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How To Take Care of Your Man (and Have True Commitment)

Clarissa is a published author. She has a BA in Psychology from Ottawa Univ., MA from Webster Univ. and an EdS from Walden Univ.


Keeping Your Man Happy

I'm sure many activist women will have steam coming from their ears and blood oozing from their eyes when they read this commentary. However, let's face it. We've had a horrible reputation of emasculating our men; and allowing activist women groups dictate how we should manage (or not manage) our love relationships.


Stop believing the lies mainstream media and activists groups spew throughout the airwaves. We are just outright different.

We’re Just Different

It's a known fact that men and women are different psychologically, physically, and emotionally. You can deny it all you want; but let's stop lying to ourselves. Stop believing the lies mainstream media and activists groups spew throughout the airwaves. We are just outright different.

Our sexual desires are very different. So, let's start with emotions and how men and women are different. Women, we are emotionally connected immediately upon having sex. Yes, there are some women who may not be able to connect emotionally when they have sex; but that's a rarity. We are nurturers. We are emotionally little girls who want to be held, caressed and told how beautiful we are and how much we are loved. We want to feel safe and protected. We desire the manly-man who can be our superman at all times. We want to be Sleeping Beauty and have our Knight-In-Shining-Armour rescue us.


Men Are Emotional Beings, Too.

As for most men, we want to believe that men aren't emotionally connected when they have sex, but that's another lie we've been fed. Most men fall in love and connect with their women just as easily as we connect sexually. Ladies, we need to stop allowing society to dictate how we should treat our men, and learn to be real women in bed, at home, and in public.


Let Men Be Chivalrous

Ladies, we should allow our men to open our doors and pull our chairs out at the dinner table. If our man wants to have sex every day, we should take care of him unless health doesn't permit it. Believe me, even if you don't "feel" like it in the beginning, once you get busy, it's all very good! So, stop denying your man the simple pleasures in life because you're denying yourselves those same pleasures. Take care of him; and he will surely take care of you. If your man is "creepin'", then start taking care of his needs and watch how your relationship flourishes.


Keeping It Real At Home

If your man is caring, loving and protective (not obsessive) of you, and you want to keep him home, you want him to desire you often, then keep yourself looking and smelling good. If you were looking fine when you met him, you should continue to keep yourself in shape and looking sexy. Yes, I'm sure many of us have had children, and our bodies aren’t the same. However, that's no excuse for letting ourselves go. Looking good for him also means looking good for ourselves, which improves self-esteem. Not only will you be desirable and luscious, he will be happy and treat you as the queen you are.


Man-Haters Beware

For those women who are angry with me right now, I don't care. I've listened to so much garbage from man-haters, ruining a few great relationships because I listened to your poisonous advice. I now stand up for the men who are wondering where all the real woman are. We are right here waiting to take very good care of you because we know you will take excellent care of us. Finally, Ladies, take heed. If you have a man, take care of him man. You will be happier than you can imagine! If you’re still waiting for Mr. Right, take my advice and continue perfecting your womanhood, self-confidence and esteem and he will be along soon enough.


Abigail on August 07, 2020:

This is lovely,and have really learn a lot from it.

charity mtisi from Johannesburg on November 14, 2019:

Thats something, when it comes down to it, a man is a man and has his needs which the woman has to take care of. A grandmother once advised her granddaughter on her wedding day that if she kept her man feed then she would have no problems. And they never had, satisfy him physical and make sure his tummy is always full.

He will be too happy to be elsewhere ...

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lovely Ritalee on December 02, 2017:

life is an uphill battle with or without a partner but when the time is right and all the pain and suffering is gone and God has finally answered your prayers, Beware sometime the idea of loving a King for a woman is misunderstood and the woman has to retreat in sorrow.

Because we cant all have the fairytale life that our Daddy told us that we deserve.

Another woman who may have harmed your loving Man may have planted seeds of doubt in him and only time can heal him.

At age 51 i am seriously thinking of helping a man who is ready to become a KING do his thing here in th USA or abroad.