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How to End an Affair with a Married Man

Are you in love with a married man? Loving a married man can be a joyous as well as painful experience. He shows you his best side and showers you with expensive gifts. He comes across as the most chivalrous man in the world but he goes back to his wife every night. How long can you go on like this? You have dreams too!

You would want to get married to this married man but he cannot give you that because he is already too engrossed in his family life. Why do married men cheat and stay married to their wives? How do they show their faces to their wife after having an intense sexual affair with another woman? You think of all these things and you wait but truth is that not every story has a happy ending.

We know it is a painful experience and so, we are here to help you out. Moving on is difficult but it is not impossible. Let us guide you through this heartbreaking experience because you need it.


What do married men want from an affair?

  • They look for the spark which probably married men and their wives does not have anymore.
  • They want to feel young and full of life because you have that.
  • They don’t find their wives physically appealing anymore. So they look for the same in you.
  • They want their wives to be at home to take care of the kids. They want you at the sidelines to warm their bed. It is harsh but it is true!

There are few men who actually feel the need to be loved and worshiped. Some men do leave their wives for other woman. However, the chances are very low.

It can be a very painful experience when you are dating a married man. He cannot spend the weekends with you. He will spend time with his family on major festivals. It fills the woman with a lot of loneliness and bitterness.

Read on to find out How To End an Affair with a Married Man.

It is time to end it

What to say when breaking up with a married man? How do I tell him that its not working? You will have queries like these in your mind. You have to make up your mind that you are not getting any emotional or lifelong happiness with this affair. He has a wife at home and he may have kids too.

When kids are involved, married men don’t leave their wives. You have to tell him how you feel. Do not end it with the help of a call. Meet him and face him! Tell him that your life is not running smoothly because you waited for him.

Tell him that he cannot have the best of both the worlds. Let him know that you cannot see him till he leaves his wife. End the affair by telling him these things on his face because he needs to realize that he cannot take you for granted.

Find someone you trust

When you are ending the relationship with a married man, you will be heartbroken. You will think of him every single day but it will be good for you. Something better is waiting for you! You may feel that people will judge you if you tell them about your affair.

Truth is, if people judge you then they are not your near and dear ones. Find someone whom you trust and discuss your problem with them. They will be like a support group. They will help you to feel good about yourself and help you move on. Take advice from them whether you should end the relationship and how to end it.

Focus on ‘I’ as there is no ‘We’

Use sentences starting with ‘I’. You need to focus on your life and how to make it better. You cannot trust the married man to decide for your life. He may never leave his wife and so, you should be prepared to take charge of your life. Think about his wife and his kids. Be firm and tell him that, ”I refuse to be in a relationship with a married man”. Do not live with the expectation that he will leave everything for you.

Think about the brighter side of life

Is this married man the end of the world? Are you insecure? Do you think that you will not be able to find somebody better? God has made so many humans and it cannot be possible that this one man was chosen by God for you. You will probably find somebody better.

You will find a man who cherishes you and loves you. Do not stop living because one man could not give you the rightful place. The beauty of life is that we have many options. We can choose to be happy but it starts with us. Just accept it that he is never going to be yours and move on. You will cry for a month or even an year but you will be in a happier space after that.

Stop calling and texting him

It is very important for you to delete his number. If you have his number on your phone, you will keep checking his last seen and you would feel the temptation to call him. You need to free your mind and stop thinking about him.

You need to make up your mind that you do not wish to be in an affair which has no goal. Delete his number and block his number. Do not call him or text him. If you keep expecting that he would leave his wife and come back running to you, you will not be able to move on.

Why should you stop living your life? Why should you wait? We keep waiting for our life to start but it is completely in our hands. We can do so much with our lives! You will fall in love again and it will be spectacular.

Having an affair with a married man will be full of loneliness and betrayal. Do not stay in a relationship just because you are afraid to be lonely. The loneliness will fade away eventually. It is time to think about your future and also your present. It is time to put an end to something which is not yours.

He belongs to someone else. Even if you get married to him one day – he will probably do the same thing to you. We are sure that you are wise enough to decide for yourself. However, it is about time that you decide for your life. After all happiness is in our hands and the choices we make in our lives.

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