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How To Wax Hair From The Human Body

I am a licensed cosmetologist. In this article. I am sharing with the best of my knowledge how to wax and get good results.

Chest Half Wax


The Healthy Advice

If you are diabetic ask your doctor if the wax is a good service to get.

If you are sensitive skin. It is not a good idea to wax.

If you are pregnant do not wax.

For other health conditions consult your Doctor.

Steps Previous To Waxing

The skin must be sprayed with a numb spray to prevent pain when pulling the hair with the hard wax. After spraying the hair. And the hair to be removed is dry. The powder is used to help the melted wax grab the unwanted hair. The wax will perform better. After the hair is pull apply a cooling gel to prevent irritation on the skin that it was wax.

How To Melt The Wax

There are different warmers. They have different temperatures that it can be set up by numbers. When buying the warmer it comes with instructions on how to melt the wax. some have numbers. Number three is safe. The wax can not be too hot. It can be tested on the arm by applying a small quantity with the stick carefully. The hard wax is melted in the warmer at high temperatures. The temperature is reduced to three after the wax is melted.

Get Knowledgeable About Waxing

Watch videos about waxingFind videos on line

Read articles how to wax

On line information

Talk to skin care services specialist

Call different salons for anwers

Talk about cost of services or any questions on mind

Be aware of allergies

Sensitive skin needs to be careful

Try a small piece of waxing the hair

Working Area While Doing The Wax


Sensitive Areas Of The Body

Some areas of the body can not be touched by the wax. The lips or some other parts that it can not have wax. The wax is applied away from those areas.

Hard Wax Cover With Foils To Prevent Contamination


Every Item To Use

The tissue is used in case the hair leaves dots of blood on the skin after it is pulled. If the hair does not come out totally at once. The hair can be pulled with a second-time application. The lotion or oil removed the remains of wax on the skin. One single hair can be pulled with the hand.

Hard Wax After Used




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