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How To Marry a Millionaire or Billionaire


The Way to Marry a Man With Money

If you have come to a point in your life where you know that what you truly want is a rich man, then by all means, do it! There is nothing wrong with wanting a man who is well stocked with resources instead of a man who struggles to pay his rent, just be sure to think things out and make moves that count towards your goal just as you would take classes that count towards your degree. Winning a millionaire is serious business that requires a well constructed plan and a cool head.

If you feel guilty about wanting a rich man just as yourself, Is it any worse than a man wanting a beautiful woman over a plain one?

Women are naturally impressed with men such as Mitt Romney, who have mastered the art of making their money grow, because it is a strongly masculine trait that only the top dogs ever master, and a goal that women seldom achieve on their own. So, don't blame yourself for being a nasty "gold digger", instead, embrace who you are and treat your quest to marry a millionaire like your part time job until you achieve your ultimate goal. Think of yourself as one of the Famous Gabor Sisters on a quest to marry a real prince charming.

That's right! Just as powerful men pursue business ventures, you should master the art of conquering rich men. Don't think for a moment that it can't be done. Just look at the scores of women from Russia or China who marry wealthy American men. Its not all about looks. Do you think that Chinese and Russian woman are all perfect 10s? The obvious answer is no, but these women do study men and learn what attracts them verses what makes them run the other way while American women walk into relationships just being themselves, laying their cards on the table and expecting to win something. The only way this none tactical tactic ever results in a man falling head over heels for you is when you are a perfect 10. Maybe even an 11, and with money of her own, no children and a calm personality. You get the general idea. It probably won't just happen for the average woman. Studying your prey and cleverly working your game is what will bring any man you want to his knees.

You would need a whole lot of everything to win a rich man or even a poor one, without a good game plan. Most women need to prove that they are worth the effort of matrimony by making the wealthy man she has her heart set on feel at ease and earn his trust through demonstrating her ultra feminine traits over a period of months or, in most situations, years.

In short, your "job" of winning a rich man's heart is truly a full time one, because you have to be on your toes at all times and never become just another common girl in his eyes.


How To Marry Money on Amazon

Millionaire Match

There are sites that set women up with rich men, but these sites are NOT the best way to become aquainted with rich men. As with any other dating site, there will be men who are not wealthy at all wasting your time by posting that they own hotels, ect., and they will be looking for an easy lay. If you do go on any dating sites be sure that you NEVER go to bed with any of your dates. It is widely known among men that it is easy to 'score' on these sites.

During one of my classes a man in his early 40s gave advice to other guys who wanted easy, uncommitted sex by stating, "all you have to do is go to, you can set up five different dates all week long and bang every one of them." Men have openly stated to me that girls are stupid because they will receive a few compliments and then jump into bed with them. Advice to all women is to never get into bed with a man on the first few dates, and I would say that a very wise woman who will have control of men in her life will not get into bed with a man until she has been seeing him for at least five months.

So, the problem with a sugar daddy site, besides the fact that he may not really be rich, is that you have already openly admitted you are looking for a rich man, and that will put the guy on the defensive immediately. He will likely view you as a tramp and gold digger right from the start, while he tries to score some fast nooky, making this guy even more difficult to win over than a guy you would have met in any other way. If he knows what you want, he is less likely to hand it over to you.


Where to Find Rich Men

If you don't have a target yet, the best advice I can give you is to follow Donald Trump's advice when it comes to being successful. In Donald Trump's early years he was nobody. Sure his father was relatively successful, but truthfully now, who really knows the name Fred Trump? Donald has actually made his father a lot more famous than he would otherwise be today.

In the 1960s Donald was an unknown, with the possible exception of a minor reputation in New York as Fred Trump's son. But Donald Trump had a burning desire to make a mark for himself in the world of wealth and spent his early 20s pursuing his goals. He wanted to make connections with very wealthy men and his father simply had no connections to the world that Donald was interested in, but he was determined to find out where rich men go in order to fit in with them during casual conversations. This way they would know him personally because he would be someone who also traveled in their circles. A brilliant business strategy and success strategy!

No matter where you live in the United States you are probably not too far away from a neighborhood where wealthy men live and play. The key here is to ask yourself what type of man you want. A worthwhile tip is to go about meeting a man in a very natural situation rather than in a bar, or nightclub.

Bars and nightclubs are traditionally places where men go to find cheap and easy sex with a woman they never want to see again. Meeting a man in a situation where he is drinking with his buddies automatically has a lower chance of success towards a serious relationship than meeting a man while skiing or bike riding.

