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Ways to know when a guy likes you | take the quiz

It's very easy to know and notice if a guy likes you even if a guy doesn't talk to you. You just have to look for the signs and follow simple ways to know if a guy likes you.

Shy guys will try to hide their feelings but no matter how they try, girls are naturally born intelligent, girls can feel it using their instinct.

Ways to know a guy likes you

Here are some ways to know a guy likes you. Depending on the type of a guy, his age and profession, your location like school and work place, you will know if he likes you.

  1. Missing Effect - If a guy likes you, he will always look for you. Try avoiding him for a day or two. If he asks for you and he doesn't have any important reason to look for you. For sure, he likes you! That's number one and most effective way to know he is into you.
  2. Look on his eyes and give your best smile - If he smiles back his self confidence are good. After many times of looking at him and giving your best smile wait for him to go and approach you. If he is a shy type, he will get nervous after you look and smile at him, do not worry, just give him enough time and for sure he will approach you.
  3. Compliment his things - Say to him he looks great on that style of shirt, if he always wear the same kind of shirt that means he wants to be good to your eyes. You can also try saying your observation to him, "why are you wearing black color shirt, before you are always wearing white shirt." That question will give him a signal that you like him wearing white shirt. If he stop wearing black and he goes back to wearing white shirt as he use to do, he likes you! Maybe, he just try wearing black shirt to know if you like him wearing that color but since you notice his abrupt change, he will have a conclusion that you still prefer him wearing white shirt.
  4. Tell him you need his help - If you are classmate, schoolmate or you are working in the same work place, you can tell him that you need his help to finished your assignment, work or project. If a guy likes you, you don't need to repeat your request, he is very much willing to help you.

Most of the time, a shy guy will look for some signs or signals you like him and he has a chance to win your heart. Be close to him a little and he will developed his courage to tell his feelings for you.

Signs He Likes You Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Is he always looking for you?
    • Yes, he is always looking for me, my friends told me.
    • Yes, he is always looking for me, if I ask why, he cannot give any good reason
    • No, It seems that he doesn't care wherever I go.
  2. Does he maintain eye contact?
    • Yes, he's always looking at my eyes. My instinct told me that his eyes is talking to me.
    • Yes, like my other friend, he maintain eye contact while talking.
    • Yes he maintain eye contact but he cannot say any word, it seems that he is nervous.
  3. Did you try to compliment him?
    • Yes, I told him he looks great on his shirt and after that, he is always wearing the same style and color of shirt..
    • Yes, when I say he looks great his face blush. His face turn red!
    • Yes, I told him he looks great but he doesn't have any reaction.
  4. Did you catch him starring at you
    • Yes and when I smiled at him his face blushed.
    • Yes he is always starring at me. I feel he is always looking at me and I'm right.
    • Not yet! I will observe that.
  5. Is he touching your hands, arm, shoulder or hair?
    • Yes, he is touching my arms.
    • No, he likes talking to me always but he is hiding his hands. As if he is afraid to hold me.
    • Yes, but he always do that to all of his friends.


For each answer you selected, add up the indicated number of points for each of the possible results. Your final result is the possibility with the greatest number of points at the end.

  1. Is he always looking for you?
    • Yes, he is always looking for me, my friends told me.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: +5
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes, he is always looking for me, if I ask why, he cannot give any good reason
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: +5
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • No, It seems that he doesn't care wherever I go.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: +5
  2. Does he maintain eye contact?
    • Yes, he's always looking at my eyes. My instinct told me that his eyes is talking to me.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: +5
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes, like my other friend, he maintain eye contact while talking.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: +5
    • Yes he maintain eye contact but he cannot say any word, it seems that he is nervous.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: +5
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
  3. Did you try to compliment him?
    • Yes, I told him he looks great on his shirt and after that, he is always wearing the same style and color of shirt..
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: +5
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes, when I say he looks great his face blush. His face turn red!
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: +5
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes, I told him he looks great but he doesn't have any reaction.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: +5
  4. Did you catch him starring at you
    • Yes and when I smiled at him his face blushed.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: +5
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes he is always starring at me. I feel he is always looking at me and I'm right.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: +5
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Not yet! I will observe that.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: +3
  5. Is he touching your hands, arm, shoulder or hair?
    • Yes, he is touching my arms.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: +5
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • No, he likes talking to me always but he is hiding his hands. As if he is afraid to hold me.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: +5
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: 0
    • Yes, but he always do that to all of his friends.
      • a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!: 0
      • a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!: 0
      • in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.: +5

This table shows the meaning of each possible result:

a good observer! He likes you but he is shy!

Most probably he likes you! He is a shy type guy. Give him plenty of time. Give him some signals too so he will have a courage to tell his feelings for you. Show him you are happy and you enjoy the time being with him.

a great observer! He likes you! 100% sure!

He likes you, all the strong signs are correct. Be patient. Maybe he is not yet ready to tell his feelings for you or he has his own reasons why he wants to keep his feelings for you. If you want, you can ask him, if he has a girlfriend or commitment with others. Ask about his culture and religion, maybe that's another factor why he is undecided to tell his feelings for you.

in love with him but I think he only likes you as a friend.

Retake the quiz, maybe you select different answer, because it seems that he doesn't like you more than a friend based on your answers. If you are sure about your answers, I think he is just being friendly and there's nothing special to think about.

If a guy does not talk to you, here's what you can do to know if a guy likes you. Most probably he is not talking to you because he is very shy. Observe and analyze his reactions.

  1. Greet him - If he is a blusher, his face will turn red because of his emotions. If he is not a blusher, look at the reaction of his face, does he rattle and do not know what to do?
  2. Talk to him - Look closely on his eyes, its better if his eyes are big brown, blue or green because you will easily notice if the pupils of his eyes are getting bigger. If the pupils are getting bigger whenever he talks to you, that means he really, really likes looking at you.
  3. Ask him questions - How was his speech? Does he look nervous? If a guy is very shy he will be very nervous talking to you. If he is a blusher, you will see him blushed many times during the conversation. The blushed starts on his ears, observe that. If he left you do not get disappointed because most probably he feel the heat on his face not because he doesn't like talking to you

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If you cannot analyze his reactions and his body gestures, leave your comment below, tell your story and I will help you. I am very much willing to answer your question.


Vandith on May 30, 2017:

I met my brother in law in a religious function.

But I was not knoting him and he was observing me for long time.. I to observed him.. but then I thought usually all guys do that.

Later while leaving the function he observed me cm out of my frinds house.he started waiting near by and also tried to divert my attention. Finally I smiled at him.

Got a return broad smile.

Ellie on February 03, 2016:

There's this shy guy I like but can't figure out if he likes me back and he blushes , avoids eye contact and only gives short word answers and plus he hasn't been to clear on past girlfriends either.

sanjana on June 24, 2015:

see if a guy likes u then he ignores u a lot or little bit ,he instantly keep eye contact with u ,sometimes he looks u and when u look to him he see away of you,and also sometimes he don't talk to you because he shy;s to talk to you .so this are the best ways to know a guy really likes you or not. i hope.....this answer will help u a lot my frends

abc on April 20, 2015:

hello ive written the above comment ...pls help me really in short of time....n i forgot to add some signs .... he told me to stay away from my best friend whos a guy by saying he was cheap(hes very decent in fact) ... he was going to give me a rose at a trip but unfortunately i turned away(my friend saw it)...hes always ready to help me n eager to sit with me in class.. he cant see me sad he will always try to make me laugh when im unhappy.. he has been trying to be friends with my best friend (hes a guy) n always interrupts us when we are talking... i also saw him punch the wall whenhe saw my best friend sleeping on my shoulder ...n one day my that friend of mine asked him whether he likes crush said no n asked my bff in return whether he liked me.. my bff said no.. n then my crush said even i dont like her i feel i can do better than her ...n he also told my bff that he feels that my bffs sister is prettier than me but shes weird..(n he also had a crush on her in 8th)...n my bff said that he didnt say the i can do better part... but i no he said it coz i heard it n i think my bff doesnt wanna tell me that coz itll hurt me..n one more thing ..theres this celebritys daughter whos very popular n waers hot clothes n posts pics on social sites..n he thinks shes very pretty(i think shes ugly)..n he sends her i love u msgs on these sites n she sends hearts back but she does that to every admirer..n although i no that they being together is not possible i still feel irritated seeing these msgs. He wants a very pretty girl to be with him n unfortunately i am not pretty(many other ppl think i am but he doesnt)

but then what about the signs?for now i have started ignoring him n throwing attitude n thats making him give me more signs. please reply on u can help me...pls ..i dont wanna lose him n i have limited time..

abc on April 20, 2015:

hello ive written the above comment ...pls help me really in short of time....n i forgot to add some signs .... he told me to stay away from my best friend whos a guy by saying he was cheap(hes very decent in fact) ... he was going to give me a rose at a trip but unfortunately i turned away(my friend saw it)...hes always ready to help me n eager to sit with me in class.. he cant see me sad he will always try to make me laugh when im unhappy.. he has been trying to be friends with my best friend (hes a guy) n always interrupts us when we are talking... i also saw him punch the wall whenhe saw my best friend sleeping on my shoulder ...n one day my that friend of mine asked him whether he likes crush said no n asked my bff in return whether he liked me.. my bff said no.. n then my crush said even i dont like her i feel i can do better than her ...n he also told my bff that he feels that my bffs sister is prettier than me but shes weird..(n he also had a crush on her in 8th)...n my bff said that he didnt say the i can do better part... but i no he said it coz i heard it n i think my bff doesnt wanna tell me that coz itll hurt me..n one more thing ..theres this celebritys daughter whos very popular n waers hot clothes n posts pics on social sites..n he thinks shes very pretty(i think shes ugly)..n he sends her i love u msgs on these sites n she sends hearts back but she does that to every admirer..n although i no that they being together is not possible i still feel irritated seeing these msgs. He wants a very pretty girl to be with him n unfortunately i am not pretty(many other ppl think i am but he doesnt)

but then what about the signs?for now i have started ignoring him n throwing attitude n thats making him give me more signs. please reply on u can help me...pls ..i dont wanna lose him n i have limited time..

