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How to Know If You Are Falling in Love

Sharing content that I feel can help you out. In the most simple manner. So fed up of complications in life! So, I try to make things easy


So- You Think You Are Falling In Love?

It's a question that people ask themselves time and time again. How do they know if they are falling in love? it's not like there is a secret little handbook of advice to help you pin point if you're actually falling in love or not. The thing is though, you will most definatley know if you're lucky to have found love, because there are so many signs that you just cannot miss out on.

You meet the person, and after that you just cannot seem to stop thinking about them! That is a definite signal that you are starting to fall in love. Infact, it's a great feeling but also a terrible one all mixed in at the same time. Some people cannot concentrate on their day to day routines as they are falling so deeply for someone, that all they can literally think about is them.

Feel The Need To Look Great ?

Yes, this is the dress to impress thing. Is there a love interest that you have dated a few times? When you meet them, you feel like you really cannot get your wardrobe attire looking correct? See, you will start to hesitate and want to look amazing for that person. This is because you are in fact falling in love! You want to do nothing but attract and please the other party. It will be so bad that you cannot make up your mind with even the most basic of things any more.

Butterflies In Your Stomach- That Vomiting Feeling

The subtitles sound like you are in the middle of an ER room! Your stomach will start to do 360 degree turns on you. Each time that you think about the person. Or, you haven't heard from them. Perhaps you see their name popping up on your telephone, yet each and every time they have the very same effect on you. The type of effect is that you are taken back to your high school days. No matter how old you are, you always seem to feel like you are just surviving as you wait to hear from this special love interest of yours!

You Stop Looking At Other People Romantically

Some people are natural born players. Others, are one person type of human beings. If you stop the need to look at the opposite sex and have no desire to hunt for a partner. This is a very crystal clear indication that you have in fact found, "the one". Perhaps all the hang out places hat you used to find yourself going to, all of a sudden start to feel mediocre? That will be because you are in fact not interested in going there and wanting to look for other love interests. Why? Because you are perfectly contented with the one that is on your mind! You have fallen in love.

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No Desire To Do Anything Other Than Chat With Them

In the early days, you will feel like you wish to do nothing but hang out and talk to the person you know you are falling in love with. Your day will all of a sudden feel like it has been shaken up if you have not yet heard off of them. Your mind will make you feel like you are in a complete stand still effect. Perhaps things that you used to like to do previously, become none interesting for you to participate in. Simply because you have no motivational skills. You will be in a dream world and wanting to talk to the other party.

Time Freezes And You Lose Track Of It

It seems very funny, but the saying about time freezing is actually true You see, I'm pretty sure that it was written by someone that was in fact falling in love. Why? Because when you are talking to the person that you are falling in love with, you literally will have no recollection of time whatsoever. You will be paused. Everything will feel like it has no purpose or value any longer. The timings that you are talking to the person, you will not be able to define time at all. It will just fly out of the door.

You Start To Plan Your Life With Them

Before, you know it, you subconsciously start to discuss your plans with the other party. Life is no longer all about you. Infact, you will do anything to add them to your plans! You begin to start visulising a future together with you love. Why? Because you are in fact starting to fall in love. So, there you have it guys, these are the signs that you really are infact falling in love. Really, deep down inside you knew this!

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