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How to Get Your Boyfriend to Buy you What You Really Want

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How to get your boyfriend to buy you what you really want!

There are many ways to get your boyfriend to buy you something nice but throwing hints is not going to get you anywhere! You need to let him know exaclty what you want and there are ways to make him understand that you are serious and would really love a specific thing.

Don't be unrealistic though, if you have mink taste and he has a manure wallet, then you should probably just wish for the best and let him know that it is the thought that counts!

Putting pressure on someone to buy you something that they cannot afford is really not the way to go and being realistic of your expectations is a good idea to get ahead in your relationship.

There are a few easy steps to follow to get your boyfriend to buy you exactly what you want.

Marilyn Monroe - "Diamonds are a girls best friend."

Marilyn Monroe - "Diamonds are a girls best friend."

"Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend."

Yes indeed, Marilyn Monroe set the benchmark and men all over the world showered her with diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor demanded expensive jewellery from her male companions, which set a very high standard for men who wanted to date her.

However, some of us are not that powerful and the men we choose to date are men with personalities instead of deep pockets but there is a way to get your man to buy you exactly what you want.

Firstly, if you are wanting a diamond ring, then you need to establish if your relationship is going that way and if you are both wanting the same thing.... in other words wanting a diamond ring means that you are wanting a SERIOUS commitment and you both need to want that or else you will end up with no ring at all!

If it is a ring that you would like and your boyfriend has a different idea then why not leave a jewellery catalogue somewhere in his view with the one that you would ideally like circled in a dark marker not to be missed.

You could also suggest looking through catalogues or windows together, leave your laptop open with a picture of the one that you want or you could even make it your wallpaper on your cellphone.

Let him know about the kind of ring that you have in mind and if you are both on the same page, then talking about it and going to have a look together, will be a great idea for the both of you because you can then see if the one you are selecting is one that he can afford, by taking a look at his expressions when you show him.

If diamonds are just your thing, then you need to make it clear to guys that you have very expensive taste and if they don't have the mink wallet, then they are wasting their time!

Get him to buy you what you want!

Get him to buy you what you want!

Get Him to Buy you What you Want!

Women have tried so many ways to get their guys to buy them the things that they want and have failed miserably.

The truth is that if you really want something specific and your boyfriend truly does adore you, then if you let him know exactly what it is that you want, he will definitely get it for you!

There are men that have no idea and can't read the signs and these men have to be a nice way, what you are wanting and where they can get it from.

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Physical Manipulation to get what you want

Physical Manipulation to get what you want

Step 1 - Physical Manipulation to Getting what you want

There are many ways to get what you want but this is probably the lowest one of all! It does work but you need to know what to do and when to do it!

If there is a particular thing that you want then getting him to get it for you can be easy if you have a wild time in bed and for pillow talk, let him know that you have seen this thing that you would love to get and it would be terrific if he could get it for you.

The object of this game is to give him exactly what he wants in return for what you want!

Simple and guaranteed to work but don't go jump into bed with every guy you see just to get what you want because it only works in relationships and not for one night stands.... shame on you for trying this one!

Step 2 - Stern Communication

For many of us step one is a low blow and if you don't have the courage to do that then there is an easier way to get what you want.

Simply say that there is an item that you like and want him to buy it for you. If it is expensive then give him time to save up for it but you need to let him know what it is that you want and where to get it, you can even let him know how much it costs but by telling him that this is what you really want, will ensure that he gets it for you.

Obviously if he is not that into you, then you will be blown off and he will change the subject very quickly.... if that is the case, then organise to get it yourself!


Step 3 - Hinting for What you Want

This one to me is like playing games because most men never get the hint, it is either this way or that way and no in betweens.

For those women who are too afraid to ask for what they want then this is probably the safest option for you but it is not guaranteed that he will get the hint.

Find a picture of what you want and leave it somewhere for him to see it. If it is in a catalogue then circle the item that you want and leave the page open on his desk or at the dinner table.

You could also post it on facebook, hoping that he will see it.

Make the item your wallpaper on your cellphone.

Set it as your wallpaper on your computer and leave it open for him to see.

Mention in conversation that there is something you would absolutely love to have.

This is not a guaranteed way to get what you want!

Step 4 - Just Tell Him What you Want

An honest approach is always a good one and if there is something specific that you would like, the best way to get him to buy it for you is to come out and tell him what you want.

Politely say that there is an item that you want and would like him to buy it for you because it would mean so much.

Tell him where to find it and how much it costs and let him know when you would like to have it.

Being reasonable is a great idea if you know that it is expensive and he will need time to save up for it. By telling him directly that you want this, will ensure that you get it.

Make a wish list to get what you want

Make a wish list to get what you want

Step 5 - Make a Wish List

This is a good way to get a guy to buy you what you want, especially when it is Christmas shopping time. Men do not have the patience to walk through from store to store with no idea of what you would like.

By giving him a list of item that you would like, will ensure that he will follow the list and it will make things so much easier for him too!

Be sure to add something really special onto the list and put that on the top so that he will know that is the one you really want the most.

Highlight the most important ones and go even further by letting him know which store the items can be found in.

Getting What you Want from your Boyfriend

There you have it! Easy steps to getting your boyfriend to buy you what you want.

It is a simple as letting him know because if you do not tell him, then he cannot read your mind and you will be disappointed.

Guys are that simple to understand, let him know and he will do it for you. A list makes things easy for him and just telling him point blank what you want will ensure that you get it, unless he is not into you and in that case.....well..... get a guy that is!

More tips on How to get your boyfriend to buy you gifts

The youtube video will give you more tips on how to get gifts from your boyfriend.

There are so many ways to get what you want but the easiest way is to come out and ask for it.

Men don't do hints and if you just let him know what you want then he will get it for you.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that he knows you that well and will know what to get you because men in shopping centres go blank and end up getting you something that you don't want.

Make a list, let him know or simply show him where to get it for you!

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