Abc on April 17, 2015:

I've liked this guy since 7 th grade n now I'm starting 10 th. He hated me n troubled me at that time. Then I told him my feelings n he freaked out n said no way in 8 th . Then few weeks later he asked me out n I said yes. Then I found out it was a joke so I got angry n dumped him. He pretended to be very happy then. Again after some months he asked me n said that he could not stop thinking about me. I thought a lot n said yes. He stuck to his word n was a gentleman but I screwed it up by acting like a dud(was my first relationship) . Then he started dating another girl n said he hated me. They were dating on n off for a year n finally she dumped him. He had apologised to me 7 times ( not kidding) for what he did to me when they were dating n I eventually forgave him. After everything was finally over between them he was nice to me. In the summer vacations he texted me saying he wanted to be friends. I said ok n we started texting daily. Then his phone was stolen n we weren't in toch for a few weeks. When 9 th started he behaved like a total Romeo towards me. He played with my hair , gave me compliments, found cute ways to touch me n stared a lot . I found out from a source that he liked me n a few days later he told me he loves me but i rejected him considering our history. Then we were good friends n he never stopped showing signs. On the last day of 9 th I told him I like him n he didn't respond. He got shy n started running away. Now 10th has begun n I found out that he was showing off to his friends that I like him. Finally he told my friend that he doesn't like me.I was angry so I started ignoring him n showing him attitude . He still shows the same signs n they have increased since I started ignoring him. He sptries to talk to me a lot . He becomes jealous when I talk to other guys. But he never admits that he likes me. I love him n I no he's very nice atheart coz he treats me like a princess n is very sweet to me. I don't no what to do n I have limited time or else once 10 th is over I'll lose him forever . Please help

Abc on April 15, 2015:


Anany on August 29, 2014:


Just a question this guy continuously stares at me at work, we never spoke...Its not a friendly stare.....Its a stare with a very serious look for days this was happening I avaoided him, yesterday I had to ask him a question due to the fact no one was around, so I said excuse me and as soon as I said that he stated his real name.....kater that day I avoided him but some how he ended up by me and all of a sudden spoke to me...what do you think that means

SofiaAmanee on August 26, 2014:

Hi I'm Sofia, 15 years old.

There is this one guy the same year as me, we always had this eye contact. Idk for how long, but I think it's been 1 or 2 year already. WE NEVER TALK or what, since he is this famous guy while I'm just a not so famous girl hahaha. When I walk pass him, he will always talk louder hahah. But the thing is, none of us make a first move. I want to get close to him so I tried to follow him on his twitter, but he never follow me back -,- and before I forgot, my friend always caught him looking at me, so yeah thats it.

Just wanna tell that when I had the eye contact with him, it felt like a Fairy Tale Stare where the world and time around us stopped for awhile ^^

missy on April 27, 2014:

A man works at the gym i go to, he's nice and I've known him a while, we have talked a lot and get on pretty well. It was fancy dress in a spinning class and the guy came to take a group photo, a few days later he said ''I need your signature'' and I was like ''eh'' and he said ''I wanna put the photo on gym webpage and I need everyone to sign for permission to use it''. So I said ''yes that's fine''. But he hadn't drawn up a permission slip so said he would get back to me. When I asked the others in the pic about it, he hadn't Said anything to them about it, it was a few weeks ago and he hasn't said anymore about it to me. Next incident I was leaving and he asked if I was done already, I said ''yes it's pretty busy today and couldn't get on equipment I wanted to its annoying'' he told me I should just tell them to shift, I told him I wanted to pick him up and throw him at them, he laughed and said '' it'd be the most a woman's ever touched me in weeks''. Next, last week me and a friend went in the gym reception while waiting for our class to start, I went to the toilet, when I came back he was there with my friend talking and it came about talking about him and I told my friend he was my favourite worker there an I liked him a lot. Th Next day I initiated eye contact across the room and he reciprocated and now I catch him looking all the time and he is always coming over to talk to me when I see him. What should be my next move, there tends to be a lot of others around when I see him so it's difficult.

natalie on March 27, 2014:

hi, So am 24, there's this guy in one of my classes. when the semester began we didn't really talk much for the first few weeks. and like I sit in the front of the room and he would sit towards the back, and one day suddenly when I came to class he was sitting in the front next to me usual seat. I got a bit nervous so I left a desk in between. Later, he asked if I could share my book with him. we sat next to each other without saying much, just a few questions. After class I began walking to my next class and he caught up to me (which is weird cuz he usually goes the other way) and just said, "thanks for sharing with me." had a few laughs then we parted ways.

Very little contact after that.

weeks later after class he caught up with me again and asked a simple question about the class. I noticed a tattoo on his arm so I touched it with my finger and asked what that was. again had another few laughs then parted ways.

While on our way to the library He talked to others, then I walked by myself for a portion of the way and again he started making conversation. on our way out he made a comment on my foot then lightly kicked it and again went our ways.

I found him on the hallway while trying to retrieve an assignment and he asked something about me. after getting our assignments I said bye and went my way.

at the end of a class in which we didnt speak at all, I waited for a teacher and briefly raised my hand to wave good bye, and put it down. I notice him do the same, but instead hit me on my arm, then he said why did I act like i was gonna give him a high five and then didnt. all I said was "I was just waving good bye" with a puzzled look.

What does this mean?

Kiim on February 27, 2014:

Well I think he's a shy guys cuz when I catched him look at me he quickly look away............. and when I ask him question he only answered me but he never ask me question back.......... and he talks to other girls in front of me and I hate that :( and he act like he doesn't know me when he's with his friend. He never talks about me with others people............. I don't like him but I just think he's kinda cute :) but sometimes I think he likes me too.............even though we didn't talk that much

Confused on January 24, 2014:

Hi. I had this classmate who I thought was very cute. One time, we became groupmates, and it ended up that only the two of us were working together for our presentation. We became close because of that. He was helping me out and I was helping him out. We send messages to each other often. We enjoyed each other's company. I noticed though that he wasn't really a sociable person. I bet he only talks to me. Then one night he messaged me: "goodnight sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, love u. " Out of the blue. He gave many hints that he likes me. But I don't understand him. Because one time he told me: " I'm so blessed to have a friend like you." And he'll tell me his past, hurts and things he wouldn't tell to anyone. Then the next day, he sent a message that was contrary: " You're not my friend yet. I barely knew you. You're just my classmate" -_- Then he shys away when he sees me. He did told me once that he can't trust people easily because of past hurts and that he has decided to be alone forever and that shutting people out is what he usually does. But I really thought he liked me because we even went to church together and he told me we'd watch a movie or agreed to hang out sometime. When I felt like he was almost falling for me... He suddenly changed. :( He never texted again. He never replied to my messages anymore.. And in class, he was really trying his best to avoid me. He rans out of class when the class ends. And when he sees me, he'll pretend he didn't. He doesn't have any friends at school. I always noticed him walking alone. His last text was: " Don't worry, it's me, not you." Right now, he's not my classmate anymore, but I still see him in school sometimes. He still avoids me. And refused to give explanations. I, on the other hand, was left hanging. I don't know if he likes me or not. I tried giving him many chances, but he totally refused to reciprocate. He's simply building a wall. -_-

bougainvillea (author) on January 22, 2014:

Hi waterbug98, why don't you try to include that guy in your friends' conversation, even though he is not talking to you. I'm sure he's listening to everything that you say. Since he always sits beside his friend, try to look at their eyes when you're talking and if he looks into your eyes, ask something or anything.. Actually "really?!" is a great conversation starter.

I can feel that you're a confident lady. Ask him for tolo, if he agrees, that's great, if he ignores you, he must be really shy :-)

waterbug98 on January 21, 2014:

*I said the really?! today but it's been two months since I've had a real convo with him

waterbug98 on January 21, 2014:

So, there's this guy I like a lot I mean a lot and I can't get myself to talk to him. You see I'm a sophomore in high school and we have lots of different high schools, depending on what you want to go into engineering, art, etc. I ride the bus and this one guy on there I've talked to once, mainly about myself because I was nervous. He goes to the school our bus picks up second in the afternoon and first in the morning. So I don't have any classes with him.He listened to me, though he talked to me only because his friend(1) started the conversation who was sitting in the seat behind me with him. Anyways it's been two months now and the only thing I've said to him since than was Really!? to something he was talking about with another friend(2) of his. I guess I just commented and he looked at me like omg your talking to me and not in a good way I think. He said yeah and than his friend(1) cut him off, starting to talk to me. There's also this dance coming up called tolo it's like Sadie Hawkins I really want to ask him, but since I don't really know him I figured it would be too weird and he would ignore me for the rest of his life.

peachtaeby on November 24, 2013:

Thank you for your courage and support!!I appreciate it a lot!! ^_^♥

bougainvillea (author) on November 23, 2013:

Since he is a catholic, I believe the problem would be your religion. You're just doing the right thing. Shy guys need smart and confident girl like you. Just continue your strategies to get closer to him,and I am sure, you'll master that soon.

peachtaeby on November 22, 2013:

He is a catholic..and we have different nationality.however, yesterday,I tried to take the first move..I talk to him about lectures notes and borrowed some of his notes even I can't read them.He was willingly trying to help me.however, i am the one who is obviously got sooooooo nervous so I cannot see wether he is nervous too or not.when the class ended, i take the last bravery I have, I smiled to him while waiting for my friends. And he smiled back at me shy-ly. however, I dont know what happen to me, I trip over something and hit my friend head in front of him when i want to go downstairs. I'd became such a clumsy girl in front of him.did I go overboard?or I should just keep calm and let the things go on with the flow..

bougainvillea (author) on November 22, 2013:

Since he is a quiet guy its very difficult to say that he doesn't like you. By the way what is his religion? There are some religious faith that won't allow their members to date or enter into a relationship with girls from other religion. Another thing, do you have the same nationality?

peachtaeby on November 21, 2013:

Hello..i like your do helps me a lot..but i didn't have the courage to talk to my crush..i am too shy..

