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How To Make A Wedding Keepsake Box


Want to learn how to make a wedding keepsake box? We have an informative tutorial for you on how to do this - especially for those of you who are getting married for the first time in their life. A wedding keepsake box acts just like a wedding memory box, to preserve the memories of your special day. You can prepare it before or after your wedding. The timing does not matter as long as it is only for the purpose of storing your precious memories. So, how do you prepare it? The process is very simple. You need to buy a box specially made for this purpose and fill it with the items that are precious to you.


How to Make a Wedding Keepsake Box

In order to make a keepsake box, you need to find a cardboard box or buy it. You can even make it in your house if you want. You will also need certain items for decorations like the glue, colored papers, a pair of scissors and other similar items. You can either color the box with paints or you can use papers to decorate it.


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What to put in your wedding keepsake box?

In order to preserve your memories of the special occasion, you can fill it with some small things from the wedding day. You can put pictures, business cards, invitation cards, menu cards, colored ribbons, swatches of the bridesmaid dress and button of the groom.

Pictures are the best way to store memories

In order to store the memories locked in the box, you can take pictures of your wedding and keep it. You can also add the DVD where you had captured the videos of the special day. Just make sure you have a backup copy in your computer room. You can always take the DVD out on your anniversary day and watch it with your husband. Enjoy these sweet memories...


Additional things you can add once the wedding is over

Once you the wedding is finished, you can find some special things to keep in your “memory”l box. It can be your tiara that you used in the wedding, it can be your wedding jewelry and the guest book, where your guests have written their comments and have given you their blessing on your special day. You can even add small reminders every year in the anniversaries, so that you can later count the number of years.

Things to add in a keepsake box while gifting it to someone else

When you are planning to gift a married couple a keepsake box, you can add any ornament for the bride like a necklace or the bracelet, a photograph of the couple, a six pence or a guest book to be filled on the day of the wedding. It is customary to gift a filled keepsake box to a new couple and hence you should never keep it empty.


What you should know Wedding Memory Boxes

Here is some more information on these special boxes below:

  • Most keepsake boxes have a clear, glass window for viewing pleasure
  • The box is usually painted with acrylics as these are most suitable for wood
  • You may use a polish over the paint to make it shine
  • A Keepsake box is never cleaned. Instead it is dusted or wiped down lightly

Wedding Keepsake Boxes on the market

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