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How to Save Your Relationship: Some Tips for Get Your Relation Back

I am Aabis Ashfaq from Pakistan. I am studying in Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) at the University of Lahore.

What Are The 13 Reasons For Breakups?


Boredom is the worst enemy of any relationship. It leads people to search for means of entertainment that can cause more harm than good.

According to psychologists, boredom has very adverse effects on relations, and it may also lead to breaking up if proper care isn't taken on time.

Boredom in relation is a sure recipe for future problems and mental transformation of bored people. Boredom may make them more impatient, irritable with others, and gradually it may take the form of violence against their soulmate or even others around you too.

Unhealthy Relationship

One of the most critical factors that can lead to break your relation is an Unhealthy Relationship. If you want to keep your relationship healthy and strong, there are chances of growing love in your relation. But if you follow an unhealthy way of maintaining ties, it will create tension in your life. Less communication, lack of trust, or no care in relation makes more distance between your relations, which can break your relationship even love marriage. If you are always in an argument with each other or unable to compromise when conflicts come in front of both the partners, then this is not a healthy sign for you.


Most people are ignoring partners in their relation. Although they don't realize that how much it's harming them and their love connection. This is all because of ignorance or lack of knowledge about one another.

Control freak's girl/boyfriend

This type of relationship is very dangerous, where they always find faults with their boyfriend or girlfriend, which eventually leads to relationship breaks up.

Love triangle relationship

It is not possible to keep an eye on their relationship when there are third parties involved.

Family relationship

The relationship ends because of the interference of family members.

Too much dissimilarity

When both sides of the relationship have too many things different from each other, a relationship breakup will happen.

Distance relationship

People don't want to wait that long for their relationship to get better, but instead, they end it.

Past relationship

Their past relationship experience leads them into a relationship breakup.

Jealous relationship

Many relationships are broken by jealousy. Most of the time, either one person in the relationship is jealous, or both are involved in this emotion. Jealousy can be defined as a feeling associated with fear, anxiety, distress, or suspicion, especially when your partner is attracted to someone else or engaging in infidelity. We all get jealous, but it's how you handle your emotions that matters.

Fake relationship

Sometimes a girl or a boy can do a fake relationship with someone because of his/her parents, family members, and friends. In society, the fake relationship is very common nowadays. In many cases, the relationships break up because of a fake relationship. Some may be real. However, it can create different problems for their life as well as for other partner life.

Infidelity relationship

Infidelity causes Relationships to break apart.

Irresponsibility relationship

People don't want to be with someone irresponsible.

14 Ways to Have the Best Relationship of Your Life

  • Do not be impatient. If you want to maintain a relationship, patience is needed.
  • Be grateful for the relationship that exists. Say thank you for feeling gratitude!
  • Be humble enough to apologize, even if it's just once in a relationship.
  • Don't make excuses... Just don't do it. People see through the crap, and your reasons won't work.
  • Make up your mind on what you want in a man or woman before trying to date around. You either know what you want, or you don't. This doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions. It just means that the more transparent you are about what you want and how you expect your relationship to look, the less time and energy is wasted.
  • Remember, there is no place for selfishness in a healthy long-term relationship.
  • Be with someone who supports and believes in your dreams.
  • Don't stress if relationships come and go because things may not work out as fast as you want them to be.
  • Have fun! Dating isn't always serious stuff. Just make sure he or she respects your decisions of having fun too.
  • Realize that a relationship exists to help you learn, not take care of your feelings.
  • Stop being insecure. People are flawed, but if there's so much drama caused by the person you're dating, then something isn't right. The good thing about a relationship is that it won't last long when both sides aren't on the same page.
  • Let go! Letting go is also giving up, and sometimes letting go means ending a relationship for good.
  • Life should be filled with different types of people because this would make you more aware of what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your relationship lifetime.
  • If you are the one who chooses to end a relationship, then make sure that it is for the best. People get too attached to relationships that they forget how to stand on their own feet again.

What are the 5 most important things in a relationship?

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate clearly about your feelings and desires, as well as being able to listen, is essential in any relationship.


Trust your partner, and be trustworthy yourself. Be aware of commitments you've made, and continue to keep them even if they're inconvenient for one or both of you. This is the foundation for any relationship.

Problem Solving Skills

When something goes wrong in a relationship, both people must be willing to solve the problem rather than just avoiding it. If you don't have good relationship skills, then every disagreement will turn into a request, leading to resentment and relationship problems.

Good Conflict Resolution Skills

Some disagreements are inevitable, but how those disagreements are resolved can make or break your relationship. When a relationship has problems, conflicts will arise, and you'll need to understand what's going on in your relationship.


Above all, successful relationship relationships require love. You can have everything else in the world, but if you don't truly love each other, then it just won't matter. Love is important! It makes for a great relationship.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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