I have a crush on this guy which is 2 years younger than me, we believe in different religion. We are in the same class in college.I start to like him since I notice he always stares at me. He is good looking and have so many secret admirers but I heard he never being in a relationship! He is such a quite guy and rarely talks to girl.

He has 2 bestfriends E and F.E and F always talk to me since we know each other.But my crush never talk to me.I'd once tried to ask his name from E (even though I know his name)..and E said that my crush is really curious to know why I ask his name.E already had a girlfriend so i didnt think E like me.E always ask me about my crush and E always wants us to talk to each other. E also sometimes point out at me when he talks to my crush.However, my crush never wanna try to talk to me.When I walk past him..he will try to collide his body against me..when our eyes meet, sometimes he will continue to look at me without smiling, sometimes he will look away with angry looks. Whenever we meet at the hallway, he will looks at me as if he wants to kill or eat me.but there's more than once he smile at me when i do something silly. However, my 'bestfriend' tells almost everybody about I like him..and my bestfriend did told me so many times that my crush would definitely like her instead of me because she is more attractive than me (maybe she is just joking but it hurts me... a lot...) :( since the day my bestfriend told to almost everyone about i like him, he changed (or i am overreacted to it..).. he never looks at me with a more scary look, he didnt look at me when i talk to his friend or doing something, when we meet at the hallway, he walks closer to me and when we 'recloser enough, he turns his back towards me..and his bag did hit me a little bit.. :( so do his friends..they didnt ask me about him since then, but still they are nice to me :'(

What does this all means?does he likes me?or he hates me?or its just nothing?seriously I want to stop this...its truly confusing... :')

bougainvillea (author) on November 20, 2013:

Me too. I think he likes you. But don't jump into a serious relationship with him unless you are sure that he's no longer dating the other girl.

crushingforeva on November 19, 2013:

im 13 and in 8th grade. this guy i like, i think he likes me. he like ALWAYS stares at me but when i look in his direction he looks away or blushes. he plays frisbee at school and he always plays infront of me. hes had a girlfriend since 6th grade but i dont think they are dating. ive only been at this school a few months and i heard him and the other girl are dating but i dont think so. he always "accidently" brushes past me in the halls two or three times a day. and when we talk he always looks me straight in the eyes. pleaese read

bougainvillea (author) on September 26, 2013:

Don't be scared because you think you're not pretty. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-)

I think you should trust your instinct. Don't be afraid to talk to him, but if you really can't speak, let your eyes do the talking.

babbycakes:) on September 24, 2013:

omg u need to help me! so their is this guy and i like but somthing tells me that he does like me he always at the same spot i am and trys to pass me so i can get his attention and he is shy, anyway so today [9/24/13] my bff told me to go and talk but i cant i blush so much my face turns red and my heartbeat picks up it's speed. my bff grabbed my wrist and called his name when he turned she made me wave my hand he smiled at me and nodded at me. when i was walking home he began to look back and as i was in front of him he began to walk faster and move in front of me. after lunch wad over my bff grabbed my arm and i hit him on the sholder he didnt move or pull away and he touched my leg and my friend ran again making me move away from him. plz i know im not prettty but my friends say i am and that's why im scared to talk to him its because im scared he might not feel the same way.

Allyson Chae on September 15, 2013:

Ok(: Thank you for your advice. Last Friday, he did speak to me, but only because he had to. Otherwise, he never speaks to me. So I'll take your advice and observe him for now(:

bougainvillea (author) on September 15, 2013:

"It confuses me because one day, he'll text me a lot, and the next he won't even look at me."

Hi Allyson Chae! Don't be confused, it's a lot easier to flirt through text than in front of you. If your friends keep on telling you that he likes you, then, most probably it is. You're probably on a denial stage because of your experience since elementary. For now, observe him, maybe, he's just ignoring you because he doesn't know where and how to start talking to you.

Allyson Chae on September 14, 2013:

Hi, so lately, my tennis team buddies have been pairing me up with this guy I've known since Elementary School pretty much. One problem, is that we absolutely hated each other at the time, and throughout 6th grade. And in 7th grade, he friended me on Facebook and started talking to me. In 8th grade, we had become acquaintences and remained that way until freshman year in high school, which is this year. We were paired up because he is a head taller than me, he's extremely nice to me compared to some others, he never cusses at me or in front of me (at least he tries not to, although he does cuss a lot when I'm not around normally), he texts and chats me on Facebook, and he made a nickname for me (Lil' Murray because we both play tennis). Well, my problem is that I wouldn't mind if he asked me out, there's nothing wrong with him, honestly. Its just that whenever we pass each other in the halls, he'll look at me, but he never says hi to me. Although I usually greet him first, he never responds. (And usually my friend is beside me, but he literally despises her with a passion for a reason he won't tell me) It confuses me because one day, he'll text me a lot, and the next he won't even look at me. Not to mention that since he found out that someone he hates with a passion (my friend, Valerie) is one of my family friends, he's stopped responding to my texts. He flirts with me one day, then doesn't even look at me the next. I openly get teased in front of him, my friend pairing us up as a cute couple, but he usually ignores it, like I would suspect. He's just really confusing me. I'm not crushing or anything, but my friends keep telling me that he likes me, and I'm just curious if he is since he's been ignoring me ever since school started.

skiattractive on March 14, 2013:

Hi. thank you for replying back, I sent him text asking him how is he doing and I was thinking of him, and if he was not busy sometime if he will like to hangout this was last night around 8.40 p.m. I have not heard back as yet. I am giving him a couple days to see what happen or do you think I should give up or try a different approach? I don't understand why he gave me his information like his e-mail, work and cell numbers, before I left he said to me you have my e-mail address, unless he is shy! thank you any help will be appreciate!

bougainvillea (author) on March 05, 2013:

Its good if you can forward a sweet or funny messages to his email. Text him with sweet quotes. If he has a facebook account that's even better because you can chat with him, and make in touch with him for free :-)

skiattractive on March 05, 2013:

Hi, Thank you for replying back! Very good advice, I want to know if I should text him or e-mail. The problem is the Store where he work at is far from me. I don't want to go to the store unless I have a problem with phone. I don't want him to think I am stalking him. I sent a text and e-mail already, but I am baffle I have not heard back, but he maybe shy to ask me out. I don't know if he has a g/f I don't think so because the way he coming off with me. When he speaking to me he always look directly into my eyes it gives me goose bumps!Thanks

bougainvillea (author) on March 04, 2013:

He mentioned about the concert and I think you can use that as an opportunity to get along with him. Talk and ask more about music, make him feel he's really good in his job, praise him so he will not get intimidated with your status.

I think he likes you and its good if you will make the first move. Invite him during the weekends..

You can send him a big hint by asking "Do you have a girlfriend?" or Ask more about him..

I think he is just waiting for more signs, invite him over, I'm sure if he is free he will never say no.

skiattractive2488 on March 04, 2013:

Hi, I went to get a new cell phone, at one of the cell Company in October, 2012. There is a cute guy there that help me. He was smiling the whole whole time he was helping me. A couple of weeks after I had to go back to the store because I did know how to operate the BB well I kept get missed calls. He was helping a customer so I walk around the store and when he was finish he came right to me. He had a big smile for me! So we started to talk about music so I was telling him about a song that I like he went immediately to his cell phone and download it and told me he like it. Then he told me I was getting missed calls from Oregon and he asked me if I know someone from there I told him that I was on a dating site and this is probably one of the guys trying to contact me. So I thank him for helping me and he gave me a number to call if I had any more issues with the Blackberry in the future. I left so last week I got a new blackberry so I went back for him to set it up for me but his Manager told me he was on vacation to come back tomorrow because he is the one that deals with blackberry. His Manager told me he was going to e-mail him and let him know that I was coming tomorrow. So I came back the next day he was helping another customers, so I sat down and waiting on him he came over after 10 minutes and told me he will be with me another 15 minutes. He came over had a big smile look me straight in my eye I wanted to blush but didn't. He proceeded to help me and he remember me from last year. we started to talk, I asked him where did he go on vacation he told me he went with two of his friends and what they did on vacation. I live about 40 minutes from the cell store but he live in the same Town, he told me that he moved he was telling me a lot of personal stuff about himself that he was from another State. He also ask me how was dating thing is coming along on the dating site I told not good it sucks! I am not from here so I told him where I was from he told me he was in my country on vacation a couple years ago. and then he mention to me the song last year I told him about he still had it on his phone! I really thinks he likes me! So I had to return to old phone he said I will tape up the box for you and put the label for you, he was so accommodating! the bb take about over 3 hours to get set up, so I was in there for sometime. He told me to come around to see his screen on his computer so I walk around and he was showing me all these singers is going to be at this concert that he is going to in the Summer and he started to explain to me about the whole thing! He look at me when ever he was speaking to me, then he did a test on my blackberry to set up the e-mail by sending his e-mail address to see if it work because it was taking awhile the other way. He mention to me that I had his e-mail address so when I open it the next day, I saw his cell number, his work number and e-mail address. He told me a lot personal stuff about himself. Like what his mother did for a living. I am not sure how old he is but I know I am older than him. So I was the one ended the the visit by telling him that I have to get going he shook my hand. I did not see him did that with the previous customer because I was standing near them, it look to me he could not wait to be finish with them. So I left and the next next night I was thinking about his smile and eyes I decided to text him this is what I said in the text Hey thank you so much for helping me with my Blackberry yesterday you were awesome thought you will like this song by the same group. You have a cute smile! This was on last Wednesday I have not heard from him. I think he may think that I am out his league because I am in law school. Because the next day I sent e-mail about the blackberry questions very business like and at the end I said I hope you did not mind I text him. He has not respond to me as yet. I am confused about him I know he likes me and I like him any suggestions. He know I have a high power job I think he may think I will not go out with him I think he is in late 20's early 30's and I am late 30's he knows my age he saw my d/l. Any help will be appreciate on what to do now next. I really like him! Thanks

bougainvillea (author) on March 01, 2013:

Yeah love is complicated.. If I were you, and we are both single, I'll take the risk. I will not tell him directly about my feelings but I will start getting real closer and I will use body contact. I will invite him to party, bar, concert, in loud places with many people, so we have to be closer to each other while talking.

