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How To Know If You Found Your Soulmate

Agnes Laurens has three daughters and is married. She writes on Medium, Vocal and HubPages. She loves writing poems and short stories.

Have you ever heard of a soulmate? Do you conquer to have a soulmate as a partner?

There are people in your life that are meant to be in your life and hold yourself in front of a mirror to teach you the lessons in your life. That could be your best friend, parents, sisters, and sometimes a life partner.

Often, people think of a soulmate when they are their love life partner. The opposite is true. A life partner is someone you share your life with, and a soulmate let you know what lessons you need to learn in your life. A soulmate keeps you in front of a mirror.

When do you know when you have found a soulmate? Do you want a soulmate as your life partner? Or do you want a soulmate in your life now and then?

What is a soulmate?

You probably ask yourself: what is a soulmate?

A soulmate is some who put you in front of a mirror to teach you the life lessons you need to learn in your life. A soulmate is in your life for a long time, but it could be for a short time as well.

When people think about having a soulmate, they think about a love relationship. This is not true. It might happen now and then, but most of the time they are people who teach you lessons in life.

Soulmates might stay in your life, but most of the time they disappear from your life. They come along to put something in you to affect your wellbeing, often at a level of your consciousness and your energy frequency. They are people with a human body you can hold and touch, and yet, they are something higher.

Different types of a soulmate

Who could be your soulmate then?

  1. The friendly soulmate
  2. The stormy soulmate
  3. The romantic soulmate
  4. The strange soulmate
  5. The twin flame

Let's get into all of the above soulmates. Then you'll know what they look like and maybe you had (one of) those in your life.

The friendly soulmate

This is the only true friend that knows you through your heart and soul. He or she knows everything about you. Even, they know all your ups and downs. Above all, they won't judge you or leave you. They accept you for who you are but also holds you back when you need that.

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When you meet, there is an instant click and recognition from the first moment you met.

The stormy soulmate

A stormy soulmate? Yes, a story soulmate. Often, this soulmate is a heavy one, and mostly related to your first love. There is a before and an after that first love. It all starts good, but after a while, your heart will break and you'll end up all alone.

In this period, you realize who you are and what you are capable of. This time is your catalysator. That means that this process is what you need to get through and learn from those life lessons. But above all, it will get the best out of you.

The romantic soulmate

As the word already says, this person is your life partner as well as your soulmate. It barely is the case, but it might happen. If that happens then you are really blessed.

A romantic soulmate is someone who is your life partner, but also your soulmate. You should not see this person as your life partner, because you are in a relationship already, or you know - from the beginning - that this is just a passionate affair. This couldn't be the case, but love just happens.

This person teaches you about you as a person and about life. This person always will be a very dear and close friend of yours. Even when this affair ends.

The strange soulmate

Have you ever been in a place where you met someone and thought you knew that person? I had that once, just in the supermarket. This woman thought I was someone she knew and I thought I knew her, but we didn't. It was a strange experience. I didn't think about it, because I was a teenager and was not aware of soulmates.

A strange soulmate is someone you met once at a place you have never expected to find your soulmate. Someone you thought you would know but you actually never met before. Maybe in a previous life, if there was a previous life. And this is just your soulmate for one day.

The twin flame

On any given day, it doesn't matter when that happens, your eyes cross a special person. It is the recognition, it is the coming home. You think: Wow.

This type of soulmate is the one you always have been looking for - when you realize it or not. A soulmate you want to do everything with and you always want to be together with.

All of the above comes together (the friendly soulmate, the stormy soulmate, the romantic soulmate, and the strange soulmate) in that one and the only person you met.

If you have found this person, then you are really blessed person.


"A soulmate relationship has to do with the seat of the soul Chandra, that Chandra just above the base ... The connection is one of parallel and mutual evolution rather than origin."

— Mark Prophet

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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