If you don't ski or snowboard, you absolutely should look into lessons. Rich men generally are more active and adventurous than poor men are, and if you are equally adventurous and physically active, you have a greater chance of earning his respect, admiration, and ultimately his friendship. These things are essential in earning his trust and interest for a long term commitment.

If your goal is to marry a rich man and you intend to reach that goal, it will require some financial investment.

Top things that rich men do:

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1) Play Golf. If you go this route be sure and take lessons, read golf books and genuinely learn how to play. Its not easy to play golf and if you are not really interested, don't go to the country club dressed in pink argyle playing like a clumsy idiot! Rich men are not stupid and this will make you look like a foolish gold digger. They will not really be seriously interested in you, and will probably be suspicious instead.

2) Skiing/snow boarding. Many rich men go skiing by themselves to get away from it all. This is an expensive sport and learning how to snowboard or ski will require an investment on your part. Not just for clothes, and lessons, but for driving to the mountains by yourself on your days off. By all means, if I were to recommend just one or two essentials for your to learn it would be Golf and Skiing. These are not just sports that many rich men are involved in, but sports that by far most rich men do, and you really should learn. Lets say that you meet a rich man and begin dating him for a few months and he invites you skiing. You will feel a lot better if you are competent, well clothed and in position to enjoy the slopes with your love. Many poor women quickly become boring to wealthy men because they don't do anything. Basically, the gap in class becomes too obvious when you can't ski, play golf, or ballroom dance, and he can do just about everything under the sun, it will make you stand out against his friends, family and lifestyle as the "wrong girl" for having nothing in common with him.

3) Scuba diving. This is something that attracts many wealthy men at some point in their lives because when they take their trips to exotic destinations, or when they take their boat out, they can scuba dive and find lobster or whatever interests them. Being a certified diver could bridge the gap in your relationship and earn his interest and respect for you.

4) Fishing. Wealthy men love to relax and go fishing. They like to do simple things that take their minds away from the stress of their every day lives. Simply knowing how to fish, what kind of fish there are and joining a fishing club can have its benefits

5) Horseback riding/jumping. A lot of women are attracted to horse riding, and many rich men own horses. If you can speak their language as far as horses go, you may be able to develop a good relationship with some wealthy horse owners.

6) Charity events. It's a fact that wealthy Christian men donate thousands and sometimes millions to charities.

7) Polo matches. The sport of kings! Polo is such an expensive sport that only the rich even consider participating in it. Google "Polo Grounds" in your area and attend events, or better yet, do volunteer work at their next big event.

8) The "turf club" in the racetrack. Go to the racetrack and have a good time. Please don't just pay general admission and hang out with the poor men, but pay the extra money to get into the areas where the owners of the thoroughbreds sit. The "clubhouse" as it is often called. Some horse race tracks have special events that attract celebrities and multimillionaires all dressed to impress. The line between the general admission guests and the wealthy is distinct. The poor racetrack crowd are dressed in tee shirts and shorts while the club house crowd are seen in wide brimmed hats, designer dressed and the finest of all. The two groups are so separated that they never even see each other.

9) Volunteer work. (Political organizations or hospitals) Some women have done volunteer work in hospitals and ended up marrying doctors. Political organizations are another place to find wealthy men. I will get slightly political for just one moment. Have you ever noticed that rich, self made men are Republican? If not, then its time to pay attention. The reason for this is not because the rich are cruel, racist, or because they don't want women to have rights, and all the things that democrats like to say. If you have been glued to MSNBC then its time to turn off the telly and subscribe to The Wall Street Journal. The reason that the rich are Republican is because they are interested in business and Republicans make it possible for regular people to do business. If you are a die hard democrat, it is best to simply be quiet and don't try to impress your rich man with what you think, and if you are neutral, you should look into why the strong, business minded people are Republican. If you can actually understand and articulate why the conservative party is better for all people, including Latinos, blacks, women, and the overall middle class, then you will look a lot more intelligent and interesting than a Kool Aid drinker who thinks that democrats actually help people. Pure and simple.

Business minded people seek a political structure that allows Americans of all classes to do business and make a profit, because that is what creates a strong middle class. A strong middle class means that what ever your man's business is, it will likely prosper when the middle class has freedom. So, if you were to go to a Republican convention or rally of some kind you will likely see men and women who own a chain of hotels and who want sole proprietors, and poor people to be able to start more businesses and hire more people so that his hotels will do better and he can build more. A democrat man will likely not think with the grandness of the Republican man, and will simply have a job working for someone else rather than work for himself. That, in a nutshell is what you will experience when viewing men of both parties. If you feel strongly democrat, you probably won't meet rich men within your party, so its best to stay with hospital volunteering.