Concert is also good because he might hold your hand, or you can hold his arms while walking so you will not be separated with each other.

If he seems to enjoy your company, your close body contact, then confession will be much easier for you.

bougainvillea (author) on March 01, 2013:

Blushing is cute, really, you do not have to worry about that. But if you really want to avoid turning red, you have to relax, take a deep breath before talking to him. You have to be confident about yourself. Give the biggest and sweetest smile ever while talking to him, that would help you release your shyness.

Secretlover on February 27, 2013:

here i am again... hope you remember i posted about 2 months ago about the guy that i know since high school and don't know if he likes me or not. Well thank you for your advice, but now im getting super tired of waiting i mean he still hasn't made a move, is he waiting for me to make a move or he really doesn't like me. OMG so frustrating, we been out to the movies and to eat, but its never like a date... i mean he never asks properly is kinda like wana hang-out but its always just the 2 of us. We been texting and i recently invited him to a family party and he came, met my folks. but presented him as a friend. oh no im stuck in the FRIENDZONE! lol help give me some advice plz should i risk it and tell him i like him or keep my friendship and hope he likes me and makes a move?

--love is complicated lol--

someone123 on February 23, 2013:

i reply to you like 5 weeks ago and the 2 guys i mention 2 you about my friend likes him and was trying to talk 2 and we were successful but one of them was too shy so the other one talked to her. any way i was to talk to him but my super duber shyness came back and i blew my chance 2 talk to him tomorrow my friend might come so i can do it again. WHAT should i do so i won't get red or feel like i can't do it? plz help

bougainvillea (author) on January 28, 2013:

Yes call him.. I'm sure he's just waiting for your call. Guys are just like that, they forgot the dates, schedules except football and NBA seasons :-)

Long distance relationship is not really hard to maintain nowadays. You can use facebook, chat him online, or call him occasionally on his mobile so he can hear your sweet voice.

I can feel that you're a smart, attractive and charming woman. I bet you know how to drive him crazy! :-)

Titli on January 28, 2013:

Hi! I've become your big fan after reading your articles! :)

I wrote u 2 months back about a guy who was a trainee at my Dad's office.........about how he only used to stare at me & we rarely used to speak as I was always with my Dad when we met. U also replied me at that time & I followed your advice on sending him a friend request on Facebook, which he accepted very soon & invited me on a chat one day..........well, a lot of things have happened since then & all started with FB chats! Every time, it was he who used to invite me to chat & we used to talk till late hours at night (sometimes even more than 4 hours!). We became very good friends soon, he used to share almost everything with me. Finally, he found out about my feelings for him. At the beginning, I was very nervous that it might affect our friendship, but it didn't at all! In fact, after knowing this, he opened up even more & I found out he's a big flirt! He used to flirt with me a lot! He then asked me for my phone no. & I gave him, after that we started talking on phone. We then even decided to meet alone & that did happen. We even went for a walk one day. But after his training period got over, he had to leave this place & went to his hometown where his company is actually situated (they were a group of 12 who were sent here for training). We even met the day before he was about to leave. He even gave me a gift with a really sweet message (written by him about me) on it & I too gave him a 'Miss You' card & chocolates. He told me that we'll keep in touch & will definitely meet up when I'll visit my hometown this year (we r from the same native place, i.e, where he's currently working). After reaching there, he messaged me his new number but as my exams were going on, we couldn't speak for about 2 weeks. Now, they've got over so I was thinking about calling him. But I'm confused whether to do this or not coz maybe he's a bit busy now-a-days (I spoke to another one from their group & she told me that yes, she's a bit busy but still, I didn't ask about him as he has told me not to tell about us to some other people in his group). Also, he must be thinking that I'm busy too as I told him about my exams that time. Also he's rarely online these days. But I just can't wait to hear from him!! What should I do? Shall I call him? & how can we maintain this long distance friendship/relationship (well, yeah, I'm still confused about that :D)?

bougainvillea (author) on January 13, 2013:

hi there... if you can't talk, just smile always. Since you are friends already, you can express your feelings through body language. Why not stare at him and if he catch you, give him a sweet smile. Tap his shoulders or arms. Do some simple body contact to tease him.

Don't force yourself if you can't talk about your feelings. Wait for the right time. :)

someone353 on January 11, 2013:

im and him were friends but then my 16 year old cousin told him that i like him 3 years i caught him starring at me im a shy girl sooo i keep saying im going to talk 2 him but i don't help me plz :(

crazygirl88 on January 04, 2013:

ok thanks so much! you finally gave me a positive outlook on things for once! :)

bougainvillea (author) on January 04, 2013:

Show him you're happy and excited to see him, talk to him as usual and make your conversation great. :)

Just be yourself because he likes you the way you are. :)

crazygirl88 on January 03, 2013:

ok thanks! When he showed me the pic, I was just like oh ok. Anyway, tomorrow there is a dance for the both of our schools. If he comes back, because sometimes he does things like that, what should I do?

bougainvillea (author) on January 03, 2013:

Hi crazygirl88, yes he's trying to make you jealous. But even if you're jealous, don't be so obvious. Ask more about that girl in the picture and slowly divert the topic.

Don't worry about the distance, that's only a few months. What you can do is improve yourself while he's away so when you see each other again, he will be impressed.

I think he likes you. Just continue being friendly, laugh on his jokes, always smile, look in his eyes, listen to his stories and don't forget to compliment him, you might boost his confidence and make it easier for him get closer and closer until he confess his feelings for you.

crazygirl88 on January 02, 2013:

One time, when we were hanging out, he showed me a picture of a girl in crop top and booty shorts. Is he trying to make me jealous? I seriously need help (:

crazygirl88 on January 02, 2013:

Hi! I have liked my grandmother's neighbor for about 4 years. When we were younger, we were really close. Then, a few kids who knew him found out and told him. After that, I avoided him for a year. Last summer was when we really started talking again. He tries to be funny around me and I think he likes me. He has an Instagram and a few of my friends followed him, then I did. So when I was at my grandmother's house, he was looking at me from his window, and then he posted pictures about liking a girl and she likes you but no one makes the first move. Here is the bad part, he is now living in Vermont until the spring. So what should I do/

bougainvillea (author) on December 29, 2012:

Hi secretlover, opcourse it's a date especially when its just both of you :) Even if its a group date, when a guy invites you to go out with him, that means, there is something special.

He took his first base when he invited you to his niece b-day. And, you've made a perfect decision when you go with him. You have to realize that it was his niece b-day party and his relatives are there, you must be really special. :)

Obviously he's taking it slowly so nothing happened after that, but sooner, he will confess his feelings for you, it will takes time, but I'm sure it will happen. :)

As for the texting habits, some guys are just like that and if you really like him, you have to do some effort of visiting him, texting and in the future you will play an important role of maintaining the relationship.

You don't have to ask him directly, but you can tease him by moving your body closer and closer until he can't hide his feelings.

secretlover on December 29, 2012:

hello hub

So this starts like this i been friends with this guy since h.s. at first i didn't felt the way i feel now. i started liking him in my senior year. After graduation i tough we will lose contact and never talk to each other again but some how 1 1/2 years have passed and we still talk to each other. After graduation he texted me and we talked for like 3 months and then he just stopped texting me, then months later he will text me again. and then he will stop texting me again. We usually last days texting, we are not the kind of type that literately are just texting every second, we respond when we can during the day but it goes on for days. anyway so after a while he stopped texting me again. After a while of him not texting me i really tough that we will just lose contact but then somehow i ended visiting the college where he works at and we started talking all over again. We started talking as we used to, then he invited me to his nieces b-day i wasn't sure of going but i decided to go we spend the party talking to each other then he took me home and nothing happened! Then he stop texting me for like 1 or 2 weeks then he texted me again and told me why i don't talk to him no more but anyway some how he ended up asking if he can take me out and of course i said yes but idk if its just a friends date or a date date. I'm scared of asking since i think hes pretty kewl and i don't wanna make it awkward between us, but i also wana stop guessing and hoping that he will confess his feelings to me . what should i do ugh HELP!!!

--hope i made myself clear.

adrienne2009 on December 15, 2012:

Thanks a lot, i feel much better after reading your comment :)

bougainvillea (author) on December 14, 2012:

Hi adrienne2009, Don't be upset because you saw him helping your classmate with full of energy and all he can say to you is bye with a smile. Don't assume he likes your friend and not you just because of that. Maybe, he has that full energy and became happy because he saw you.

