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How to Express Your Feelings to the Person You Love


Whether it is your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you cherished the most, expressing what you feel to people you love may take different forms.

Here are some ways to express your feelings of love for the boy or girl that you wish to be your lover:

It is quite a difficult task to express the feeling of being in love with the person you revere the most but here are some tips on how to do it:

For future lovers

For boys - Write a love letter to express your feelings. Make sure that it is romantic and at the same time has substance. It can be filled with sense of humor too. Impress your future girl with your eloquence. Sprinkle your letter with vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions to make it more engaging and interesting to read. Express your love with gentle words as much as possible and see to it that it is compelling enough to entice the girl for a date so both of you will get to know each other well. You may send her love messages through text messaging too.

Be a perfect gentlemen at all times.

Study well and strive to have a good future for this well make your girl like you more since she will surely value security or work hard to be stable financially and at the same time favor your chances of nailing promotions or pay increase.

For girls – Show that you care for the guy you like and don’t topple his attempt to ask you for a date. Be a good conversant and stay so charming at all times. You may show some signs that you also feel for the boy but make sure that you will not cross the line for this will surely disappoint and discourage him. Bear in mind that girls that are easy to get are easy to forget, so this implies that you need to make him earn your nod the hard way and but not making things too difficult for him while courting you. Say that he has the nice chance and he should not waver on his intentions.


For lovers

For boys - There are a lot of ways to show your feelings for your partner like etching the names of your lover and you in the bark of a tree with a matching heart. You can also ask him to eat in restaurant and order the foods your partner like the most.

Have an unusual dates to make your partner feel so important, you may try extreme sports, going to scenic tourists spots and something that are not vague.

You may shower her with gifts and do not worry if they are not that expensive. Keep in mind that thoughts count the most. The most opportune time to give gifts aside from anniversaries, monthsaries and special occasions is when you just come home from a trip, eked out triumphs and victories in work or in school or you feel like giving a token of your love. Gift ideas like romantic cards, chocolates, flowers and stuffed toys are classic and perfect for your partner.

Above all, the vast majority of girls would love you to spend your time with them. Have a fine conversation with her and you may help her with her studies and unfinished work.

For girls – Tend to the needs of your darling and serve him if you have the opportunity to do this so. Learn how to cook well since most males doesn’t know to do this. Whip up your specialty in cooking to impress him and express your utmost love for him.

Stay sweet, gentle and adorable. Reciprocate all the good things he does for you. Love is not selfish and it is more of “give and take.”


For married couples or partners

You must able to sacrifice everything including your life for your spouse and your kids. You must also have the time for your family and spouse no matter how busy you are with your work. Show that you are always there for your family.

Do your best to be stable financially so you can able to buy the needs and wants of your family. Bear in mind that the most common source of quarrels in marriage is money or the lack of it. If you love your family you must be able to feed sufficiently your family. You must also see to it that your family is secured at all times and provide education to your kids.

Keep the line of communications open so that conflicts will easily be resolved.

Love can be expressed with words but it is more felt with actions. Little nice things done for your partner will spell big the difference. A kiss before going to work and going home, sweet caress, soothing hugs, a little care here and there, gentle words, tending to your kids, spending quality time with your family to name a few will surely leave enormous love on your partner.

I hope this helps in a way.

Feel free to comment though.

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milly on August 10, 2014:

Jamie Mary Sonza Santos- a fillipino- date of birth 07/03/1985-fell in love within 3mths with my husband- still persistent in having him even with my Facebook message written in calm manners to have her speak to me..that she is being used, she block me off Facebook but continue with the affairs till date-my husband is still married to me-having debts of almost $xx,000 which she may or maynot be aware of-she got the cheek to teach me how to run my spouse-had she an idea of my husband using her then maybe she will realise it-Now i shall asked…how to keep a happy marriage with clingy filipino's who says Family First and Marriage is beautiful….when i am trying my best here to hold on as my marriage is SACRED…and she is there clinging to my husbands zipper? Marriage will be great without homewreakers that don't care a slightest thought to my 2 children's heart-proudly making dreams of taking over my household-i am still patiently keeping my marriage intact thru all these. Please when the Filipinos now talk about love,respect,values and dignity-i actually laughed out loud. They actually have none of these except "Hiya"

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