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How to End a Relationship: Ways to Break Up Your Dating

Ending a Relationship

Ending a Relationship

How to End a Relationship

Nowadays a lot of people are in different relationships with their loved ones, however, it is surprising that even though the majority of people are dating, we still hear a lot of suicide cases which relate to dating. We hear this man this, that girl that, leading to ending one's life. This partly explains that not each and every relationship is good and worth continuing.

Wether you are a man or a woman, it is very important to know when to end a toxic relationship and how to end it, without causing much harm to your partner who could feel betrayed resolving in ending up his or her life. This article will uncover 5 ways of ending your relationship.

5 Ways to End Your Relationship

As we have already pointed out that not each and every relationship we see, is good, as some are toxic to the extent that partners involve do not have inner peace. If you come across any sign which shows your relationship is becoming toxic, make sure you consider the following ways of ending your relationship timely.

It should be noted that, it does not only involve that, the other partner should be doing any harm to you which would make you lose your love over her/her, sometimes as human it happens that we automatically lose our loving interest, over someone, if you experience any of these, consider the below ways.

1. Take it simple, slow down

The first way to end your relationship is to start taking it simple. If you have been giving him or her more attention and caring, start taking it simple by slowing down some things which you you used to do to him or her. If you used to spend 6 hours chatting with him or her in different social media, make sure you chat with him or her only for 30 or 20 minutes and when asked make it clear that you are not always free, such that you are now doing other online businesses, which might even help her or him, in the near future, yet deep down you know that you are taking it slow. If you have been used to put him or her on status most of your WhatsApp statuses, make sure you calm down, slowing down a little, and as time goes it would awake him or her that something might be wrong.

Make sure each and every week, you keep on slowing down to the extent that a day or two could pass without talking to him or her and at this point, it would mean the relationship has automatically ended.

2. Call for a face to face meeting

Sometimes it becomes very difficult that ending a relationship by slowing down could not work out depending on how two of you used to love one another. In this situation, the best way is to call for a face to face meeting, where you will tell him or her what you think is your best way forward over the relationship, which is becoming toxic.

When two of you have met, start by showing that you used to love him or her before, then tell him or her about the serious mistake which he or she had done. Show sympathy over him or her.

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Make sure you draw your conclusion which is ending the relationship based on premises you have gathered. Make sure you hear his or her side, but make sure you avoid having an argument with him and that you stick to your point. Make sure you prepare yourself too on your next life which is without your partner whom you used to have, it pains yes, but after sometimes you heal up and move on. When you are making it clear that you can't continue staying in the relationship, make sure you stick to it and you are awake and vigilant as anything could happen at anytime to you from your old partner.

When ending a relationship on face to face, make sure as much as possible you stick to your point and always avoid crying or feeling pity which could make you reverse your already made decision. Make sure, you mean what you say and as we have already said, make sure your conclusion is based on supported evidence you have gathered.

3. Make a phone call or send a text message once

Sometimes, some soulmates are very dangerous to the extent that they can end your life, when you say that you are no longer interested to continue with your relationship. In this case, where you are too sure that your life could be at risk, the best way is to avoid meeting as much as possible, but instead make a single call only.

When you make a call which is your last one, make sure you start with a greeting, then try to take him or her back, what she or he used to do, which made you to love him or her, then tell her sudden awkward behaviour and the conclusion which you have resorted, and make it very clear that it's a permanent one. As we have already repeated, make sure you draw conclusions, based on evidence, which is real and convincing.

When you make a call, make sure you are very strong such that you stick to your point and do not cry. Try as much as possible to avoid, making argument with him or her. Try also not to make further calls either by calling him or her or picking any of his or her call, which could make you reverse your decision.

Similarly, you could also send him or her a text message, which start with the background and the conclusion which is based on real evidence, which you have gathered. Having done that, make sure you do not respond to any of his or her messages, and you could delete his or her number and move on.

4. Revenge

Revenge is also considered another way of ending the relationship with your partner, whether it is a good way or a bad way, it's tomorrow's story. On this way, when you caught him cheating, you start cheating too and even make it public to the extent that he get to know about the news. When you catch him red-handed, you try your best that you get caught red-handed too. This will force him to end your relationship. Even though this is another way of ending your toxic relationship forcefully, but it must be noted that it could lead you contracting sexual transmitted infections and HIV, as such it is not considered as the best way to go.

5. Switch numbers and start new life

Sometimes it becomes so obvious that even when you end your relationship in person or through a phone call, your old partner will still be causing unnecessary troubles on you through different phone numbers or different social platforms. In this situation, the best way to end your relationship is to buy a new SIM card and start a new life. This will make you to be unreachable to your old partner as he or she could have the old numbers which two of you used to communicate with. As time goes, your old partner would start to accept the reality that the two of you shall no longer be together and that he or she should move on. And this could help you create inner peace from your toxic relationship you had. After sometimes, when you are so sure that your old soulmate has moved on, such that he or she, cannot call you again, you can then return to your old number and continue your new life.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered the 5 ways which you can use to end your relationship. Among others, the article has uncovered that; taking it slow, calling a face to face meeting and changing numbers, are some of the ways which you can consider using.

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