I suggest, show him again your interest, say bye and smile. Opcourse he will not do anything right after you get closer to him, it will take time until he is certain of your feelings.

My mother used to think that my father doesn't like her, she thinks that my father likes her classmate that's why she was very surprised when my father confesses his feelings for her. My father is also a quiet type of guy.

adrienne2009 on December 13, 2012:

hi Hub

PLease ignore my last message , it was not typed completely.

There is a guy at the reception desk in our school who always looks and smiles at me.Whenever i am about to leave school he says bye.I am very attracted to him ,especially in his personality and i thought he was also interested. he has a little maybe not shy but quiet character so i showed him subtle interest by looking at him friendlier and saying bye first when leaving ,but he disappeard right after that for the last 2 days left from the semester.My classes were only on 2 days in a week so i decided to go to school and see if he works on the rest of the days or just disappearing on those certain days that i had class and yes i found him working on other days !(and he saw me too because i had to register with him ) so i felt that it is because he doesn not like me and i made a mistake that smiled at him.So when the new session started i was passing by him without looking at him at all but he again started to look at me and saying bye every time i leave, even though i was not even looking at him.I still like him but that is all he does ,when i try to get closer he does not do anything and if i ignore him he looks upset and keeps looking at me and still try to say bye to me!The session ended last night and i left without saying anything to him, he was busy registering an student, but he lifted his head when i was leaving and looked at me , tried to say bye but the moment was too short and i just looked at him and left, my car was parked beside the window and i could see him from his back.All of a sudden a girl came , one of my classmates,to register and he stood up helping her with so much energy or at least i felt so, i thought what if i was all wrong and he is interested in her and not me ! i was about to faint and just drove home., the new session will start soon and i don't know what i should do,I feel so upset and distracted ,please advise. thank you

Titli on December 04, 2012:

Hi! Hope you remember me & my situation :) I wrote you three weeks back about a guy who is a trainee at my Dad's office. First of all, thanks a lot for replying me at that time :) Last time I wrote you that I was thinking about sending him a friend request on FB, well, I did & he accepted it within a few hours (this all happened about a week and a half ago). Last week, I found him online & he himself invited me to chat :) We chatted for about half an hour (I wasn't expecting it coz we didn't get to speak much when we met (he mostly used to stare) as I was always with my Dad during those moments (he used to speak to my Dad a lot, he still does so, he still calls at my home almost everyday)

Before we went offline, he told me "next time, we'll talk about even more things :)". Well, is this showing a positive sign? Next time, if he himself will invites me again then that would be great otherwise, I'm thinking about inviting him myself coz this time, it was him who broke the ice) :)

Should I do this? What are the other things I can do? :)

speccy4eyes on November 17, 2012:

Thank you very much:)

bougainvillea (author) on November 16, 2012:

Hehe... you're pen name is very long "thatgirlwithacrushonaguywholikesherfriend"

If he doesn't look at you, then there is no use of just looking at him, you can try this, just my suggestions. I used to do this technique when I have a crush and I seem invisible to them...

Make yourself visible and make your lovely voice be heard. How to do this?

Sit in the row in front of him, chat and laugh discretely with one of your friends. Before you go down the bus and I wished you will be the first, talk to your friend with a smile on your face and look at him. (You are now showing your smiling face to him without being too obvious.) If he is the first to go down the bus, next time sit at the back of his row and do the same "chat with your friend, smile and glance at him.

Study hard and focus, do your assignments, study in advance and participate in class recitations.

Boys like pretty girls, that's normal, but as you grow older, you will notice that guys like smart girls :-)

bougainvillea (author) on November 16, 2012:

Hi speccy4eyes, I guess your common friend is telling the truth this time. He thinks he likes you because that was his observations.

If your common friend notices that, you too can be right. It's normal for a guy to act a bit awkward in front of their crush(yes I think he likes you), I guess you are not too self-conscious, you just have a high level of "women's instinct"

Because he is your crush, just continue what you are doing, talk, smile, laugh and enjoy the time being with him. During conversations, be a good listener, look in his eyes, ask a follow up question and don't forget to compliment him. Compliments from you will boost his confidence to confess his true feelings.

bougainvillea (author) on November 16, 2012:

Carrie that's very normal to every shy guy, and if you just wait for them to talk and confess their feelings, it would take a lifetime unless you gave them hope and you show your feelings obviously :)

thatgirlwithacrushonaguywholikesherfriend on November 16, 2012:

ok, um... i'm 11, going on 12, and there's this guy/friend in my class i REALLY like but i've heard a load of rumours that he likes one of my friends, but i don't know if they're true or not :( we go on the same bus home everyday so i try and sit in one of the rows near him maybe see if he looks at me or something, but he totally doesn't! he just talks to his friends and crud :( what do i do?!

speccy4eyes on November 16, 2012:


I am 15 and was wondering if you could give me some advice. I see this guy everyday at school and we talk quite regulary but it can seem abit awkward sometimes. We often make eye contact across a room and smile and we talk in lessons a lot. He often steals my pencilcase and graffitis all over it and teases me jokely (i hope). His friend (who is also mine) says he thinks he fancies me but i don't think that is true (he is hardly very deep). I always get the impression that he finds things a bit awkward but i am always told that i am too self-concious. This is my first real crush and i am not sure what to do and i would really appriciate some advice - Thank you very much :)


Carrie on November 15, 2012:

My shy guy always stares at me he try to talk to me but he just freezes .He use to fellow me around like a puppy dog .Know he just admires me from a farina safe zone.

bougainvillea (author) on November 14, 2012:

Carolanne you missed a very good change when he asked you for homecoming and you didn't answer.

He said you were annoying maybe because he thinks you like him too, but he was not sure and he doesn't understand why you are acting like that. There are guys who are just insensitive, you have to tell them what you want or feel.

For now, wait for your friend request to be accepted, maybe he is busy or he didn't receive the notification for the friend request. Just continue talking to him. If it is possible, forget about what happened.

You cannot blame him because, he felt rejected when he asked you for homecoming and you didn't answer. What you can do is forget about it, start all over again, continue your friendship and closeness and if you have ever had a chance to explain why you didn't answer when he asked you for homecoming, it's far much better.

carolanne heuermann on November 14, 2012:

well we first met and i didn't like him but once i got to now him he was really nice and then i asked him if he could help me with science homework and i added him on skype and then we always talked and everything and then homecoming was coming up and we were talking about it and he was wondering who he would ask he kinda asked me and i didn't know what so i didn't say anyhting so then he asked my best friend and i don't think he knew it really hurt but she said no and then he asked another girl and she said yes and then i couldn't go but we were still talking a little bit and i thought he liked me like i liked him but then i knew he didn't like me and we have to classes together and i thought he was always staring at me but i didn't know so me my cousinn and him always talked and then he just stopped talking to me so i was talking to my cousin jo and i said he wasn't talking to me and she asked him why he was doing it and he said cause i was annoying and i got really mad at him and i just stopped talking to him and then i deleted him as a friend on skype and then he asked my friend if i was mad at him and then i unblocked him and then he blocked me as a friend but we were walking to class the other day and it seemed like he was cool with me but i couldn't tell so i sent him a friend request and he didn't accecept it but he still talkes to me and it just seems like he likes me he looks me and the eyes and every time i talk to him he always smiles at me its maybe just me i don't can you please help me

bougainvillea (author) on November 11, 2012:

Yes you can send him a friend request on FB, don't worry about it, you don't have to explain why, just send a request and make him think about it :)

You can see his interest on facebook and you can start a conversation about movies, NFL, gadgets he own, features of his new mobile and more.

Obviously he wants to get your attention, he talks on his cellphone a lot, he always calls at your home to talk to your Dad. He's not talking to you directly but that's a common way to catch somebody's attention :)

Titli on November 10, 2012:

Yeah, I also want to ask him questions about different things so as to start a conversation but I get totally confused about what should I ask which interests him. Can you help me in this? We are from the same native place. He talks on his cell phone a lot with his friends & family members.

Well, I don't know that whether he's afraid of my father or not coz he always calls at my home to get advice from my Dad regarding not only office work but also to know about locations of restaurants, shopping malls etc. in this area as he's new to this city (which he can ask other people too!). Also, my father is quite soft-spoken & speaks glowingly about him :) He's also on facebook. I've become good friends with the girls who have also joined here as trainees (they are a group of 12). So, we have mutual friends on fb. I was thinking about sending him a friend request but also hesitating a bit about this. What should I do?

bougainvillea (author) on November 09, 2012:

Hi Titli, I think he likes you but he is in a very difficult situation. It would require a lot of courage to ask you out, talk to you more and op course tell his feelings for you that's why he couldn't do anything for now but to stare.

If you like him too, you can show him your feelings too by, always smiling at him and ask different things about him whenever possible. You have to build his confidence and courage because he might be afraid of your father.

Titli on November 09, 2012:


There's a guy who has recently completed his college & joined as a trainee in my Dad's office. We meet quite often in many occasions. In these one & a half months, I've come face-to-face with him about 7 times. But we've spoke to each other just once till now. Once, he bent forward his hand to shake hands with me to wish me on an occasion (he didn't even know me well at that time!). Most of the times, I'm with my Dad whenever we come face to face. He spokes to my Dad a lot when I'm around but one thing that I've noticed that he whenever we meet, he keeps looking at me. Whenever I look at him, I see that he was already staring at me (I've been observing this since the first day we met)........

bougainvillea (author) on November 09, 2012:

Maybe he was just having a problem when you tried to bump his shoulder and he seemed almost offended. You're very close to each other and I think he also likes you. The only thing missing is the formality of the relationship. Actually, it seems that you have a mutual understanding because the things you're doing together are very sweet, guys will only do that thing to girls they like.

