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Random thoughts: How Does It Feel When You Are Drowning in Love

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What is love ?in plain language it means irresistible attraction and an emotional bond with another man or woman. As I am a man I would like to have my say. it would be a longing for a woman.
Another aspect of drowning in love is when you have a pain in your heart. When does this pain come? when you realize that the person you love and desire cannot be yours or has gone away forever. That is the time you may even like the pain. You accept that pain, but you don't approve of erasing all the old memories. The memory of holding your love in your arms; it’s something you won’t forget, and you would not like to give it up for anything in the world.

Once your love goes away then the pain of her memories can help you find happiness elsewhere. You don't want to share that memory with someone else , but to get on in life you have to fill the void. Many will say why you need another person, very true but you have to fill the void somehow and you could do it with prayers also.

The second love is important and may bring a smile back on your face. A lot will depend on the new partner in your life. And you begin to open up, if she plays ball. Still, you can't perish thoughts about your old love. Being away from her makes life, seem like hell. You keep burning like fire. You wonder what is happening you. You realize that the memory of your love in your arms is something as beautiful as a flower and shines like a thorn.



You will remember the longing to see her, you will feel her in your breath, as you remember the way she looks at you with love. That is memorable thought. Yet she can't be found. You are still lost in her memories. You know she won't be found. You keep wanting her in the hope that she will be found at some point.
You will remember her smile, her smell, and it will be like an addiction, and every time somehow you want those things. You will keep praying to find her, sometimes, and think if she were in life, it would be so good. You will think of yourself as Orpheus, who tried to bring Eurydice back from the dead with his enchanting music. You wonder if it is possible and you could even consult a soothsayer, a Muslim Pir, but all to no avail.

With these thoughts, you face a fresh start. Cherish the moment now. You can dream, for that is no bar, if she will be back into your life, life would be heaven, but the moment you remember that you don't have her, then your heart is disappointed.

Every day when you wake up and open your eyes; it will be a moment before you adjust. You will look around and see that she is not there and there is another body by your side., You remember that it is not her, then the heart becomes less quiet, sometimes you feel like crying. You take solace By burying your face in the nook of the woman by your side and close your eyes, then the heart becomes lighter.
This is how life passes. You have to cross every step. It could be something like an exam in your life, an exam one used to take when you were in school and college and sometimes you pass and once in a way you might fail. The memories of love will not go away from your life.



What would you do? keep her beautiful memory in your mind, in your heart and remember her without being obsessive and letting it intrude into your life. ii you have a partner good enough if you don't have one, spend time in doing everything good in life may be working in an orphanage or if you have the gift ;create paintings and books. Her beautiful memory will shine more in you life.

The Important thing is to remember the bond with her and you won't be able to forget the physical bonding at all. Memories will dim with time, that is inevitable, and may be a decade down time you would have moved ahead but the ache in your heart would remain.
You will have the chance to learn from the memories she has left behind in your life., Also sometimes find that these memories would be very helpful. . We must remember nothing is ever useless in life.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 27, 2021:

Ravi, it's a pleasure to interact with you.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 27, 2021:

Devika, sweet of you to spare time and comment.

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on March 27, 2021:

A lovely bit of writing MG..Yes, love is eternal and the memories from love never die.Thanks for sharing/

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 27, 2021:

Hi MG love tales let the mind flow with many thoughts and I see that here too.

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MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 26, 2021:

Thank you Peggy, its part of life and the wheel must keep turning./

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 26, 2021:

Losing one's love can be painful. The pain lessens in time, but the memories linger. In the case of death, we often draw comfort from those memories. We must move forward and take each day as it comes. It does get easier over time.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 26, 2021:

Thank you Pamela for commenting

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 26, 2021:

This is an interesting article about love and moving on in life as necessary, MG. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 26, 2021:

Chitra, so nice you spared time and commented

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 26, 2021:

Tales of love- - !

Life is forever changing, and so do the relationships. One should keep on moving with the flow.

I wish you all the best with lots of happiness.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of writing.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 26, 2021:

Thank you,John, for a comforting comment.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 26, 2021:

A lovely piece of writing, MG. If you have lost your true love those memories will never leave you, but you can’t let it affect your life with a new partner. You need to channel those memories in a creative way and keep a memorial deep in your heart.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on March 26, 2021:

Jennifer, sweet of you to comment

Jennifer on March 26, 2021:

Thanks, made interesting reading. Too much love is just infatuation.

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