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How to Become a Womanizer


If you're a guy seeking to become a womanizer, there are a wide variety of different aspects that can be analyzed and improved when it comes to approaching and getting to know new women. Some guys tend to think that it's just as simple as walking up to a girl and saying hello, but in reality there are many subtle behavioral and body language related aspects to attraction and romantic interaction that should be considered before really getting serious about going out and finding women. Being a successful womanizer has a lot to do with a guy's attitude, and his level of confidence in himself when talking to new women. When men aren't confident in themselves and sure of what they want, it can sometimes result in women seeing them as being somewhat less attractive than they would be if they demonstrated more confidence and personal certainty. Often times when guys are just beginning to get serious about going out and meeting new women, they will likely be rejected or ignored a fair amount of the time. Part of becoming a womanizer is understanding that being rejected is all part of finding new women; it teaches you what works and what typically doesn't work. This kind of trial and error type searching for desirable women is usually the best way to insure that at the very least, your skills and level of comfort when it comes to attracting women you've just met will improve to some degree. Additionally, this notion of becoming comfortable with rejection allows for guys to get over the kinds of negative feelings like anxiety and self-doubt that are sometimes experienced by men in the course of meeting a new woman. In order to further inform men about ways to become an experienced womanizer, some additional approaches and methods will now be discussed.

Understanding the True Nature of Attraction

When many guys are asked about how they feel when they see a woman they're attracted to, the typical responses tend to have something to do with sex, or sexual arousal. Even though sexually oriented feelings are of course part of a typical heterosexual male's reaction to seeing an attractive female, another important component of this reaction can actually be more accurately characterized as a desire to be validated or gain the approval of the hypothetical beautiful woman in question. Once guys begin to understand that their attraction to women is actually much more related to a desire to feel validated by the women they find sexually attractive, they can begin to develop a personal sense of detaching from the kinds of negative feelings and emotions that can sometimes get in the way of having good experiences with a woman. Having this sense of detachment from your anxieties concerning being validated by the beautiful women you seek to meet can revolutionize the way you are able to present yourself to female strangers, and give you a kind of confidence that far surpasses anything that can be mustered from a guy who is clearly anxious and lacking confidence in his personality.

Importance of Seeking Out Your Specific Type of Woman

One thing that tends to help guys become the kind of successful womanizer they envision is to go after the specific types of women that they prefer. If you look for the kinds of girls who you are likely to relate to without too much difficulty, then your chances of success will go up considerably. When guys go after women that are too different from them, there tends to be a lack of spark or shared interest in the interaction and these men tend to be significantly less successful with meeting and getting to know desirable females. Being a womanizer has a lot to do with understanding the true nature of attraction, and this kind of fundamental attraction is much easier to manifest with women who you can successfully entertain and relate to on some kinds of meaningful levels. When seeking to adapt yourself to becoming attractive to specific types of women, you should first consider what kind of women you'd like to become involved with. Whether you're into artsy types, superficial beauty type women, athletic and fit women, or any other female niche, there are different things that can be done to attract every different kind of woman. If you want to get involved with women who are more sensitive and interested in art and music, then maybe taking up the guitar wouldn't be such a bad idea. Going to a public park and playing some guitar songs could be the perfect way to generate interest in any music loving women who may be nearby. Learning basic guitar really isn't too terribly difficult, especially with websites like who offer visitors to their site different kinds of guitar lesson options. If the kind of women you're interested are more professional career oriented women, then perhaps entering into some sort of business position with a company would be a good outlet into becoming a womanizer of career oriented businesswomen. Every guy has their own different and unique tastes in women, and for this reason it is important to adapt to become desirable in the eyes of the women you are most attracted to.

Using Fashion and Fitness to Attract Women

Although attitude, confidence, and personality play large roles in attracting the women of your dreams, we still have to acknowledge the simple fact that part of attraction is based on purely physical characteristics. Another way of saying this could be that when men invest in their own fitness and personal physique, they give themselves a significant boost in attraction to most kinds of women. It is a fact that human beings are more attracted to fit partners, since we instinctively understand that better fitness generally implies better reproductive capability. In addition to improving one's physical fitness, taking steps to improve your fashion sense can be a somewhat surprisingly significant help in attracting women. A lot of guys don't realize it, but girls care a whole lot about what men wear; especially their shoes. Because of this, taking the steps of improving your wardrobe and physical appearance can be relatively simple ways to become a highly successful womanizer.


Stephanie Purser from Australia on May 27, 2020:

An amusing article! Especially from a woman's perspective.

I do feel more time was spent exploring the variety of 'types' of women and less explaining how to attract them. Besides improving confidence, physical fitness and your wardrobe what can one learn to become a "womanizer". What do you do once you have attracted said woman? How to you approach intimacy without pretenses of A committed relationship?

Nik on January 19, 2017:

Love the point

about validation/approval from a woman is what we seek over sexual desire ... never thought about it but I now I think about it I think it true...

Sibusiso on January 07, 2017:

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this was more informative than most of what I've read before

Loso on January 02, 2016:

Lol. This is an article about becoming a womanizer, not looking for relationships. She must feel a little butt hurt.

r3gnum on October 06, 2015:


you're not the only one that thinks this lady has tomuch time on her hands

michael on June 11, 2015:

best advice ever given

Miles Stover (author) from Dublin, Ohio on May 22, 2013:

Wow...I'm astonished at the sheer amount of time you must have on your hands to spew out that essay. I don't necessarily endorse any of the claims in the article I just published it for entertainment purposes. CHILL OUT

Michelle Widmann on May 21, 2013:

I found this hub to be quite offensive. I don't mind if a man wants to be a womanizer. I feel saying womanizing men are equal to women seeking out men for sexual or flirtatious purposes, and I'm not interested in slut-shaming. Sexual activity is not something to put someone down for.

At the same time, I find it offensive in the sense that women seem to be treated as objects. "If you do this, these are the types of women you will attract". People, including women, aren't cookie-cutters, and I find as though if you wanted to teach men how to attract women, there are better ways to go about it than saying sweeping statements like, "A lot of guys don't realize it, but girls care a whole lot about what men wear; especially their shoes". Although I suppose if both the man and woman in question are materialistic and extremely heteronormative, then this may apply.

That being said, I do agree with the point you made regarding men looking for the type of woman they are interested in; men shouldn't go after the typically "attractive" woman because they are told to, they should try to get into relationships with women who they genuinely enjoy. Though I don't think that a guy should completely change himself simply to get a girl: "Every guy has their own different and unique tastes in women, and for this reason it is important to adapt to become desirable in the eyes of the women you are most attracted to". Guys shouldn't adapt and change to get women, guys should be themselves and look for women who are compatible.

This article would be less annoying if you talked about pursuing women for relationships, sexual or romantic, without the assumption that we are all the same. What "moves" may "work" on one person may not "work" on another.

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