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How to Cook Your Perfect Husband

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How to Cook Your Perfect Husband

How to Cook Your Perfect Husband

Don’t let the title mislead you: I’m not promoting cannibalism. Here, ‘Cooking’ means ‘Making’, or ‘Creating’. Let’s go!

When I was a child, I used to sit with my mom at the kitchen table – talking to her, watching her cooking, and helping her, of course. By the age of ten, I could easily make three types of omelets, five soups, a few dozens of meat dishes, and countless desserts (as a child, I loved sweets, for some mysterious reason).

Later in life, I was feeding hundreds of people – first as a chef, then – as a restaurant owner. I don’t do it professionally anymore, but I still cook at home. And at my friend’s places: whenever they throw a party, they invite me to cook. They know I still love it...

Why am I telling you this?

To bring up the concept of a Recipe.

If you take the right ingredients, prepare and combine them properly, maintain the proper cooking timing and temperature, – you will get the dish you want.

More than this: you will be getting same dish every time you cook it.

Is it Good or Good?

Now, let’s expand the idea beyond the kitchen walls, and look at relationships as a dish. Here too: if you make the right moves with the right potential partner, – you are bound to get the relationships you want.

You might be curious what makes a potential partner ‘right’. Speaking of a man – his ability to change, and his willingness to do it for you.

Your next question could be “Why I haven’t so far created my perfect partner?

Because you weren’t given the proper recipe yet. The ‘ingredients’ are out there, plenty of them.

What’s the ‘Right’ moves then?

Good question again, thanks for asking!

'Right’ is the way that was intended for us by God, Nature, Universe, Higher Forces, Providence – whatever resonates with you.

A little Theory

We humans are prone to err. You can see it in the very existence of hundreds of mutually-exclusive theories produced by highly respected knowledgeable people.

Luckily, there is a Manual, written by those who have created us. And who knows better how something functions that those who made it?

Like, when you buy a fridge, it comes with an instruction, written by its manufacturer. I hope you agree that this instruction is 100% reliable. Some people may write their own instructions, based on their own – subjective – experience with fridges. Some of them may be somewhat correct, but only one – written by this particular fridge maker – is accurate.

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I keep studying this Manual (written by our O.E.M.) for years, because it has simple practical answers that I couldn’t find anywhere else (despite the fact that I started to read when I was six, and consume hundreds of books every year).

Enough theory; let’s get back to the chase!

Ready husbands do not exist, especially the Perfect ones. They are fictional characters – like Santa Claus, Batman, or Stitch – my favorite.

Which is the good news! Because you don’t need to waste your time [anymore] trying to find your Perfect Husband.

Instead, knowing the recipe, you will make him for yourself. There is plenty of raw male material out there. Every day, you pass by dozens of men who could be your Perfect Husband; you just don’t recognize them.

No worries; I’m here for you. Will be posting plenty of interesting useful stuff, such as a simple natural recipe of finding, taming, and creating your Custom-Made Perfect Husband.

And you will be totally happy with it – because you will make it exactly to your specification, exactly to your liking.

As I mentioned earlier, I never repeat myself. So, here it is again: men are not born; men are made, from scratch.

Like Lego: you can build anything you want, if you have a box with pieces. But you cannot buy a pre-built Lego sculpture of a ship, a plane, or an Eiffel Tower.


It means that you cannot take over someone else’s great husband. Such man exists only with the woman who has created him for herself. He is her product, the result of her influence. Once they split, he will cease to be in his present quality.

For example, your friend has a husband that you dream about: responsible, strong yet gentle, caring, loving, a great father for their children, and with all other attributes a Perfect Husband may have.

If you kill your friend with a slingshot, and take her man over, he will instantly revert back to his initial state – what he was before marrying her. Or, using our Lego metaphor – he will disassemble back into pieces.

Then you will have to rebuild him anew. And with you, it will always be something different. Because a man is formed by his woman’s temper, personal qualities, likes, dislikes, and so on.

So, killing your friends with a slingshot won’t help. Instead, build yourself your prefect husband out of a suitable candidate.

Which brings up the question “How do I find such candidate – one that can be turned into my Perfect Husband?

The answer is coming. Stay tuned!

With Love,



© 2022 Alexey Medvedev

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