try not to make too much noise, avoid complaints that interrupt the moment

14. This kiss is more passionate and intense depending on the place you choose, so find one where you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

While TV and movies tend to see couples running toward each other and then kissing to the end, this is something that is much harder than it looks. When you kiss, especially when it is the first time you do it with anyone in particular, it is important that you move slowly. He thinks it's very likely that the other person is moving towards you, so if you move too fast, you'll end up hitting and damaging the teeth or your lips.

Finally, remember to close your eyes when you kiss. It's fine if you open a bit during peak times, but it is not attractive to be kissed with his eyes open all the time. Close your eyes and enjoy the kiss.

How To Kiss With Passion

Types of Kiss

Tongue Kiss: This is the basis for the vast majority of types of kisses, to carry it out you have to introduce your tongue in your partner and give gentle massage to her teeth, tongue and palate. This kiss is very romantic and provocative.

For the time, those who are in fear of being rejected for not knowing how to kiss with tongue, to make sure that that kiss will be reciprocated, you could take the hand of her and place it in yours. If not removed, you can kiss more confident

However, there is no single way to learn how to tongue kiss, it all depends on what you feel. Similarly, this kind of kiss involves greater sexual charge by causing various sensations in both.

So, how to tongue kiss your partner?

  1. Before kissing, moisturize your lips. A little bit of wetness during a kiss can be sexy, but try not to overdo it.
  2. Gather your lip with her, then touching her lips with your tongue slowly, closing your eyes (if you prefer).
  3. Take your partner's head, gently inserting your tongue in her mouth.
  4. Massage her tongue gently, increasing and decreasing the intensity.
  5. From time to time, remove your tongue so you can both breathe and re-enter.

Enjoy the moment and do not let anything distract you !

Tongue Kiss

passionate kiss

passionate kiss

gentle kiss

gentle kiss

tilted kiss

tilted kiss

Shy Kiss : This is one of the simplest types of kisses and tender. It consists of a slight contact between your lips and your partner, it does not last more than three seconds.

Passionate kiss: This is one of the most provocative and sensual type of kisses, because during this kiss, the couple forgets what happens around and only cares of enjoying the moment.

Soft kiss: This kiss is usually given as a form of greeting, not only between the couple, but also among friends. Put gently the lips in those on the other and stretch the lips.

Tilted or inclined Kiss: This kiss is very tender and simple. Lovers simply tilt their heads in opposite directions and then kiss . You can change direction and accompanied also by stroking the hair, waist, face, etc..

Many types of kisses! Have you tried it all?


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