10) Investment seminars. Rich men are most often hard workers. Much harder workers than middle class or poor men. In the movies, in politics, and on televisions shows, the rich are so often portrayed as idle that we naturally think of a lazy rich man or woman lying on a couch bossing around the maid, but the reality is far different. The majority of rich men get up very early in the morning and after they have finished working at the office, will go home to continue working for hours on end. They will also live a very disciplined life compared to a man of average means. They have respect for their money and are constantly seeking out ways to invest what they have. Learning how to invest money and what kind of investments are available is a great way to a rich man's heart. Rich men work hard and value their money, and if you are able to talk to them about something that they love dearly, their money, they will have respect for you and also gain trust for you as someone who understands money as something other than something to spend lavishly. That will separate you from the flighty girls who don't understand how to invest, just how to get rid of money.

11) Car racing. A lot of rich guys have race cars and take their expensive little toys out to race tracks and have a good time trying to beat their friends race cars. See if there are any races in your area and if there are any events coming up. I used to go there with one of my rich boyfriends and I would go walking around a swarm of wealthy men with my exotic dog as millionaires and billionaires stopped me to talk about my dog. I then talked to these guys about their Cobras, or Spiders, or hand made automobiles.

12) Tennis is also a "rich sport" as most wealthy men who I personally know have at least one tennis court. You will find that a lot more rich women get deeply involved in tennis clubs and tournaments than rich men. Therefore your competition may be a little stiffer in the world of tennis than in golf, but if you are genuinely interested in the sport it can't hurt to pursue it more seriously, and of course once you are dating your rich man you will be able to play tennis with him at his house.

The worst thing for a woman to do is to be without hobbies, interests or ambition. If the only way for your guy to date you is to get dressed up and take you to dinner, then there is little hope for a future.

Hopefully you wont simply pick at your food or order a salad. If you do go out for dinner, make it interesting and go to exotic places where you can order interesting food.

More Places to Find Rich Men

Below are some places you may meet rich men. These places are not as good as the above because they attract a more "party" attitude.

Exclusive bars and restaurants, such as Arnie' Mortons

Sports bars in high dollar neighborhoods

Exclusive/expensive nightclubs

I have talked to a lot of women about where they managed to find their rich men and these places are at the 25% success rate as opposed to the above. One girl said that she scoured the expensive nightclubs every weekend and went through several men before marrying her rich man. It took her seven years of hard work and she did not gain any knowledge, pick up any hobbies or have any real fun. If you learn how to play golf or tennis and fail a few times with a man, at least you are having fun with your hobby and learning a new sport. That is another reason to go with the suggestions above if possible. At least you will have some fun, learn something and be in a position to talk to other men after one does not work out.


Handsome and Wealthy or Ugly and Rich

Rich men come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them look like Mitt Romney, unfortunately. He is just a symbol of what almost all women truly want and never get. A strong, rich, strikingly handsome, man who is also faithful to his wife, humble, and generous. Cheers to Ann Romney for scoring big!

This is something you will just have to work out. You will see men of all ages and looks, and its up to you to decide what works for you. You may have to sacrifice some looks for bucks, and loyalty for security.

How to Marry a Millionaire (Marilyn Monroe style)

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Ijeoma Peter from Lagos, Nigeria on June 09, 2015:

Dashingscorpio, the last paragraph of your comment is excellent.

Another challenge is that as women always seek the attention of their men, don't bother trying to seek his attention because it

would had to get it.

Instead, he would give you as much bundles of money as possible. Be prepared to have money as your second husband because most millionnaire husbands does not have time for their wives!

GlendaGoodWitch (author) from California on October 03, 2014:

Thanks again dashingscorpio. I present this Hub because so many women feel that this is what they want. Nothing in life is easy and marrying a rich guy definitely has some perks but there are definitely some serious draw backs.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on October 03, 2014:

Surprisingly I voted this hub up and useful! :)

If a woman has her heart set on marrying a wealthy man she needs to "be there" wherever wealthy men congregate. That makes a lot of sense.

I did laugh at your statement: "You may have to sacrifice some looks for bucks, and loyalty for security." Most men have been told if they're successful enough they can have any woman they want. A short fat bald man who is a billionaire can be a world renowned playboy!

It's probably more difficult to catch a truly rich man cheating unless he is famous or in the public eye. A super rich successful man who travels the world on business can easily have multiple mistresses. Some wives simply learn to accept it if they suspect it. For them it's a "tradeoff" for their lifestyle.

In other instances some women have affairs of their own with men they're (really attracted) to. Lastly a truly smart wealthy man is not going to get married without a pre-nuptial agreement in this era.

Ultimately the real challenge for any woman who marries a man just for the money is being able to make him feel she's "crazy about him" until death.

DEEPAK RATHORE on April 11, 2014:

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