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How to Increase Your Pheromones -Attract The Opposite Sex

Gender Symbol: Female Male Sign

Gender Symbol: Female Male Sign

Pheromone Perfumes: The science of attraction

Pheromone Perfumes: The science of attraction

Increase Pheromones

It is said that when you increase pheromone levels in your body, you become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Pheromones are chemical signals naturally secreted from multi cellular organisms in the body. A females pheromones sexually attract the male, and a males hormones sexually attract a female. With the help of hormones, pheromones stimulate a range of impulses and attractions. Often, individuals with weakened libido’s are suffering from reduced levels of pheromones and testosterone.

Androstenone is male’s primary pheromone secretion. In woman, androstenone, is also secreted but as a secondary pheromone. Her primary pheromone, copulin, is what causes an increase in testosterone levels in men. Hormonal changes caused by birth control or decreased estrogen levels, may cause differences in natural levels of copulin. Antiperspirant and deodorants can cause clogged pores in the armpits, which limits or blocks the emission of pheromones. One of the strongest sources of human pheromones is said to be the armpits.

Top 5 ways to increase pheromones naturally

  1. Bathe less often. Bathing everyday washes away your natural pheromones.
  2. Exercise to increase testosterone levels. The sweat you excrete through your pores will help spread your body’s natural pheromones over your skin.
  3. Exfoliate your body. Exfoliating helps keep pores from clogging which will allow for higher secretion of pheromones.
  4. Get enough sleep. Loss of sleep can lower testosterone levels which can lower your libido.
  5. Eat food high in zinc. Zinc is necessary for the creation of hormones. Low levels of zinc are connected to lower sexual desire.

Top 5 foods high in zinc

  1. Oysters
  2. Toasted wheat germ
  3. Veal liver
  4. Lean roast beef
  5. Roasted pumpkin and squash seeds

Oooh la la Granola

According to Psychology Today, granola is high in the amino acid arginine, which increases blood circulation throughout the body, and it’s pheromones may contribute to an increased feeling of arousal in both men and woman. Basically, granola has an aphrodisiac type of pheromone that relates to increased sexual arousal. That gives a whole new meaning to healthy eating!

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Vitamin E has been shown to stimulate sex hormone production. There are people who refer to this vitamin as a natural “sex pill".

Top 5 foods high in Vitamin E

  1. Sunflower seeds
  2. Paprika and red chili powder
  3. Almonds
  4. Pine Nuts
  5. Peanuts

Synthetic Pheromones (aphrodisiac in perfumes and colognes)

*Although the effectiveness of these products have not been scientifically proven many people swear by them.

  • Pheromone cologne by Marilyn Miglin Eau De Toilette Spray
  • Danainae men’s pheromone cologne Barbados
  • Pher X Pheromone colonge
  • Pheromone Gold Dust Marilyn Miglin
  • Fire and Desire woman’s perfume
  • Dona by Jo perfume Gel


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