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How To Know When A Guy Is Admiring You For A Date

Understanding Men's Signals

Most often ladies misinterpret when a guy likes them as love advances, and love advances as mere male syndrome. How to know when a guy is admiring you for a romantic relationship may not be as simple as most ladies think, and should not look as difficult as most ladies do presume. I am a guy, and I have admired so many girls and ladies whom I never wished to go into relationships with, and I have also admired another bundle of ladies whom I desired to date, and no just date, but to love with all my heart, and they misinterpreted my signals or they ignored them.

Obviously, the man you allow or welcome into your life matters a lot in determining how far or how successful the relationship would be, and this is why you must be sensitive with your choices of men in a romantic affair. For instance, if you lure a guy who probably liked you for casual sake into having a romantic affair with you, it is more likely that the relationship won’t work or last long. Read this article: Why Do Men Cheat In A Relationship?


I am a practical based writer, so I write most of my hubs based on personal experiences and events happening within and around me. This particular article was written from experience and research with contributions from honest guys, who shared their minds with me on this topic. Now, how do you know when a guy is admiring you for a romantic relationship?

stealing looks at you

stealing looks at you

Signs A Guy Is Admiring You For A Date

1.     He glances at you with seductive smiles: when a guy is admiring you and wants a romance affair, he steals glances at you more often than normal, and when he does, he smiles in a ravish manner, some may wink at you, or a combination of “hi” greeting.

2.     He invites you for a program or activity more often: it may be a religious activity, sports, entertainment or social. A guy that wants you for a date or romantic affair, may signify this by frequent invitations for a program or activity, this is a common approach for bold guys.

3.     He invites you for a vacation: not all guys does this, but majority of the high class guys may start this way, even though they are aware that you may not honor their invitation, they do it just to bring your full interest and attention towards them or to make themselves more visible to you.

4.     He offers you a lunch: this is becoming more rampant and bastardized, so be watchful of playboys coming with this approach. But some bold and real guys may also come in this form.

5.     Frequent offer of assistance: this is most common among students. When a guy is always offering himself to help you out with a problem or situation you are in: solving school assignments, drawing water from the well, etc, you don’t need to be told that he is into you.

6.     Too concerned about your welfare: when a guy is admiring you and probably wants something intimate with you, he shows so much concern about your welfare: health, emotion, spiritual, physical and even financial. He is always asking after your health and general well being.

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7.     He wants to communicate with you always: any guy that enjoys communicating with you, is probably admiring you and wants something romantic.

he gives you a ride

he gives you a ride

1.     He offers you a ride often: be careful not to misinterpret this, playboys have hijacked this tool, haven known that ladies love rides. But if you and a particular guy are working or schooling in the same or close by environment, and he is often coming around to offer you a ride home or elsewhere, you should know already that he is into you. Please if you are determined not to be involved with him, turn down his offers, and don’t always accept it.

2.     He appears more often around your locations: if you are always seeing a particular guy in almost every location you find yourself; salon, shopping mall, market, etc, you should be aware that he is admiring you for a romantic affair. If this continues for a long time without him coming out boldly to tell you his mind, it is more likely that he is stalking on you, which might result to a rape, murder, kidnap or robbery. Stalking is a crime, to find out what to do, read this: Things to Avoid When Being Stalked.

3.     He starts getting acquainted with your best friends: once a guy starts getting unnecessarily acquainted with your best friend or friends without any strings attached between them, he is coming after you, so be at alert to welcome or to reject him.

These are the most common signs that show when a guy is admiring you for a romantic affair, you can still find out more, and don’t hesitate to share it with all of us here through your valued comments. I have to say goodbye for now, meet you at How To Know If A Man Truly Loves You.


Frank Anok (author) from L Island on February 12, 2018:

Yes it will....just try a way to initial normal conversation with him but don't let him notice you are crazy about him so he doesn't take advantage of that

Narissa on January 25, 2018:

I really like this guy at my gym. The thing is that in the beginning he tried to talk to me but I got nervous and backed off.

Would this blow my chance of getting a chance with him

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