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How Your Partner Treats You Is the Same Way They Feel About You.

Romance is the basic foundation of love. How you treat your partner is a reflection of your feelings towards them.


Positive About You.

When you water a flower, it grows beautifully and blossoms into something attractive to glance at. In the same way, a relationship is like a flower. Just like we have different tastes for roses ,we choose who to love and there is normally a reason behind that choice. After making that choice, how do we treat one another?

Here are the things to show that how your partner treats you is the same way they feel about you.

1. They speak good things about you.

When we speak positivity in our lives or people around us, we get a reflection of the same. Like a boomerang it bounce back right to us and we feel great when we experience such. A partner who loves you will speak positively about you. Using words like ,you are great, beautiful, you are the best etc. can make the one being spoken about feel appreciated and the end result is to grow glowing in love. Speak positively about your partner and they will give back the same to you.

2. You come first in their thoughts.

Coming first in someone’s life clearly portrays that you are valued. When your partner puts you first in everything that they do ,it shows that in a similar way you belong to the right chapter of their lives. Before they make decisions, agreements, changes in their lives, your partner is supposed to inform you about it. This is a sure way to show that you get involved in everything that they do. It can be their dreams, ambitions or even life long decisions regarding your relationship. It is an indication of trust and respect for the person that they love who has to come first.


Communication Values and Romance

  1. 3. They communicate rightfully.

Communication is the key to every relationship. When we communicate more often it is a way of expressing our emotions, feelings and physical needs. Being in a good relationship with your partner can be like an indicator of a car. You have to show what you do, what you want and or even rather what is expected from you only when you talk about it and express your thoughts and feelings. Imagine a couple who stays together in a house and they don’t talk especially after having an argument or a minor misunderstanding. They have to talk for their issues to be aired out.

How often do you make contact with the person you love? Making phone calls, sending frequent short messages to keep that regular contact is a great manner of communication. Even when you are in a long distant relationship, you need that constant communication for your romance not to die out like an unignited fire.

When your partner keeps the constant communication with you, it means that they think about you all the time and you are always on their mind. Again don’t make it boring by doing it all the time like hourly. Remember that they could be busy too

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4. Romantic towards you.

A relationship without a romance is like a heart without a beat. Keep your relationship burning with flames of love that rekindle your feelings towards your partner. How do you keep the fire burning so that your love life never becomes boring? When did you last water your flower- the love of your life, with gifts, surprise dinner or lunch dates, birthday party, weekend getaway or even vacations? If you haven’t done any of the above in a month’s time then you are literally killing the love lifestyle that the two of you have.

We all love to feel good about us. To be appreciated by little things in life. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for your partner to show that you love them. It is the little things that count. Sending unexpected “ I love you, I’m thinking about you “ text messages to the love of your life even during the day at their work place is a romantic gesture. Sending a love song or even a love note makes them feel loved and appreciated.

For some partners, they tend to flirt with their loved ones. Giving stolen glances ,playing with their hair while smiling for the ladies, blowing kisses and even winking is another way to communicate these feelings. Be intimate with your loved one and show them how much you love them whenever and wherever they feel like. Romance is the basic foundation of love.

A relationship without a romance is like a heart without a beat. Keep your relationship burning with flames of love that rekindle your feelings towards your partner.

— Millicent Okello.


Family and Friends Relationship and Physical and Emotional Attachment

  1. 5. Introduce you to their friends and family members.

If you love your partner, you would definitely want those close to you like friends, family members and even relatives to know about them. A partner who does not introduce you to either of the above important people in their lives doesn’t care about your relationship . If you love your partner , you will be proud to be associated with them as well as their close relations. Hiding your partner from your close allies is an indication that you don’t see any progress in the relationship or rather there is nothing serious about the relationship. It may be for friends with benefit. If that is the case, you should never allow your partner to be blindly committed to you or invest their feelings in a fake relationship. If you don’t like them, let them go and stop wasting their time. After all nobody is forced to be with anyone.

6. Physical and emotional attachment.

How close do we usually get to our loved ones? Do you sit together and cuddle, hold hands, kiss and touch in a romantic way? Body language is a sure way to show that someone loves you. A partner who loves you will never abuse you physically or even emotionally. Keeping your distant away from the person that you love even when they are close to you is a sign of lack of interest in the relationship. This can lead to an emotional damage especially to the one the pain is being inflicted. Verbal abuses is also another form of showing that you don’t love the person. If you care so much about the significant partner, you would never assault them since it would affect you as well. Watching your partner abuse you as you wait for them to change is a clear indication that you don’t love yourself. Walk out of any physical and psychological ill treatments that are intentionally enforced on life.

A relationship built on true love lasts forever and is genuine with a lot of trust and transparency that makes it blossom into something attractive.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Millicent Okello

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