Just continue smiling and do not change. I am sure he will come back to normal. :-)

Sammyrra on November 08, 2012:

Ok so this is a bit of a long one.

I'm in college and in the marching band. The guy I have a crush on is in the same section as me and is applying for the same (co-ed) fraternity.

It started when we were rushing we had just met each other and had already started bickering (we're both so sarcastic that people don't know how to take us) back and forth like we'd known each other forever, and one of our mutual friends told us we bicker like an old married couple. We both told her she was crazy we could never have any interest in one another. Well, we kept seeing each other at the different rush events. The second to last one was to the fright farm. When we were waiting in line he kept flipping my hood up so I pulled his beanie down over his eyes and he just reached out towards me and jokingly I said watch where you stick your hands. He started reaching forward then raised his hand on my shoulder. He kept his hand there and smiled a massive grin while he fixed his hat. Then strangely enough we ended up walking through next to each other. So when we were going through the maze part everyone stuck their hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. I stuck my hand on his shoulder and he just randomly asks me if I want to hold his hand. I was shell shocked and didn't respond. So he just reached back and grabbed my hand and hesitated to let go when we got out of the maze.

This was about the point that i began to get a bit interested.

The next day I was sitting in the cafeteria eating with my friends and I saw him leaving so I waved, and we continued making funny faces at one another as he walked out then he continued making funny faces in the window at me until he was out of sight. (More interested)

Then he happened to be sharing a ride to the last rush event and I got stuck riding in the middle between him and another girl. He started poking me in the side so I poked him back, and thus a poke war ensued. We ended up mussing each others hair too to pick at each other.

My friend had to go to the store and as we walked through he hung to the back of the group and told me a rather personal story having to do with one of his best friends.

After that we went to the rush event and we end up sitting next to each other on the couch where the poke slash tickle war continued. (This was rather discreetly done) At one point he just grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. So I was like fine, "truce". And we stopped poking each other, but a few moments later he started tapping my foot with his. Once the event was over I decided to get revenge and full out tickled him as we walked back to the car. Once again my friend told us to behave ourselves. We got back in the car and didn't poke each other until we were almost back to our dorm. My friend said "hand check". He and I looked at one another and put our hands on top of her head. When we got into the dorm he was nagging at me for being lazy as we got on the elevator and right before we got to my floor he decided to all out tickle me. Unfortunately for me the doors opened and there were two guys standing there. All the saw was this guy with his hands on my waist leaning towards me. Embarrassed, I got of the elevator and shouted jerk back at him and he just shouted back GOODNIGHT.

Now every time I see him he reaches out and bumps my shoulder.

The most recent interesting moment was while we were at band he was talking to somebody and made a comment about his hands being nearly as red as my hair. I wasn't even in the conversation. Then I went back to the dorm for dinner and he walked past smiled big and reached out to bump my shoulder. Then when he came back through he flipped my hair. I said Hey! and he just turned around and smiled slowly saying HI there before walking off.

Also occasionally I catch him looking at me and smiling.

One time I tried bumping his shoulder like he always bumped me and he seemed almost offended.

Baby Bunniee on November 07, 2012:

hi Hub,

Thank you for the advices! :D

bougainvillea (author) on November 07, 2012:

Claire you do not need to say hi, just smile and then continue with what you are doing. I think, since you always see him, it's not weird to smile at him. Just try it.

If you have feelings for him, its almost nearly impossible to just forget about him, unless, you don't see him anymore and you got extremely hurt and jealous.

He stares at you, moving closer to your room, coming late to school like you, slowly walk in front of you and always being at the lockers at the same time as you, this is a normal attitude of a guy when he is interested in a girl.

Start smiling when you see him again at the lockers, and then if he smiled back, next time say hi with a smile and then go on and leave, repeat that again and if he builds his courage to approach you, I know that would be the start of everything.

Claire,16 on November 07, 2012:

Hi I was wondering if you could help me on what I should do,

There's this guy who just moved to my school at the beginning of the year at first I didn't even realise we had a new guy until we were put into the same sports class, I didn't have feelings for him then but halfway through the year I started to notice him even more when one of my friends pointed him out saying he was hot. Soon I realised most of our classrooms were opposite each other so I was able to see him.

I don't know if he likes me or not, but I've seen him do stuff like, staring at me, moving closer to my classroom. I tend to come late to school and would always see him coming late to school too and walk slowly in front of me. At the end of the day we would always be at the lockers at the same time. I do like him back but I'm too scared to confront him about it since I found out he was leaving at the end of the year, all of my friends are friends with him like they talk to him but I've never talk to him we've been to the same parties but I've never had the courage to speak to him. I get so jealous when he's with other girls but there's nothing I can do about I just don't know what to do I've tried to forget about him but somehow the feelings I have for him just won't go away, it'd be weird if out of nowhere I just randomly say hi I actually can't see that happening, What should I do? :(

bougainvillea (author) on November 05, 2012:

Baby Bunniee I think it's better to wait and observe his behaviors. If you have the change to talk to him, to his friends or even your friend, ask them if he has any plans of being a priest, if they asks why just answer because you saw him very active in church.

If he doesn't have an intention to be a priest, these are my suggestions to make yourself irresistible and make him fall for you deeply. Make yourself more attractive and more beautiful. Always smile with your friends and glance in his direction whenever possible. I'm sure he will find you very pretty when you smile and it will make his feelings bursts and very difficult to control. When he saw you very cheerful, he will not be afraid of rejection.

"It was windy that day and the wind just blew my hair, therefore, I ran away due to the embarrassment." - Next time, don't run, you can try to face the wind, hold your hair and continue talking again. Tell excuses, like "oh my hair" and then smile. Running away is a bit disheartening to someone very shy.

Baby Bunniee on November 05, 2012:

Thank you so much for replying! :D

I don't know if he has an intention to be a priest or not. He's my age (around 20-21) and seem still immature (a friend who knew him before told me). He's still in college and hanging out with his friends to have fun like parties sometimes. Sadly, we don't go to the same college.

Actually,when he poked me behind long time ago and walked by my side, he did not say a word until I said something. Our conversation that day was short like within 2 words. It was windy that day and the wind just blew my hair, therefore, I ran away due to the embarrassment.

Yes! We both Catholic. During the reception of Communion he often serves for Bishop, but sometimes he just suddenly serves on my side. It feels like he has discussed with his friends ahead. I think he had those behaviors for more than a year, but has not made a move yet.

Should I just continue to wait and observes his behaviors more until he makes a move? What else can I do? Sometimes he seems to show a lot of signs and there are times he does not show anything; it makes me feel like I just imagine things. Feeling like I'm falling for him, but then I don't want to get hurt again. I feel weird to ask his friends because I don't know them.

bougainvillea (author) on November 04, 2012:

Hi Baby Bunniee, you are right "he would not continue to look if he's not interested" I think he likes you but there is something bothering him.

Do you know if he has an intention to be a church minister or priest? Since you belong to the same Faith or Religion, the Catholic Church doesn't allow the priest to marry a girl, aspiring ministers of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) is also very strict, when they start studying they are not allowed to have a mutual feelings with any girl until they finished their studies, after that they can ask a girl to marry them. I am not sure about your religion but if you can tell me maybe I can help you more.

"His friends then looked at my direction" I believe they know something, maybe you can ask them more about him so you can understand why he is acting weird.

He likes you that's for sure. He's just trying very hard to keep his feelings for you. He un-friended you in facebook, he blocked you, he ignored you but since he can still see you in the church every Thursday and Sunday, his body gestures shows it. He can't control his eyes.

If we belong to the same Church, I can say that, I've been there, I know it, I understand your feelings, but through God's grace and with the help of God, I believe both of you can surpass that trial. If the time comes and he's ready to marry a girl and you are still single, the feelings are still mutual, maybe then he can marry you.

bougainvillea (author) on November 04, 2012:

Graciaflo, maybe he's just denying to himself, or maybe he is afraid to lose you if he tells his feelings for you. Just continue being sweet and close, make him feel you're very happy to be with him, show him you like his sweetness, be there when he invites or needs you. Cheer him up always! He's yours, I can feel it! :)

Baby Bunniee on November 04, 2012:

Please help! I am so lost!

He came to talk to me asked one question over and over. I added him and he accepted. We chatted online a lot..then he seemed busy. He poked me softly like I could not feel anything. When I turned around, he had a big smile, walked by my side but did not say anything, and just looked down on the ground...seemed to smile to himself.

A year ago, a friend suddenly helped me to know for sure if he has feelings for me because at church he always showed signs of interest and being so emotional (smiled to himself, angry, sad, and such like whenever I did not give him attention or looked up when he walked down pass me). A friend asked and told me that he never likes me like that, and even said the same of the girl. First, I thought it was all over, but my friend just told me again a different girl who also had the same name as my name (same last name, too) I checked online and noticed that he un-friended me. I sent him a message to make sure that he truly had feelings for that girl. "I saw you have been acted weird lately and I known you liked someone, (the girl's name). If there is something you want to talk, please tell me the truth and straight." It was kinda like that. Then, he just blocked me. Sorry that it was kinda awkward because I was so confused at the moment...did not think straight. After he blocked me, he ignored me at church for like 2 months, but then in May he showed weird behaviors again until now.

One time at church, he changed the seat, sat down, and began to look at my direction. When I glanced up, he turned away, but then turned back at my direction. There was something funny so I laughed but also looked at him. He had a light smile. I did not know why I looked at him. From there, he kept look at my direction and I did the same. I wonder if he noticed that I looked at him, he would not continue to look if he's not interested. Also in the beginning, he sat on the other side so if he would return to his seat instead...At church, there are many people, but I always have the feeling he looks at me.

