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How to Attract Women on Facebook

Learn to attract women to your facebook page by highlighting the qualities that women are looking for.

Learn to attract women to your facebook page by highlighting the qualities that women are looking for.

Your Facebook Page; Your Canvas

If you think of your Facebook page as your painting canvas and you are the artist, then your goal is to attract women, maybe lots of women by creating an impression that is alluring. To create this alluring Facebook page we first need to consider what a woman is truly looking for. Women are inherently looking for the same universal traits in a man whether it is in person or online.

What are Women Looking for?

Ultimately women are looking for a soul mate, someone they feel comfortable with and connect with on a deep level. This soul mate will display certain qualities and women are innately looking for these qualities, although they may not realize what it is they are actually looking for. They might believe that the man of their dreams has to look a certain way or reflect certain socially accepted ideals, but on an instinctual level most women are looking for the same qualities in a man. By highlighting these qualities about yourself, through your facebook page, you can attract more women, get to know them, keep them there and possibly meet and date them. Every friend request, every opportunity to meet someone offers the hope that this person will be that one connection that they have been searching for; each new connection offers this splendid possibility.

Attracting women involves posting a real facebook profile photo.

Attracting women involves posting a real facebook profile photo.

Photo Upgrade

Setting up a solid Facebook profile is the first step towards attracting a woman through Facebook. By all means have a real photo of yourself, not a cute child, not a dog, just you. Show your best self; if you don’t have a good photo of yourself then get started by taking one. Here are some tips to taking a great profile photo:

  • Get a good night's sleep beforehand
  • Choose a shirt that flatters you in both color and style
  • Take the photo outside just before sunset, since the soft light is most flattering to the skin
  • Smile
  • After taking the photo and if possible crop the photo and adjust the light setting before posting

If you don't have a real photo of yourself on your facebook profile then you are creating a mystery. Women will likely be turned off by this mystery. Without a real photo they will think that you have something to hide or that you are withholding and that is not a good foundation for getting to know someone or later on in the building of a friendship or possible relationship.

Fill in your Profile

Present your life in a woman friendly way by filling in your basic personal information, such as where you were born and where you live. These are the basic components to painting this attractive presentation of you. If you leave these things blank this will likely make the prospective Facebook friend skeptical about even accepting you as a friend, because you seem to have something to hide. The foundation of a relationship involves some sharing and vulnerability, we need to offer ourselves so that a woman can reciprocate and offer herself back.

When a woman arrives at your page and finds a photo and some basic personal information, there is a good chance she will proceed to either accept your friend request or read on.

Keeping the Catch

If she does accept your friend request, there is still more to pay attention to. Women tend to be attracted to the same basic qualities although women might not realize why they are attracted to them or that they are attracted to those qualities at all. Either way, studies show that there are certain qualities that are most attractive to women.

Photos can also highlight your kindness like this one with a man and his dog.

Photos can also highlight your kindness like this one with a man and his dog.

Quality #1: Kindness

One of the first things that women are attracted to in a man is kindness; this is because kindness is the best ingredient for making a relationship enjoyable, work, last and because a kind man will make a potentially good father. Kindness is also an indication of empathy and understanding, two more ingredients of a healthy relationship.

On Facebook, kindness can be displayed by having good manners when commenting to friends, remembering birthdays or simply showing concern for your friends. Be careful of sarcasm and jokes at the expense of others, those will lose you points in the kindness department.

Quality #2: Confidence

Woman are attracted to confident men because it makes them feel safe and secure, confidence is also a sign that you believe in yourself and that you will have success in your life. Confidence makes you seem like a real catch. Confidence also means that you are not afraid to ask a woman out and move on to the next step, when the time is right.

Confidence can be presented on Facebook by sharing your life through pictures and posts, by not being afraid to share parts of your life, yet at the same time not bragging. Bragging can be a turn off and make you seem that you need to prove something; true confidence does not include proving anything, but simply sharing the parts of your life that you are proud of.

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Attracting Women Online

Quality #3: Sense of Humor

Most everyone loves to laugh, a sense of humor is attractive to both men and women, and it means that you don’t take yourself too seriously, you are intelligent and that you know how to have fun.

Showing a Sense of humor on Facebook might involve posting jokes or humorous videos, but be careful that the jokes are not at anyone’s expense, because that might not be kind and remember, women are looking for kindness in a man. Sarcasm can also be interpreted in the wrong way.

Women like quotes...

"Women need to feel loved and men need to feel needed.”
― Rita Mae Brown

Quality #4: Wordsmith

This one is listed last because it is not every man’s cup of tea, some men might feel uncomfortable posting quotes or poetry and if you are, that is OK. However, it is important to note that just as men are attracted by visual stimuli such as pictures or the appearance of a woman, woman are attracted by words. Women listen carefully to how things are said, what is said, and can be charmed by well-chosen words. Women are measuring and connecting the words you use and how you use them to build a sense of who you are and what you are about.

It is easy to post quotes or poetry on your Facebook page. No need to go overboard and fill you page with quotes, but a few philosophical or sentimental quotes might go a long way in keeping women interested in your Facebook page and you! Also, complimentary words make a woman feel good. Don't go overboard with compliments, but make sure to mention the things that you like about a woman.

Attracting and keeping women on your Facebook page can seem like a challenge, but there are simple steps that can be applied with great success. By understanding that women are typically looking for a certain number of qualities in a man, it is easy to present these qualities on your Facebook page and attract more women. By applying these steps you will attract more women to your page and possibly find the woman of your dreams.

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Al Shikuts from Republic of Belarus on December 19, 2016:

I am a Belarusian writer, inventor, and artist. My dream is to live in America. Can a creative person be attractive to an American woman?

Malik humza from multan, Pakistan on January 04, 2015:

hahahaha :P after reading these tips i should do some deeds of kindness of facebook to attract her . I really love her very much but still she don't understand my love but now i got the reason why she don't understand because women's are attached with confident guys :D

Sai Chaitanya from INDIA on November 16, 2014:

Make them feel comfortable with our words, will attract any woman on the facebook. Having perfectness in our words and giving respects to her words, works good.

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