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How You Can Get His Attention Back Without Looking Desperate


Have you been dating or talking to a guy but nowadays he seems not interested? Don’t worry because that how most men behave when you become too clingy. If a man notices that you keep texting or calling every now and then they become less attracted to you. Don’t be easy to a man, if he really loves you then let him beg to be with you.

If you want to get his attention back then keep off him as much as possible, this will bring good memories which you had together and after sometime he will make contact. Another thing that happens when you show so much interest into a guy is that they tend to dis-respect you. As a woman never show your weaknesses to a guy.

Here is a list of things that will help you get his attention back without much struggle:

1.Give him enough space alone.

When a guy starts losing interested towards you, if you watch his body language for sometime you will get to know. As a wise woman don’t even ask him any question because asking many questions will make him get more distant towards you. If you want to get his attention back then slowly give him the space that he needs.

What happens when you leave a guy alone for some time, all the good moments that you had together start coming back in his mind. Slowly by slowly he will contact you and tell how much he loves and misses your presence. But remember when you give him some space keeping checking on him so that you can know what you can do to get him back.

2.Dress to impress.

When you started dating with him, you already looked good and that’s why he chooses you. But if he has lost interest and you want it back then you have to do somethings that he will notice fast. When you are planning to leave the house make sure that you dress to kill. If incase you both guy meet act confident as if you didn’t notice his presence. Take you pride and show him that you deserve a better man than him and he will get jealous about it. He will try as much as possible to get in touch with you before another guy asks you for a date.

3.Dont be too clingy on him.

Clinging on guy is the fastest way of making lose interest in you. Most guys don’t like people who force issues. Just like there is nobody who can tell you what to love or what not to. Now that you man is showing lack pf interest in you, prove to him that you can still make it without him. If you are working or studying this is the time that you get even more focused with your life.

When you are alone you might be tempted to call or text him, instead just make a call to your friend or relative and that will be just okay.

4.Give him nice compliments.

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As all women like nice compliments on everything that they do, men also like receiving compliments as well especially from the people they love. When your guy does anything good for you alone or for the both of you, offer compliments to boost his ego and make him smile. This will prove that you still love him and therefore he will remain your guy.

5.Talk to him and get to know how he feels about you.

Its not wise to keep your mouth shout when you notice something wrong with your partner. You right in the relationship also matters a lot. If he doesn’t want you in his life ask him to talk and let you move on.

You might waste you time for months waiting for him to get back to you and already he has future plans with another girl. If you want to understand why he lost interest in you then approach him in a calm. When you meet, please don’t start crying or be so brave, if you want to know the real through act normally and give him some humble time to talk.

6.Flirt with him online.

On the best thing that you can do to get his attention back is texting him in a flirty way. You can express your feeling towards him with emojis but don’t take it too. A mistake that most people do is sending to many messages when he hasn’t even replied the first one. Send a single text message and wait until he replies, if he doesn’t then keep off.

7.Invite him out with friends.

Another good way to get his attention back is to invite him with your friends. When a guy knows that soon you will be going out with friends, he gets jealous and want to accompany you. Remind him of the fun you have together and let him get confused for a while.

Please if you want him back, don’t post pictures on social media with other guys to make him jealous. He will overthink and see things on a bad way and this will push him further away from you.

8.Focus on yourself.

Another simple way to get his attention back is to fully focus on your general body fitness. You can share your pictures on social media about your progress. If you have projects that you are working on let him know that you are focused with your personal life. If he sees that you are doing much better, he will find ways on how to get much closet to you.

It hurts when the person that you love gets distant and you don’t know why. A man may choose to get distant with you for many reasons and for whatever reason you have to do things that will bring him back closer to you.


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