On Sunday, he seemed to look at me and when I glanced up he had a big smile. I turned away, looked down, and continued to play with my cousins. I tried to talk to him, but he always talked with friends.

On Thursday at church, I was so sleepy so I often looked down to close my eyes. He was in the room (he serves at church) for so long and came out like he was crying. He swept away something on his eyes. It seemed like his eyes were red. He even acted angry. His friends then looked at my direction. Yet, he continued to look at my direction. When he served on my side and I went on his side, he acted normal again. Today (Sunday) he sat on the side that I could see him. At first, he seemed like not even pay attention at me, but then later he seemed to glance at me quite a few times while talking to his friends. I noticed this because i also glanced at him.

graciaflo on November 04, 2012:

he tries to like things im interested such as he wants to get the same university, the same faculty as i'm gonna get when i tell him abt this. he intends to get vocal course when know that i like boy who can sing. he uses the clothes i tell him i like when he wears it. he invited me to watch him when he had basketball and soccer competition.

bougainvillea (author) on November 04, 2012:

Hi Graciaflo, many serious relationship starts from best friends so we must not always consider that his sweetness is for pure best friend thing :-)

"Leaning on your shoulder" catch my attention, this sounds like he likes you more than a best friend.

He text another girl or he just giving a reply? He tells you he likes or approaches girls, but did he really jump into courtship? Observe more because there is a possibility that he is just making you jealous :-) There are some guys who don't seem to care because they are not sending a text message regularly, but that should not be a basis, some guys are just like that.

From my experience and observations of my friends.. Hmmnn.., I think he likes you :)

graciaflo on November 04, 2012:

hi, i've read your article and i wanna tell you my story. i'm being friends with my guy best friend. it began from 2 years ago when we were in one dance group and since then, we become friends until now. almost every week we meet and spend weekend together, he almost always follows me everywhere. he acted like he likes me and he doesn't do things he does to me to the others girl friends. my dance group consists of girls and he's the only boy in it. things he does is like he always tries to make me laugh, touch my shoulder, and put his head on my shoulder and so on . but, he doesn't text me at all, but he text another girl instead. and he always tells me if he likes or approaches girls. idk why he doesn't text me but his actions seem like he likes me. what do you think? thanks :D

bougainvillea (author) on November 03, 2012:

Hi Chickenlicken, you've shown him you like him if you let him hold your purse and wear his sweater. Actually, he knows and feel that you like him too. (that's for sure but he needs more guts to ask and talk about it) So for now, just be normal, the way you want, like before because when you like someone, your body gestures, your voice, your eyes will speak for you. Situations will come again and both of you can show the special feelings for each other.

He definitely likes you because, he loves being with you, he enjoys talking and listening to you, he likes to talk about you, your family and maybe your likes and favorites. He turns red which means he got nervous or excited when you gave your number and he knew you're going with him for trick or treating. He's treating you special by offering his help to handle your purse and he's very sweet when he told you to wear his sweater.

And, don't worry if he keeps it short, love and infatuation don't fade away easily especially when you always see each other. Just relax and remember the good times you're together :)

Chickenlicken on November 03, 2012:


Theirs this boy he is senior and I'm a junior. I have him for my 2nd period. Since the first day I seem him he caught my eye.

the teacher sat us next to each other

For about a week we would only talk about school stuff and he would ask me how I think I did o my test

On October 3rd we had a sub and were able to talk, he started asking me many questions like about my family grades classes and much more. After that day he always says hi to me when he walks in class. 2 other girls sit next to us and he only talks to me

On Halloween he told me he wasn't doing anything so I asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating with me he said yes, he asked for my # and as he did he got red(:

We went trick or treating he wanted to hold my purse, told me to wear his sweater

This Friday I texted him and we talked for a while but he keeps it short. Does he like me or just nice ? How can I show him I like him

bougainvillea (author) on October 31, 2012:

Hi Carolina, you don't have to talk to him if that would be the case. You can simply ignore him whenever he is around, act as if he never existed and if you can, try to change your routine and schedule.

If you tell him about your feelings, that you are not interested, chances are, he will deny his feelings too and you'll be ashamed of your acts or, he will run away with a very broken heart.

Since he is not saying anything, he is just acting weird, just try to avoid him, that way, you are helping him to understand that you are not interested and sooner or later he will just lose his interest to you.

Carolina Dunster on October 31, 2012:

Hey...thanks for the reply... But would it be so different of me to say that I don't want to hurt him.. I mean the person has already endured punches on his little ego because of me.. You said I could extend a hand for friendship but wont it be taken the other way around..that i have something for the person...

I so would like to make things better..but I can't..can I?

He hasn't really been the worst with me but I can't make everything better... I wouldn't mind doing it but it can't be without rumors or giving him a false hope of a future relationship or interest... isn't it...?

bougainvillea (author) on October 31, 2012:

All the things you've mentioned here only proves that he likes you. He is avoiding you because he is very very shy. If you can talk to him always, and assure him that there's nothing to worry about,(you're not angry, everything is ok) he will gain his confidence.

If you are uncertain, just ignore his friends and focus your attention to him. So you think he's cute, that's great! What else do you like about him? Try to think of cute things about him. I like it when you mentioned that he feels what you feel (he's happy when you're happy). It will be awkward if he and his friends will still act like that even after you have a mutual understanding. But things will eventually change, he will not turn red, he will not be very shy, his friends will no longer act like that, everything will be normal.

I think you like him too, you're just on denial stage ^_^

PianoArtist on October 30, 2012:

Hi!!! okay I serioiusly need help.. So here's my story.

Im in eighth grade and a guy at my school is super shy.. I mean I can just tell, he has the bangs that cover his eyes and stuff like that. Well last year a friend of mine told me that he liked me, well I never knew he exsisted until my friend of mine told me about him. So I started paying attention to him.. I started to see him looking at me a lot.. and then one day that same friend that told me that he liked me; had said that she went out with him! Me, knowing whenever a person was lying didn't believe her so I decided to go and ask him myself. So I walked up to him and said hey (his name) can I ask you a question? he looked at me and then looked at the ground and started to get a little pink, his friend was standing there next to him looking at me. Finally he said sure, so i asked him if he ever went out with a girl named (My friends name). He seemed so caught off guard by this it was literally the most lively reaction ive seen out of him towards me he was all like O_O what.???? NO!!!! and literally seemed to take a step back and by now his face was really red and at the same time his friend that was standing next to him said whos (her name)? so I said thanks and walked away cause it was awkwared having him look at my face and then the ground over and over again. So now in eighth grade i didn't think that he liked me cause of my one friend that told me he did, lied to me so it was kinda hard to believe her. Well now in eighth grade I found out I had 2 classes with him. Band and Spanish. In spanish we just got new seats and im sitting next to one of his good friends, while he is sitting some what away from us but still has perfect view of my face. so its the beginning of the period and he just got done talking to his friends and was showing a big open smile well he was apparently looking at me and kept that smile so when I looked at him I saw his face just like all red (it seems to me that when ever hes around me hes always red or pink, i never see his face his regular skin tone) and so i heard something funny someone said and smiled when i was looking at him, realizing what i did i looked away really fast. than about halfway through the class i look over at the clock (he sits right under it) and see him leaning on his arm all the way so his face was about 2inches from the table, was blushy and was smiling a closed smile, looking at me (im pretty sure cause im the only girl in that area where he was looking) his eyes looked dreamy as if he was like day dreaming or something. so i smiled back and he shot up and like pretended to do something and got redder. I always caught him starring at me or lookng at me in band, spanish, waiting for the bell to ring, any time hes with me! and he looks at me especially when i have my hair a certain way.. not only that but it seems like his friends know that he likes me.. like they always seem to shout his name and just nod their head toward me and say nothing else, and they seem to nudge him toward my way as if trying to get him closer to me. I ve seen this happen multiple times plus I almost feel like im being stalked by his friends, they always are behind me when i walk home even when i try to wait for them to pass they slow down and wait till i keep walking. and to me whatever emotion im feeling that day, hes feeling the excate same emotion.. like when i looked like i was crying in spanish (my contacts were not doing their jobs) he seemed to dip his head lower and just seem gloomy. it seems when i laugh he laughs when im happy hes happy etc etc. ive told some of my friends what's been happening and they keep telling me that he likes me but truly i can't seem to sink in the thought of him liking me, (i thought he was cute in 6th grade, i lov guys with his kinda hair, and thought that he wouldn't ever like me so i moved on with life and just kinda forgot about him till 7th-8th grade) idk... its hard for me to actually know if he likes me or not... or in this case to actually accept that he likes me or not. since some days when i paid more attention to him he just avoided me didn't even look at me. then some days when i ask a guy a question and they say they don't know then i can hear his response to my question as if i were asking i think hes cute? yes i do i love his hair. and im a sucker for shy guys. but i almost feel like i don't like him at the same time. like i can't like him cause then everything will be all awkward and stuff. idk.. or maybe its just his friends that i don't like. everyday all day i can feel him starring at me.. its almost like i know when hes thinking bout me to cause every time i get into the same room as him my nose starts itching up a storm.. i need some adivice from someone who knows about this stuff not from some 8th grade friends who gossip 24-7 about bys boys boys. please help me im so confused O_O

bougainvillea (author) on October 30, 2012:

No doubt he really likes you. :-)

He tried many times to get closer to you so I think he really likes you. All guys act differently and sometimes weird in front of their crush.

Actually he doesn't need the book, what he really wants is your attention. He wants to get closer, take the first step, be a friend and know more about you.

Its very obvious you're a "hard to get" type of girl. He still tries because he really likes you but don't worry about it, he will just lose his interest if you don't give him attention even eye contact.

Carolina Dunster on October 30, 2012:

Hey! I saw that you reply to everyone and that's so good!

