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Learn How To Kiss Video Lessons


How To Kiss Your Lover

In order to be a great kisser you have to remember the following:

  • Check Your Breath - Many people will say that it's a good idea to chew gum but, for a new kisser this can be confusing. Use breath mints instead. A good rule of thumb is to keep up with dentist visits, use mouth wash, and brush and floss teeth ( don't forget your tongue ) to avoid chronic bad breath
  • Watch For Signals - Kissing should be a natural reaction to someone you find attractive. If you rush into a kiss, without looking for signals, you may over step your boundaries. Signs that someone wants to kiss you are very easy to notice. It may vary from person to person but, for the most part, they'll be sitting close to you, and looking intensely at your eyes and lips.
  • Close Your Eyes - Closing your eyes will help you to concentrate better. It's not only creepy to see a person coming close to you, with eyes that are wide open but, it's also a sign of not being focused. Set aside everything that's on your mind, close your eyes and enjoy one another.
  • Breathe Through Your Nose - Breathing lightly through your nose will prolong the kiss and also help your partner to feel more comfortable. Breathing into someone's mouth is never okay unless you're giving CPR.
  • Be Gentle - If you're gentle the kiss will be more comfortable for the both of you. A hard kiss is not only uncomfortable, it can also cause pain. Being rough can cause teeth to clash or lips to bleed and become tender.
  • Slow Down - There's really no rushing a good kiss. A passionate kiss is spontaneous, not fast. Slow down and enjoy each other. It will be well worth it!
  • Use Your Tongue And Lips - when you feel comfortable, slightly part your lips and taste your lovers mouth. If they respond by doing the same, you can assume that a tongue kiss may be appropriate. Gently use your tongue to rub, suck, lick, and caress each other's mouth. Each person's technique is different but if you're, gentle, slow, and sensual it's sure to be a good kiss.

Now that we've got the major things out of the way. Scroll down and enjoy some of the visual lessons on how to kiss. Don't forget to take the poll at the end, and leave a comment about your first kiss!

How Not To Kiss

How To Kiss The Proper Way

How To Tell Your Partner Their A Bad Kisser

Your First Kiss

Your palms are sweaty and your heart is racing. Now it's time to look for the signals. Does this person want to kiss you too. If so, lean in with closed eyes and parted lips. Do the tongue tango with passion and confidence!

Your palms are sweaty and your heart is racing. Now it's time to look for the signals. Does this person want to kiss you too. If so, lean in with closed eyes and parted lips. Do the tongue tango with passion and confidence!

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Sun-Girl from Nigeria on May 30, 2011:

Nice and interesting.

NoName. on March 11, 2011:

Ya.. I made out with my boyfrien at the skating rink bekause he was about to move. We necer kissed ( french kiss ) before that. I diddnt know how!! But i didn't want to tell him i didn't know hpw either.. But i went to the skating rink we stood to the side and we just kissed like normal, just it was slower.. And the second time we kissed he licked my lip and im thinking "What the hell!! " and just tightened up my lips (lol) but he took his hand and like grabbed my chin to open my mouth and he put his tounge in my mouth.. After a while i started to feel like i got the hang of it! But now i realize, i forgot how to tounge kiss!!! Lol but :(

Marcus on March 06, 2011:

I've only made out with 1 girl before and I really like another right now and we texted about making out. My first time the girl had done it before so I just followed what she did. We just started outs kissing then slowly opened our mouths and used tounge we kinda took turns putting our tounges in each others mouth, back and fourth. It seemed natural and great but I don't know for sure if we were doing the right thing with our tounges. I read that u like wrestle with ur tounges but it was more like us, like I said, just taking turns. I don't want to do it wrong with this new girl

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