I have a similar issue... I am in high school and there's this boy...I can't get it whether he likes me or he's simply too interested..

We are in the same bus and that's how I know him... He came to me like 3 times to ask my name in a gap of 4 months though he already knew it as he's earlier taken my book to read something and I had heard him murmur my name...

Those three times he tried to talk but I am no the over open kind of a person so I don't talk much..he came to talk to me when most of the bus was empty...

Whenever I roll my eyes I can see him looking my way...he deliberately sits closer like just behind me or horizontally or diagonally from my seat.. When everyone is laying down in their seats, he has his head tilted so as to hear what I talk to my friend...

He acts extra polite with me...and show off his things too..sometimes.. though Im sure he knows I HATE those type of people and also that I own some of their better counterparts...but still he does..

If he's sitting at the back of the bus..he would come and sit on the seat that's near mine...but thankfully he doesn't speak..

Blame me for that.. I had asked him once if it was me who was acting weird or he was and he had said that yep..its him who is acting weird..

he said i seem to be reserved but I have people in the bus coming to me to share their problems and I laugh with them and talk to them...I did tell him that I am other side is just for my friends and he asked if he could be my friend but I refused...

He still looks at me, is very keen to listen to all the stuff I am telling to other people..and all the solutions I give to the people who come out seeking advice..

Another day..he asked for a book if he could have it for home and that was a book he was surely surely having because its mandatory and everyone has it..Now what do you expect? plus he has his relative in the bus too whose acts I find weird too as if everything I do would be told to that person and the relative is the second eye on me..

You might think I am rude but I have had such people crushing over me before and I realized its good to ignore them..I can't let myself played with....

HE is portrayed as a Casanova, you know...i've heard it...but he's genuinely polite around me..unlike I admit with other girls(meaning he would be extra loud and all but subtle with me)

I don't know...I am confused for the first time...Does he like me or is he just the overanxious, over interested fellow? PLease help me...

PS I'm sure I'm the most difficult girl he has come across but he still tries...GROSS! Help please to help me know what is it..

bougainvillea (author) on October 21, 2012:

Good luck :)

Coralia on October 21, 2012:

I don't know exactly how shy he is when he likes a girl, though he doesn't seem like the confident jackass type either.He seems pretty calm and nice overall.Though I heard he is perverted and noticed things that show this is probably true...

Well, I might do it when the time feels right and when I'm in a really good mood.I'm curious if we'll get to be at least friends sooner or later :)

bougainvillea (author) on October 20, 2012:

He was afraid to approach you. He is afraid of rejection. He is afraid of so many things. He's even afraid he won't see you again. Saying "hi" can boost his confidence. It can also be a start of a friendship. If you wait for a shy guy to approach you, it's like waiting forever.

Normally guys will approach you if they have enough confidence, sometimes they use common friends, but most of the shy guy I knew, they become speechless in front of the woman they like. They need to build lots of confidence or be in a comfortable situation before they speak a word.

Coralia on October 20, 2012:

Thank you for replying!Well, I think you are right.Although people look at people all the time usually, you can distinguish a look that's thrown to you as you pass by from a look that says more.At one point it felt like a little game that only we were aware of.

Well, I thought about things like that.But don't you think he'd find it weird if I said 'hi' out of the blue?I wondered why doesn't he do something about all this, why does it have to be me?That's when I started thinking it might be just me who is interested, because guys normally approach you if they really want, right?Oh and at some point I did the mistake of looking away quickly when I saw him or try to not look at him, so he wouldn't think I like him.And now he looks away quickly once I catch him looking, so I thought maybe he lost interest now.

I know, though that is a bit complicated.

bougainvillea (author) on October 19, 2012:

Yes that's mutual attraction :) He likes you but maybe that's the best thing he can do for now. You would not believe but maybe, he feels very happy just to look at you.

If you want to bring this attraction to the next level, you can tease him a little bit more. Say "hi" with a very soft and sweet voice.

Getting closer would be much easier if you have common friends or common activities in school.

Coralia on October 19, 2012:

Nice hub you added here, bougainvillea!There is something that has started bugging me and it may seem weird, but I can't seem to figure all this out.If there is something or nothing at all....

I have to say we are two strangers and I first acknowledged him last winter when I saw him walking down the empty school hall, he looked at me too.I remembered his face and I think it slowly started then, my attraction for him on an unconscious level.Then this spring I noticed him glancing/looking/staring at me quite often and I kept wondering why does he do that as I noticed he usually avoided eye contact or looked shortly at passing people.And he looked at me longer than you do when you just look at people.And because he started looking at me I realized I was attracted to him and felt happy whenever I saw him.There was something about his aura/allure that made me want to get to know him as a person , something unexplainable that draws me in to him as a person.At one point I wanted to think it's all a coincidence, though there were things that made me think it's not just my imagination.For example, one day I was walking down the hall with a friend, he was too, coming from the opposite direction and I saw him turning his head towards my direction.I thought he did that in order to tell his friend something or look at him better, but he just looked past his friend and looked me straight in the eyes.Then he smirked/smiled at me.It was intense, unexpected.Eye contact broke off only when he disappeared after a corner.And there was some weird behavior from his friends as well at times.Summer came, thought I'll get him out of my head.I did, but in autumn when I saw him again it all came back, things remained unchanged.Now, for example I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he came from behind.I turned around suddenly, smiling and the first person I bumped eyes with was him.The eye contact was pretty synchronized, though brief as he looked straight ahead afterwards.And this week when I went outside the school building, I turned around towards a bench and I met his gaze, though he quickly looked away, down, talking to his mate.I think he recognizes me, he could have looked at anyone, there were many people around.What is this?Is this (mutual) attraction?I wonder does he feel the same way I do?

bougainvillea (author) on October 19, 2012:

Hi kritika,

He smiles maybe because he was not afraid anymore. Or maybe he is smiling to hide his broken heart.

He still likes you, but you gave him the signal that you don't like him that's why he's putting a boundary between you and him. You can ask him directly for reasons why he's doing that, if he said nothing, ignore him for a while to show you're hurt. Show him you are sad, maybe you can make him back.

bougainvillea (author) on October 19, 2012:

He is very lucky to have you gcnatipunk. Goodluck and best wishes.

kritika on October 19, 2012:

We were very good friends earlier that he told me many of his secrets and once he said to me that you don't tell anything about yourself. After the summer holidays he didn't talk to me.His friends used to tease him with my name so he used to fight with them but recently around 1 month he has started smiling on the same taunts.He does not talks to me but always notices me and whenever i talk to him he denies.He doesnot even listen to me and when i go to him for a request he says no.I am confused that he likes me or is up to some revenge....

gcnatipunk on October 19, 2012:

Yeah I noticed he couldn't resist himself personally. You see this guy rarely goes out but I can find out for sure. He seem to suffer from low self esteem but now I just think he's depressed. I sent him a text message telling him that I loves him and that I know he needs a space but I told him I would be waiting at the end of the tunnel. He feels so worthless but he gained hope when he saw me. I will find out where he goes and I'll just appear out of the nowhere and prove how much I love him. He gained a lot if confidence when I started admiring him but his depression makes that confidence die quickly. I love him and I'm going to keep on fighting and being strong for the both of us unroll he can stand and be the man that I met three tears ago.

bougainvillea (author) on October 19, 2012:

If you can, try to meet him somewhere, but act as if it was a coincidence. Do you know where he is? Where's his hang-out place? I used to do this trick when my boyfriend (now my husband) is very angry with me. I show him my face with very big and sweet smile so he will remember his love and feelings for me.

Remember the time you saw each other? He was not able to hide his feelings for you. You can do it again. I'm sure, he can resist you on fb but not personally.

gcnatipunk on October 18, 2012:

When he was sick I was so concerned so I texted him daily to give him strong and told him I was worried and I wanted him to be okay. Like usual he ignored every single text.

When he deleted me I tried hard, I messages him and told him that I needed him and no matter what I said I was devoted to him. I skated ask my lovely feelings for him and that's when he decided to block me so I wouldn't be able to connect with him. I was acting clingy and needy and that pushed him away even more. When I told him he needed to be free it was because I felt like I was holding too tight on to him. He seemed to want his space. I honestly don't think it was anything I said it was mostly just him and his feeling of worthlessness. He doesn't think he's good enough for me. It's like he doesn't believe I can like him. I have been more successful in my career than he has and I think that has something to do with this. I already told him I didn't care how much he had and I just wanted to support him and work with him. I told him that I didn't care about money or material stuff, I just wanted to see him again. I know that my sadness and worry wet driving him crazy and he tried hard to comfort me but I just felt I couldn't wait any longer. Our communication was based on fb posts and songs and I just needed him to say something more forward but he wouldn't. I feel sad but I think he needs time to gain confidence because I tried hard giving him comfort, love, hope, trust and support. I opened up to him telling him my life so he could feel some comfort that I was like him before. I've always told him I needed him by my side because he protected me and I felt strong when he was close to me. He treats me like a princess and I tried to treat him like a king. I just don't know if he'll come around anymoreI checked his fb and twitter from a friends page and he doesn't seem the same. I'm worried about him.

bougainvillea (author) on October 18, 2012:

Why did he just pulled away like that? Because he thought that's what you want. From the start of your story, it seems that you are the driver of your relationship with him. You always get what you want. (He gives you what you like) He definitely likes you. He doesn't demand for anything but he needs a lot of understanding. He was sick, and then his computer is not working which can be true.

"of course it was just a joke" - but you hurt his feelings. You say sorry but you hurt him even more by saying he needed to be free :(

Many girls like you (and me) are very demanding. It's a norm. Many times we say things we didn't really mean.

If you really want to win his heart again, you have to go back to the first thing you did before "text him and tell him, you need him back"

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